7 Unexpected Things You Will Face With Your Baby's First Night at Home

As you bring your infant home from the hospital, it’s pretty normal that you’re emotional. Your baby is coming home for the very first time. To hold that cute little cherub in your arms, and welcome her home is a feeling that words cannot do justice to. But, the entire gamut of emotions you’re going through, can sometimes leave you confused, and indeed irritated. And, if you’re a first-time mom, things may get difficult. But before you panic, read our post below. Here we talk about 7 things no one mentions about your first night home with the baby:

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1. You Will Be A Bit Scared

Especially as a new mom. If you haven’t held such tiny babies in hands before, it could scare you to hold your child. If you have experience picking babies up, you’d probably still be scared because you are freaking holding the most delicate thing in the world. You will be extra careful while moving him. You are worried that you are the sole responsible person there, besides your partner, to care for and raise your child. Your hormones will go into overdrive. And, this is only just the beginning.

2. You Might Perspire At Night

You will be up so many times in the night. The hormones do that to you, even if your newborn who keeps sleeping most of the time, doesn’t wake you up. You will be surprised to find yourself soaked in sweat. Your hormones are learning to come back to normal, hence the behavior of the sweat glands. Take it in your stride and calm down.

3. You Are Still Getting Used To Lactating

Don’t be surprised if you awake with a drenched top. What you also need to learn is to keep emptying your breasts. So, feeding your baby at regular intervals is also necessary. Nursing your baby helps you get used to holding your baby in the right position, understand its hunger signals, and time for diaper changes with every cry.

4. You Are Still Learning That Breastfeeding Can Hurt Especially At Night

Some women do complain about pain while breastfeeding, at least in the initial days after childbirth. It might contradict the serene images of nursing mothers with their gleefully suckling babies. But hell, in reality, it could hurt, even if it is your second or the third child. Breastfeeding is said to hurt more at night when you just want to go to sleep.

5. You Break Down Often

A bit of an emotional fool you are this time around. On one hand you can’t believe that you are a mother already to the sweetest bundle of joy on earth, and on the other hand, you are amazed at all the right things and puzzled at all the bad things in the initial postpartum days with the reactions carried forward through subsequent weeks as well.

6. You Become The Constant Worrier Right From Day 1

Like a typical mother, you begin to dread things that you heard elsewhere and begin to imagine might happen to your child. You would be checking for your little one’s breath as he keeps sleeping. You don’t have to go through any knee-jerking experiences, but as a mother, you will suddenly understand how your mother must have feared for you. Your worry for your baby won’t stop here.

7. You Become More Alert And Organized

The arrival of a newbie teaches you some things. You suddenly start getting organized and disciplined. You are always alert so that you could check on your baby at any given instance. And yes, learning to sleep well starts becoming yet another challenge!

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