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The first thought that any parent has when they hear about the arrival of a baby is Diapers. And with it comes the thought about costs, viability, and effort. It is common knowledge that babies will go through tons of diaper changes until they’re finally introduced to potty training. Any seasoned parent will tell you that diapering a baby is almost like wrestling – slippery bodies trying to writhe away, pinning down limbs, getting the legs in position, and finally putting the diaper on, all the while trying to avoid a possible shart. All this, multiple times a day. In these situations, disposable diapers are considered a heaven-sent miracle. But the question to be asked here is ‘At what cost?’ Disposable diapers or single-use diapers are not only a bane for the environment but may also contain toxins that are not exactly skin-friendly. Today, many parents realize that disposable diapers actually cause more harm than good in the long run and switch to alternate options.

Traditionally mothers used a cloth to wrap around their baby and collect waste. While it is a relatively safer option, considering that babies have sensitive skin, just using cloth is not viable. For one, it is not waterproof – You will have to keep checking on your baby every minute, which is not a feasible option. Two, absorbency. Every time your baby has an oopsie, you will have to change them, resulting in a huge pile of laundry that has to be washed separately. Also, just cloth is not enough to hold all the sudden excretions that are released from time to time. And let’s face it, babies poop a lot. That’s literally their job! So what’s the alternative? Cloth Diapers – combining the best of both worlds, cloth diapers give you the safety of cloth with the convenience of a disposable diaper. How so? Let us look at a few reasons why more parents are choosing cloth diapers over disposable ones.

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Reasons To Embrace Cloth Diapers Over Disposable Ones

  • Waste Disposal – Apart from the plastic and toxins from disposable diapers littering the landfills, human waste is another major pollutant. It is unsanitary, air- and water-polluting, and definitely adds to the carbon footprint. You may be satisfied with solving groundwater contamination in other ways, but open landfills fuming with toxic garbage are definitely not a pleasant sight to see. Sometimes, these toxins born out of plastic residue and waste can seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater.
  • Cost-effective – With some effort, you can maintain hygiene, keep diaper rashes at bay, and also save a large amount of money, compared to plastic disposables. One SuperBottoms UNO cloth diaper can last up to 300+ washes. So, if we look at a 3 year period, you only need to purchase 16 diapers, which costs ₹2.5 per diaper usage.
  • Chemical-free – Cotton pads are soft, hygienic, and toxin-free, offering better protection to your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Potty Training – Some disposable diapers have high absorbent polymers that are hazardous and suck all the wetness dry, which might be convenient in the moment but can make your kid habitual to it in the long run. Due to the wetness, it becomes hard for kids to poop without the diaper. But cloth diapers can ease your child into potty training without much hardship.

Why Is SuperBottoms UNO A Revolutionary Cloth Diaper?

SuperBottoms can take care of most of your concerns and help you switch to a cloth diaper like UNO. The brand has always been vocal about sustainability, honesty, innovation, and ownership. They have killed two birds with one stone with UNO. Combined with the goodness and softness of cloth and the convenience of disposable diapers, this cloth diaper could be THE DIAPER for your baby. It is made up of 100% cloth but is waterproof, dry, and has super absorbing properties that makes it last overnight without leakage.

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What Makes UNO So Awesome?

SuperBottoms UNO is India’s best-rated and world’s advanced most advanced cloth diaper. UNO is adjustable to the extent that it can be used for a 3-month-old baby as well as a 3-year-old child.

Time to get into the nitty-gritty of this wholesome diaper:

  • This reusable diaper comes with an easy snap system that makes UNO the easiest, and most convenient cloth diaper ever. You don’t have to worry about it getting worn out over time.
  • Babies grow at a fast pace, gain energy, get more active, and become taller and leaner swiftly. In order to adapt to those rapid growth changes, diaper fitting moves from smaller size to larger size in UNO diapers. As your child grows, you can keep adjusting the size of the diaper to fit them. This eliminates the need to keep buying diapers according to size, also reducing waste.
  • The SuperDryFeel™ middle layer of UNO diapers absorbs the wetness and keeps your baby’s skin dry. This helps in reducing the occurrence of diaper rashes.
  • You can reuse and rewash this diaper 300+ times and don’t have to worry about it losing its firm hold.
  • It is not heavy or weighed down, and quite gentle on your baby’s posterior. UNO has the trimmest cut.
  • In order to prevent leakage, it is equipped with a firm waterproof exterior.
  • UNO’s organic cotton pads are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).
  • It ensures all-night absorption and can last up to 12 hrs with a booster pad.
  • Here’s the cherry on top. What makes UNO so ULTIMATE is that it is free from lead, phthalates, and toxins which will help in reducing carbon footprints and make it eco-friendly. No environmental guilt attached!

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Superbottoms has always incorporated the R3U principle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Upcycle. Therefore, UNO can ensure that your child grows up to be healthy, happy, and safe. A bonus benefit is that it is eco-friendly and all-out supportive of going green which is a win-win for everybody.

Get the SuperBottoms UNO cloth diaper for your little one over here.

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