6 Unforgettable Baby Moments That Make New Parents Go “Aww”

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Parenthood can mean different things to different people. After all, people start their parenthood journeys under different circumstances. Some parents carefully plan the timing of having children while others take the plunge and just learn as they go. There is no right or wrong as long as parents take up their responsibilities seriously. Of course, parenthood is a challenging task, to say the least, and parents have to sacrifice a lot in raising their children. No longer can parents enjoy their carefree days when they could do whatever they pleased. But the joy of parenthood is something probably most parents cherish and hold dear. The special moments with your little one are etched on your heart for a lifetime. So let us take you down memory lane, and revisit some of these precious moments that as a parent you have shared with your little one:

1. The First Words Muttered By Your Little One

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Any sound that a baby makes is music to the parents. And it takes a while before babies actually speak out proper words. For some time you will have to do with their adorable attempts at saying words that more or less sound gibberish. But finally, when you do get to hear them pronounce their first word clearly, it can leave you speechless! Babies can take fancy to any word and suddenly one day start uttering that word to your utter delight. It can be “toffee”, or “doggy”, or “mama” you never really know. But one thing that is for sure is, as you see your baby slowly pick up words, your joy and excitement would know no bounds.

2. The First Time They Call You Mom And Dad

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While it’s exciting to hear your baby utter a few random words, nothing comes close to hearing the word you have been waiting for all along – mom and dad. This one may get you all teared up in joy, and rightfully so! Your little one has finally learned how to address you, and often this is how they will call you for the rest of your lives. New parents are often left spellbound hearing these simple words. So if you’re going through this moment, soak it in and cherish every second of it.

3. First Time They Taste Food

First Time They Taste Food

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Infants depend on their mother’s milk for the first six months of their life. And then comes the time to finally taste some real food. Many parents start it off with formulas and cerelac. When they taste food for the first time, you can almost feel their excitement. Some food items they will relish while others they would just push away. Slowly as they pass the infant stage and enter the toddler stage, every time you introduce something delicious to them which they haven’t tasted before, it’s a sight to behold. Kind of reminds us of our own experiences with tasting our favorite food for the first time.

4. Your baby’s first walk

Your babys first walk

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Parents wait for this moment patiently, and the day when their child finally starts walking is really an exciting day for them. Those tiny shaky steps are so adorable to watch. The first steps of a child are also a good time to have photographs or video recordings. Watching your little ones take it on themselves to decide when and where to walk, you are filled with the sudden realization that this is one of those moments of transition in your baby’s life that you will forever remember.

5. Sibling Moments

Sibling Moments

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The interactions between a baby with his/her siblings or cousins are golden moments. You can just sit back and watch them play, or share their toys and interact in weird but cute ways. Before long you will observe that even if your child doesn’t talk yet, it doesn’t stop them from communicating with other children their age. And then there will be certain moments of jealousy, followed by tantrums, crying, and sometimes even fights. Older siblings will often love and show care for their younger siblings and learn to be protective of them even when they themselves are hardly much older. We can’t help but adore these precious moments

6. First Day Of School

First Day Of School

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As your child grows slightly older and enters the toddler years, the time is nigh for them to start going to school. Usually, schooling starts with day-care or preschools depending on where you are from. To watch your little one finally put on the school uniform is a proud moment for most parents. It is like the first day of your child stepping into the real world and you can’t be happier about it. Parents make sure that their little one is ready for this day and arrange well in advance, from redying their uniforms, to super shining their tiny shoes, and preparing their lunch boxes, along with all the other essentials. But the first day of school is not always that smooth as many children don’t entertain the idea of getting separated from their parents. Parents can also feel a pang of sadness at having to hand over their babies to other people. But deep down they know that their little one will learn and socialize with other kids and will soon be ready for school and college lives.

If you relate to these baby memories either from your own childhood or as a parent, you would know how priceless they are. The sad thing is that days like these pass in no time. The best way to seize those memories would be to be more present at the moment, admire the beauty in silliness, and keep a camera or your smartphone handy. That’s just one of the perks of having a baby in the digital era. Even if time machines are too good a wish to be true, at least we have cameras in our phones to allow us to revisit a time in our lives.

We hope the article brought a wave of nostalgia your way; just like writing it took us to those fun, happy, and cheerful days. We would love to hear some of your fondest memories with your baby. Comment below and let us know.

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