9 Serious Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infection In Teens

UTI in teens

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Does your teen daughter or son complain of pain while urinating? Is his urine darker than normal, and does it appear cloudy? If you nodded along, chances are, your teen may have a urinary tract infection. And, if you are worried about your teen’s condition, you might want to read our post below!

Because here, MomJunction has compiled some pertinent information about the possible causes, symptoms, and treatments of Urinary Tract Infection or UTI in teens!

What Is A Urinary Tract Infection?

Sometimes, bacteria may enter the urinary tract and infect the urethra as well. The bladder gets irritated and your teen contracts a urinary tract infection or UTI. The infection can either enter the body through consumed food or from other sources, like unhygienic practices and conditions (1).

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Cause Of UTI In Teens:

The most common cause of UTI in teens is the entry of harmful bacteria into the urinary tract. Most of these bacteria reside in the large intestine and are also present in the stool. When they enter through the urethra and reach the urinary tract, they trigger symptoms like inflammation, blood in urine, and abdominal cramps. The presence of kidney stones and structural problems in the urinary tract can also be a contributing factor. Some of the probable causes of urinary tract infection in teen girls are:

  • In female body, the rectum lies close to the urine outlet, and it allows the bacteria to enter the urinary tract easily.
  • The urethra of women is shorter than the males, and thus the bacteria quickly reach the bladder.
  • The fluid produced by male’s prostate gland helps in destroying the bacteria in the urinary tract.
  • Most urinary tract infection in teen boys occurs due to:
  • Due to prostrate problems, like enlarged prostate can increase your teen’s risk to suffer from UTI (2).

Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infection In Teens:

Some of the common symptoms of UTI in teens are:

  1. Fever and chills
  1. Nausea.
  1. Vomiting.
  1. Pain while urinating.
  1. Frequent trips to urination.
  1. General feeling of being unwell.
  1. Mild back pain
  1. Lower abdominal pain
  1. Urine looks dark-colored, cloudy and smells bad (3).

Risk Factors Of Urinary Tract Infection In Teens:

Certain risk factors elevate your teen’s chances to get afflicted with urinary tract infection:

  • Kidney stones or presence of any other obstruction in your teen’s urinary tract blocks the urine blow and increases the risk of UTI.
  • Diabetic teens are at greater risk of suffering from UTI. They have a weak immunity system and cannot fight the infectious germs.
  • Structural defects of your teen’s urinary tract present from birth can also lead to UTI (4).

When To Seek Medical Assistance?

If your teen experiences any of the following listed symptoms, it is better to consult the doctor immediately:

  • Severe pain while urinating.
  • Recurrent occurrence of UTI.
  • Noticing blood or pus while urinating.

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Diagnosing Urinary Tract Infection In Teens:

The doctor performs a close physical examination and interrogates about your teen’s medical history. Some of the other medical tests include:

  • Urine analysis: The test detects the presence of WBC and bacteria in your teen’s urine.
  • Urine culture: It checks whether the antibiotics effectively treats your teen’s urinary infections or not.

Treating Urinary Tract Infection In Teens:

To treat UTI in teens, the doctor recommends a combination of both antibiotics and lifestyle changes. Your teen needs to drink the plentiful amount of water and urinate frequently. Emptying the bladder helps your teen to recover from the symptoms. The most commonly prescribed antibiotics are Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Trimethoprim, Ofloxacin, Nitrofurantoin, and Sulfamethoxazole (5).

Preventing Urinary Tract Infection In Teens:

Here are some effective measures that your teen can adopt to recover from the symptoms of UTI:

  • Drinking plentiful amount of water, fruit juices, and other fluids.
  • Do not control the urge of urination, but take frequent trips to the toilet.
  • Changing sanitary napkins more often.
  • Each time after using the toilet, you teen should wipe from front to back and avoid spreading the bacteria to the urinary tract.
  • Restrict your teen from using perfumes soaps, shower gels, and bubble baths.
  • Your teen should avoid wearing tight fitting clothes, especially underwear (6)

Home Remedies To Cure UTI In Teens:

Your teen can also use the mentioned home remedies to alleviate the symptoms of UTI:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

  • Apple cider vinegar contains a high percentage of potassium, enzymes, and other vital minerals that aid in destroying the bacteria and restrict them from multiplying. The vinegar serves as a natural antibiotic to treat the tract infection.
  • Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with one glass of plain water and add lemon juice and honey to flavor it.
    Your teen can drink the solution twice daily.

2. Indian Gooseberry (Amla):

  • It contains a high amount of Vitamin C that restricts the growth of infections in the urinary tract.
  • Mix one teaspoon of amla powder and turmeric powder in one glass of water.
  • Boil the mixture over medium flame, so that the water evaporates.
  • Your teen can drink the residue thrice a day, to recover from the symptoms of UTI.

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3. Cranberry Juice:

  • The compound proanthocyanidins present in cranberries restricts the bacteria from entering the urethra. It also possesses a mild antibiotic effect.
  • Afflicted teens can drink three to four glasses of freshly squeezed cranberry juice every day, to restrict the bacteria from damaging the kidneys.
  • It is recommended to intake half a glass of cranberry juice daily, to prevent urinary tract infections.

4. Tea Tree Oil:

  • The antibacterial properties of the oil help your teen to fight against the bladder infections.
  • You can mix ten drops of tea tree oil with plain water, and make your teen was her urethra opening with the solution.
  • Alternatively, you teen can also mix tea tree oil, sandalwood oil, and juniper oil and rub the solution to her abdominal region. Messaging with tea tree oil helps in curing the pain.

5. Blueberries:

  • The fruits possess effective bacteria-inhibiting properties and aid the treatment of UTI.
  • Blueberries contain antioxidants that strengthen your teen’s immune system and help her fight a bacterial infection.
  • You can make your teen intake fresh blueberries mixed in her breakfast cereal.
  • Additionally, your teen can also intake fresh blueberry juice twice daily.

Did your teen suffer from a urinary tract infection? Which antibiotics did the doctor prescribe? Share your experience here!

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