5 Unexpected Causes & Signs Of Stress In Babies

Stress In Babies

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Does your baby have sleepless nights? Is she also suffering from tummy trouble of late? Well, if you can relate your precious darling to the above situations it is time to give stress a thought!

Yes! You read it right! You thought your little bundle of joy was the best stress-buster in the world! Taking her in your arms was enough to make you forget the stress at work. But, do you know even babies can experience stress early on in life? Go ahead and read this article to find out five common causes and signs of stress in babies.

Five Causes Of Baby Stress:

Here is a list of five common causes that may spell stress for your little one:

1. Physical Discomfort:

Physical discomforts, such as pain, tiredness, cold, hunger, and over-stimulation, can be the prominent causes of stress in babies. Babies may feel stressed when struggling to learn how to suck and swallow their feeds. They will suffer from anxiety when they feel hungry, scared, wet, and cold.

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2. Unresponsive Or Depressed Company:

Babies like to look at a familiar, expressive, pleasant human face and hear human voices and sounds, particularly that of their mother. Babies of depressed mothers are less responsive to voices and faces. Such babies are likely to fuss and suffer from anxiety.

3. Separation From Parents And Caregivers:

Parents and caregivers help make a baby feel comfortable and secure. When separated from the parents or caregivers for some time, babies may feel anxious and panicky. As a result, the babies may cry aloud to express their stress.

4. Environmental Stress:

Babies being new to the world may find it difficult to adjust initially, especially to a bright and noisy environment. Loud and new sounds may bother them and increase their stress.

5. Negligence By The Mother:

Babies may suffer from stress if they find their mothers are not around. The levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, soar in your baby’s body when she feels that you are ignoring her. She may suffer from a similar anxiety until the next day. Such stress can take a toll on your baby’s immunity. Mother’s care and attention are essential to keep the baby happy, healthy, and stress-free. So it is necessary that you should never ignore your baby and shower her with all love and care for her better development (1).

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Five Signs Of Stress In Babies:

Here is a list of five signs of a stressed baby that you can watch out for:

1. Displays Peculiar Movements:

A baby’s peculiar movements can be an indication of her stress. If you notice that your baby flails her limbs and arches her back while crying, she may be stressed. You can calm her by wrapping her in a blanket and taking her in your arms.

2. Cries Uncontrollably:

Uncontrollable crying is another prominent symptom of baby stress. The baby may cry on account of sensory overload due to exposure to lots of sounds, lights, and commotion. It can affect the baby more if you are trying to feed her simultaneously. Babies usually express such environmental stress by displaying restlessness, crying, grimacing, squirming, hiccuping, avoiding eye contact, and arching the back. Maintaining a quiet environment can help protect your baby from environmental stress.

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3. Has Trouble While Sleeping:

Babies under stress may wake up from their sleep often throughout the night and express their stress by crying and screaming. So if your baby does not sleep well, you may assume that she is suffering from stress.

4. Suffers From Digestive Disorders:

A baby experiencing stress can also suffer from tummy trouble. She may spit out the milk, suffer from constipation and indigestion. Massaging your baby’s belly may help relieve her from this stress symptom.

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5. Displays Reluctance For Eye Contact Or Inexpressive Conduct:

When a baby avoids an eye contact or avoids expressing her feelings, she may be suffering from stress. If your expressive baby suddenly turns quiet and disinterested she may be experiencing stress.

Now you know the causes and symptoms of stress in babies. Why wait? Go ahead and enlighten other moms!

Did you suspect that your baby was suffering from stress? What did you do to help your little one beat it? Share your experience and advice with us in the comments section.

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