40 Unique And Special Gifts For Husband

40 Unique And Special Gifts For Husband

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Picking gifts for men isn’t easy. And when they seem to have everything already the task just gets tougher.

But your husband needs a few gifts in addition to an appreciating smile and a warm hug. So, what are you planning to gift him on his birthday, wedding anniversary or just like that without any reason?

Have no clue? Then read on as MomJunction has compiled a list of 40 gift ideas for husbands

Unique Gifts for Husband

If you want something out of the box for him this time, check this list out.

1. Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey Decanter Gift for Husband

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In all probability, your husband already has a whiskey decanter. Gift him some really quirky and fun decanter that he’ll surely cherish while having his drinks.

2. Pasta maker

Pasta Maker Gift for your Husband

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If you admit his culinary skills are better than yours, he deserves a gift to nurture his passion. Start with a pasta maker, and tickle your taste buds with your husband’s cooked pasta.

3. Trench Coat

Trenchcoat Unique Gift for Your Loving Husband on Specials Days

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No matter how many he has worn, gift him a brand new fashionable trenchcoat to accentuate the good looks of your handsome man.

4. Chic Serving Plates

Husband Gift - Chic Serving Plates

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If your man is not just a foodie but also a chef, he’ll definitely love several quirky serving plates. Get him a new set to serve his awesome delicacies now!

5. Bluetooth earphones

One of the best husband Gift Bluetooth Earphones

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This is one of the most useful gifts for any working man. Whether it’s for his work or listening to his favorite tracks, get him covered with a pair of Bluetooth earphones.

6. Phone Docking Station

Phone Docking Station gift your husband on his Special occasion

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Oh, and if he’s always looking for his phone here and there, it’s time he gets organized. A mobile docking station is a much-desired gift for your husband.

7. Duffel bag

Duffel Bag Gift to Your Loving Husband

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If your husband loves backpacking, here’s a suitable gift that he uses every time he’s out on a small trip. Choose one that he can use both for weekend getaways or short office trips.

8. Smart Watch

Smart Watch for your Husband

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A smartwatch comes with a world of possibilities once it has internet access. From messages, emails, calls, to navigation, his smartwatch has got his back!

9. A bathrobe

A Bathrobe to gift your husband

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A comfortable bathrobe is not just for the winters; it’s so cozy that your husband will wear it year long.

10. Special pajamas

Special Pajamas

Image: Shutterstock

If your husband loves wearing comfy pajamas at home just like you do, get him a stylish, good-quality pajama that he’ll snuggle into bed with every night.

11. Skincare Collection

Skincare Collection You can Gift your Husband

Image: Shutterstock

Your husband is a busy man. Gift him this skin care kit to show how much you care. It’s an excellent gift for your husband.

12. A Stylish Necktie

A Stylish Necktie that you can gift your husband

Image: Shutterstock

Your man should look the best in the crowd. A stylish necktie is never out of style for men. And an elegant man never goes unnoticed.

13. A cozy sweatshirt

A Cozy Sweatshirt for your Husband

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A cozy warm sweatshirt is always a sweet gift to make your husband smile. Make sure he’s not wearing it every day!

14. A Beanie

A Beanie to your Husband

Image: Shutterstock

A cozy, snuggly beanie during the winters rendered in all blue is the ideal gift for your better half.

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Surprise Gifts for Husband

Men love surprises as much as women do, especially when it’s someone close to them. Here are some gifts that are going to wow your husband. Better get ready for a tight hug.

15. A fancy telescope

 A fancy telescope Gift that your can present your loving husband

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Sometimes watching the stars and guessing the planets is a great way to spend time. And if your man loves star-gazing, then what better gift than a telescope?

16. A Pair of Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses That you can gift to your husband

Image: iStock

A pair of trendy sunglasses can never go wrong. Give him the ideal one he’s been craving for, matching his face shape, and his favorite color.

17. A Portable Speaker

Surprise Gift Portable Speaker to Husband

Image: iStock

A portable speaker at work or home is a gift that every man needs. No more plugging anything in the ears. This gift will surely wow him.

18. Coffee Press

Coffee Press Gift for husband

Image: Shutterstock

Even if your man is on the move, he can enjoy his ‘homemade’ coffee anytime, anywhere with this travel coffee press kit. This is a handy gift that also reflects how much you care for your better half.

19. Electronic Gadget Organizer Bag

Electronic Gadget Organizer Bag for your Husband

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Whether at home or work, your husband needs to keep all his electronic gadgets, chargers, and cords safely together. This gift is super useful, and it’s portable too.

20. A Throw Blanket

A throw blanket

Image: Shutterstock

It is a perfect gift of relaxation. On a chilly evening, he and you can just cozy up inside the blanket with a cup of hot coffee.

21. Beer Making Kit

Beer making kit

Image: Shutterstock

Is it been his dream to open his own brewery? Help him make his dreams come true with this stunning gift.

22. Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail shaker

Image: Shutterstock

Does your husband like to make his drinks? Gift him a cocktail shaker to come up with his own refreshing and delightful cocktail recipes.

23. New Running Shoes

New running shoes

Image: iStock

If he’s already on his jogging routine, a new pair of branded running shoes will boost his passion. And if he’s not into running, it’s time you lead him on, starting with this adorable and useful gift.

24. A Knife Set

A knife set

Image: Shutterstock

Every chef works with different knives they are comfortable with. Learn from your husband what all preferences he has, and gift him this knife set. Never miss a chance to encourage your love.

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Romantic Gifts for Husband

Romantic doesn’t always mean you’ve to be out there and loudly proclaim love. Some silent acts, silly gifts can bespeak love louder than words. Check out our gift ideas.

25. His-Her Necklace

His-her necklace Romnatic Gift for your Husband

Image: Shutterstock

Nothing is cliché in love. Grab your love necklace. You can choose the engraved ones, or customize them with your names. Have your beloved wear one, and you wear the other; stay close.

26. Love Coupons

Love Coupons Gift for your husband

Image: Shutterstock

You can collect different vouchers based on your husband’s tastes, like a golf day, dinner for two, or a weekend getaway. Gather them all and gift him as your love coupons, so he’s reminded of you every second he’s having fun. You may also buy love coupons online from different sources.

27. Perfume

Perfume Which You can Present a Gift to yoru Husband

Image: iStock

Surprise him with new cologne. Make your man appear his best when he smells his best. After all, it’s a gift to spoil your husband!

28. A Customized Apron

A Customized Apron Present for Your Husband

Image: iStock

Now that he’s the home-chef living his dreams by cooking knick-knacks to full-blown meals, it’s your time to realize his dreams as a true chef. Show your love and honor by bringing him a customized apron with his name curved.

29. Instant Camera

Gift for Your Hubby Instant camera

Image: iStock

Whether your hubby loves clicking for the sake of it, or for capturing and storing all your memories, an instant camera is a great gift idea for him.

30. Wireless Power Bank

Wireless Power Bank

Image: Shutterstock

Yes, if he has not already gotten his hands on one, it’s high time you get him this as a gift that he needs. Never again will he run out of batteries while speaking to you, or stay disconnected for long. You’re investing for a lifetime.

31. A New Board Game

A new board game

Image: Shutterstock

Buy your husband a new board game. You are actually investing in something your beloved loves, and a gift that will get you two to spend more joyous times together.

32. Comfy Slippers

Comfy slippers

Image: iStock

The old ones have probably worn out, and he doesn’t care to get one for himself. Yes, you can gift him this to see your man slip into comfort.

33. Cozy Socks

Cozy socks

Image: Shutterstock

You may assume that no one wants wool-blend socks as gifts. But if you really think, who wouldn’t want ultra-cozy colorful socks? When you two are spending your evening together, you can make sure he stays warm in these cute socks.

34. Funny Mug

Funny mug

Image: iStock

Is he the one who tickles your funny bone? Gift him the most apt mug for his personality, suiting his witty, smart and humorous side. Every time he takes a sip, you can enjoy a laugh.

35. Shaving Kit

Shaving kit

Image: Shutterstock

Every man needs a good shave, so surprise your husband with a grooming and shaving kit. This gift is sure to remind him to take care of himself, especially for you.

36. Neck Pillow

Neck pillow

Image: iStock

Whether he travels frequently or cringes with neck pain, you can gift him something as useful as a neck pillow.

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Gifts for Husbands Who Have Everything

A man may have attained everything. But when he’s in a relationship of love, there’s nothing that he doesn’t deserve even if he owns many a thing. Check our list of ideas.

37. Commercial Beverage Holder

Commercial beverage holder

Image: Shutterstock

Whether your man was born with a silver spoon, or he made his fortune himself, if he doesn’t own a commercial booze cooler, gift him one right away! This will keep all his fancy drinks in place, and in style.

38. Hiking GPS

Hiking GPS

Image: Shutterstock

Next time he goes backpacking to the woods, you do not need to freak out thinking if he’d take the wrong turns. Sit back and relax, but do not forget to gift your beloved-on-the-move a hiking GPS.

39. Kindle


Image: iStock

Does your husband love reading? Well, you’ll never end up gifting him enough books, but surely you can get him a Kindle to read anytime, anywhere. It’s inexpensive, portable, with amazing features, and also takes care of the eyes.

40. Portable Hammock for Camping

Portable hammock for camping

Image: iStock

Off to the woods again? With this gift of yours, he can enjoy a good night’s sleep during his vacations. Choose a hammock suitable for his age and weight. It’s an excellent gift for adventure seekers.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Gifts for Husband

  1. Get him something he can take to work and elsewhere. You can gift your husband several things to take to work. And when you are doing that, it’s best to choose something that he can use outside of office too.
  1. Buy gifts that complement his interests. There’s no point of giving anything that is out of the interest area of a person.

Keep listening to him. Now and then your husband must be talking to you about things that interest him. Make a note of such things. If you have no clue about something particular, seek help from his close friends. Buddies know everything about each other.

  1. Generic gifts. If you are gifting him something generic like a shirt, a beanie, or a muffler check for fashion styles he doesn’t have. Generic gifts have great potentiality and can do wonders when we tweak them a little to suit our choice. There’s no point in gifting your husband a lame regular gift.
  1. Do not go shopping without a budget. Have an idea of what exactly you want before you go out to shop, or there are high chances you’ll dip your credit card to its end.
  1. Gift out of the box. Add a personal touch to it. You can get it stamped personally with a monogram etc.

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Gifts are just another way of expressing love, and small acts of love and romance keep a bond ignited at its best. Which gift did you find the most useful for gifting your husband?

Share your feedback with us in the comment box below.

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