11 Rare And Unusual Names From The Bible

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One of the most exciting and nerve-wracking things a parent has to do is choose a newborn baby name. Usually, when parents are looking out for names for their child, they delve deep into the meaning and origin of the moniker. You would want it to be trendy but not too common. However, you probably don’t want something so rare that it just sounds strange. You must have come across names that either sound funny or given just so it sounds right and syncs perfectly with the surname. Whatever the case may be, religious books, legendary characters, mythological tales are a great place to look for a special name. The Bible, for example, is an excellent repository of names, and today we are here to give you a list of some rare names from it. Keep reading to find out:

1. Adah



Pronounced as “ah-dah”, this name is an old one that’s not so common. It literally translates to “ornament”. Adah was the wife of Lamech, a descendant of Cain (remember the story of the sibling rivalry between Cain and Abel?). She is one of the first women that’s mentioned in the Bible after Eve. This name is derived from a Hebrew word, and was very popular and given to many baby girls, according to the Old Testament. The name is popular because of it’s dreamy sound.

2. Silas


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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel named their baby Silas which is derived from the Aramaic language. It means one with the woods or forest, and in the Bible, Silas has a significant role to play. It has originated from the biblical name called Silvanus. He was hailed as the God of all trees and a number of people who were associated with the green forests and nature in any way were granted this name. In the New Testament, this name was popular for representing the folk and humans who are one with nature. Since time immemorial, this name has found its way to many epic movies and novels like The Da Vinci Code.

3. Jaala



If you’re looking for a gender-neutral name, this one’s for you. Jaala was one of the servers of King Solomon, and it means “an ascending little goat” in Hebrew. The meaning is deep as the biblical reference states that this was the signature name for a family from Jerusalem, who came back after a long exile from Babylon. It’s all about finding freedom, independence and being free-spirited with no lingering qualms. It’s a lovely name and just so unique.

4. Uri


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Short and sweet, Uri is perfect for you if your baby came into your life like a bright shining light. Uri means “my light” in Hebrew which sounds like a symbol of hope. This name is a favorite among Israelis. Uri was one of the most respected architects in Solomon’s temple. He constructed the design for the official tent for Moses. This name was given to baby boys whose birthdays fall on Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights!

5. Terah



Terah means to breathe, blow, or scent, which simply means to give life. It has a Hebrew origin and honors the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faith. So, if you’re looking for a name that doesn’t sound like it’s restricted to one religion and gels with equality in general, Terah is perfect for you.

6. Carmi


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It sounds similar to the names Carmine or Carmina and is easy to recall. In a biblical sense, Carmi means the “mixture of the lamb of waters and garden” and is ideal for your cute baby for the aquamarine vibes. If you feel your baby has all the water elements then go ahead and christen this name.

7. Keziah



Stylish and spicy, Keziah is a super cool and unique name that is actually from the Bible. It means “cassia tree” in Hebrew, but in the Bible, Keziah is the name of Job’s second daughter, a rich and prosperous man who is free of evil.

8. Abilene


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You might want your child’s name to start with the letter A, but every name with an “A” is practically taken. If you’re struggling with finding a rare but cool name that begins with “A”, Abilene is the choice! Abilene was actually a place in the Bible that roughly means “land of the grassy green meadows”.

9. Neriah



Another gender-neutral name is the name Neriah. It has its roots in the Bible and is referenced in the book of Jeremiah. In Hebrew, it simply means that the lord is the lamp. It’s a cute name, don’t you think?

10. Areli


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Yes, we thought of Ariel from The Little Mermaid too! But in the Bible, this gender-neutral name means “Lion of God”. Now, we don’t know if your baby will grow up to be the king of the jungle, but they might just grow up to be strong and resilient.

11. Alvah



Mentioned in the Book of Genesis, Alvah is a name that originated in Hebrew. It has mythological and tribal associations which will work well with your pretty baby girl. It is used for women who are awe-inspiring with a magnificent aura about them. It means “your highness” and is the perfect name for your little princess who will grow up to be a queen! No, we don’t mean she’ll rule a kingdom (or maybe she will), but we mean that she might be a queen in her own way!

Naming your baby is not an easy task. The pressure that comes with it is natural and scary. But every parent wants their child to have a beautiful name and one that they will grow up to love and cherish forever. Whether you consult your friends and family, browse the internet, or rip the library to find that special name, there is always one out there that clicks and fits like a glove. But you’ll know that once they grow up (and probably criticize you for giving them a moniker). For now, all you can do is find a beautiful name and christen your baby! Which one of the names on this list did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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