150+ Good Usernames For Dating Sites To Get You Noticed

150+ Good Usernames For Dating Sites To Get You Noticed

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Navigating your way through dating sites to land your first date can be taxing. The unlimited dating sites and the fact that you are not in proximity to your potential date mean your online identity will either make it or break it for you.

On a platform where you need to catch someone’s attention quickly, an attractive and creative username can go a long way in getting a conversation started. And choosing the right username isn’t as easy as switching windows. A good amount of thought needs to go into it.

Read on as we give you interesting tips on how to choose a username and a few examples of good usernames for dating sites.

Points To Consider When Choosing A Username

Keep the following points in mind when choosing a username for an online dating site.

1. Do away with the pretense

It is hard to fight the desire to use words that portray you as someone irresistible. Be realistic. Adding random numbers to your profile will make you look robotic, far from being attractive. If you would like to include your name, pair it up with some alliteration or make it onomatopoeic.

2. Make it positive

It is crucial that your username evokes a positive and pleasant feeling. This also indirectly highlights your personality. Often, people add words such as little, down, needy and lazy to their profiles. They hint ‘desperation.’ Negativity is a big turn-off, and you would be wasting your online time. Try using combinations that are funny, subtle, romantic, creative, and slightly silly.

3. Don’t freak them out

Usernames with sexual innuendos or suggestive words make for awful impressions. They are likely to attract the wrong profiles. Using such names will likely make genuine people cringe and move on to the next profile.

4. Make it creative and easy to notice

If you combine shortcuts and add random words to your profile, it will mislead the person approaching you. Shortcuts combined without appropriate spaces can read horribly wrong. Make it easy for yourself and others by using proper spelling and capitalization.

5. Paint a true picture

Describing yourself as someone you aren’t is a strict no! It will end up hurting and disappointing your future dates. Choose a username that reflects who you truly are, your lifestyle, religion, political orientation, and hobbies.

6. Humor them

Nothing works like a witty remark or a humorous phrase. Funny and quirky usernames will appeal to people.

7. Ensure it doesn’t hurt people

It would be in bad taste to underline your usernames with terms that defame skin color, religion, orientation, and occupation.

8. Personalize it

Don’t shy away from generic usernames that suggest where you live or what you do. They are the most effective. However, you could tweak them a bit. If you are a Harvard graduate, a username like HarvardGroomedHarry, will definitely make an impression.

Steps To Follow

Keep this checklist handy when trying to come up with a unique username.

  1. Brainstorm yourself about your personality traits and create a list of words that best describe you.
  2. List down words that rhyme with your name or begin with the same letter or sound.
  3. Write down names of random things spread across your room. Include cool words that you love to use.
  4. Make a list of the things you enjoy and those you are looking for in a potential date.
  5. Come up with different words around clichés, especially those related to love, romance, and marriage.

Usernames For Men

Here are a few usernames that you could take inspiration from to grab a women’s attention.

  1. BikingHitchcock: An interesting choice for the biker who loves the rough terrain.
  1. ForeverMore: A good username that hints at your resolve for a lasting relationship.
  1. LifeIsACruise: For the traveler who loves to explore and is looking for the perfect companion.
  1. DreamChaser: This username describes someone who believes in the impossible and loves to chase ambitions
  1. TechInMyVeins: A profile name ideal for the techie who loves what he does.
  1. HighOnHighway: If you love exploring the outdoors and are looking for someone to go tripping with.
  1. DelightfullyEpicurean: You love the finer things in life and would love a partner who echoes your taste.
  1. NaturalistByNature: Ideal for a nature lover at heart who respects life in its various forms.
  1. RapperDapperScribbler: For someone who enjoys rapping and writing.
  1. ElixirOParty: A wonderful name for a sociable person or someone who loves to have a good time with friends.
  1. DiveInDeveloper: For the IT professional who believes in perseverance.
  1. FitAsAFiddle: You love to hit the gym and keep those muscles supple.
  1. ChivalrousKnight(your name): Indicates that you are all for trust, culture, and tradition and are ready to impress your lover.
  1. IAmMrPerfect: It may sound generic and over-confident but can be effective nevertheless. Play on it with your name or initials.
  1. SurfSunNSnorkle: Good for those who love the deep seas and look to take the plunge with an adventurer.
  1. SandySunsets: Says a lot about your love for the beach and desire to take a walk with that special someone.
  1. TheGlobeIsMyHome: For someone who loves to travel and is willing to take that long and winding road.
  1. LookingForMyInamorata: This shows you as someone serious about relationships.
  1. DefiantDareDevil: For someone who likes to take risks and live life to the fullest.
  1. ArtIsLife: An art lover who revels in its finer nuances.
  1. TrotNTrout: A direct indication of your love for travel and good food.
  1. TappinOnTropics: You can use this if you want to hint at your warm nature and free attitude.
  1. BeaverForHealth: If you are fitness-conscious and follow a healthy diet, this could land you a date who is also into healthy living.
  1. StepUpTheMusic: This is a good choice for a music lover.
  1. FollowMyLead: Highlights your skill at leading others and also your desire to take the next step.
  1. SaltNPepper(your Name): For someone who is mature in thoughts and is looking for someone similar. Women find this very appealing.
  1. Let’sJamTogether: This one’s good for people who are into music.
  1. Bespoke(your name): For those with a high style quotient.
  1. HipHipNAway: For the hipster who also would like to be someone’s hero.
  1. KungFuHustler: Show your love for the martial arts. Someone your lady can depend on.
  1. AviatorWings: You must love the outdoors and are perhaps a wind chaser.
  1. ThatTaiChiGuy: Yes, you are dedicated to Tai Chi and know how to set aside the Yin from the Yan.
  1. TheArtApprentice: For the one who appreciates and respects art and is looking for someone with similar interests.
  1. Someone’sPicturePerfect: You look good and would like to meet that perfect girl.
  1. NanotechJedi: To the point. You are into nanotechnology and armored with intelligence.
  1. PoeticPentameter: A Great name for someone who loves poetry.
  1. NailTheNerd: For the tech-loving guy who likes to flaunt this trait.
  1. Travalophile: Great for attracting a globetrotter. Use your name to personalize it.
  1. DevotedToLove: You mean it and are very serious about love and commitment.
  1. SpirituallyYours: This would be ideal for someone who is into spirituality and looking for a soulmate.
  1. PoweredByNeurons: For someone intellectual and brainy.
  1. TealAndTurquoise: A painter who knows the difference between hues and will not take any nonsense.
  1. CaffeinatedTalk: A fun way to say, “lets meet up and decide if this can go further.”
  1. TakeTheFastLane: This would go well with someone who believes in living life to the fullest and wants a similar partner.
  1. WillYouBeMyTea: You are looking for someone you can’t do without, just like your morning cuppa.
  1. HotTea(Your name): A good play with words for those fun and bold types.
  1. BeMineForever: A classic indicative of your search for a lasting relationship.
  1. QuestForAQueen: Great! You are the king of the world!
  1. AllForOne_OneForLove: A hopeless romantic looking for someone who believes in commitment.
  1. Romantic(your name): Very precise. Your future date will surely understand what she can look forward to.
  1. Heart2Heart: You believe in a good and honest relationship and would like to build it on good conversation.
  1. SayYesTo(your name): Playing on the Say Yes To The Dress series, this one means you are looking for commitment.
  1. We’llLiveInAYellowSubmarine: Going with the famous Beatles song, it is for the dreamer who is willing to explore.
  1. WillWaltzInLove: Very romantically inclined. You would love to match steps with that special someone.
  1. LetsConqrTheWorld: You want to go places and would like to do it with your partner.
  1. FooseballNFootball: For the sporty kind, who expects his date to enjoy the game.
  1. MeTheMaverick: This is attractive to people who are independent-minded.
  1. TabulaRasa(your name): Your heart is looking for that special someone to fill it with love.
  1. You’reMyMissingPiece: You believe in an honest and trustworthy relationship and wish to settle down.
  1. CallMeByAnyName: Intriguing and mysterious. Get her interested in you by being secretive.
  1. WillDiveForDonuts: The food lover who is ready to dive deep in love.
  1. FactNotFacsimile: You believe in things original and like to keep the conversation going on serious lines.
  1. TheWeatherMan: For the mature man who wants his partner to realize that he will be there for her in sunshine and rain.
  1. RhythmNRiot: The dance lover who loves to steal the show with a carefree spirit.
  1. ChalkingWithHawking: Referring to Stephen Hawking, this name is perfect for the scientific guy.
  1. ToQuillAMockingBird: The book lover and serious reader who would love to share his books with her.
  1. QuantumPhantom: You are the Interstellar fan looking to take your ideal woman beyond the stars.
  1. SemperFidelis: A cool Latin term that indicates you will always be faithful.
  1. MrWeatherBee: A fun name to describe someone who loves the lighter side of life.
  1. BunsenBurner(Your name): Specific and scientific; you want to check if you and your future date have good chemistry.
  1. BeMySonicHedgehog: The vital human protein needed for the completion of your love circle.
  1. DaringDynamo: The confident man, raring to go.
  1. FuzzyLogic(your name): For the mathematician in you who loves to work on numbers and reasoning.
  1. Trending(your sun sign): It highlights your sun sign and is a sneak peek into your nature.
  1. KhaleelGiftOfTheGabRam: The Aries man who is also a romantic and loves a good conversation.
  1. CarpetKnight(your name): For someone who enjoys ease, luxury, and pleasure.

Usernames For Women

Have a look at these usernames for women and choose one that reflects your personality.

  1. AllAboutArtNHeart: For the artist who pours her heart into every piece she creates.
  1. DanceFloorDiva: Yes, you love to dance and are looking for someone to twirl and swirl with.
  1. TapTalesNLoveGains: Another name for the music and dance lover looking for someone with rhythm.
  1. RhymeWithRhythm: A musically inclined, fast beat lover, you want to live it up in style.
  1. FlutterFly: For the outdoor person who loves to explore offbeat destinations.
  1. GoldenLioness: Just like the sun sign it suggests, you are the majestic leader, looking for your alpha male.
  1. PotsAndPens: An apt name for a foodie who is also a writer.
  1. Digerati(your name): Now, that’s for the lady who is nose-deep into the digital world and is looking for a similarly inclined partner.
  1. CoffeeBeanedWords: You like nothing more than to sit down with a good book and a mug of coffee.
  1. MeasureLifeWithSugarCubes: For someone who endorses the sweet temptations of life and would like to dissolve into a lovely relationship.
  1. LoveTweenTheorems: This one is for the math expert who is trying to find true love.
  1. DoctorCookaroo: If you are a doctor who also loves to cook, this could read interesting.
  1. LoveBrewsInUnusualHues: All things bright and colorful, that’s what your attitude towards life spells.
  1. CycleRidesMountainHikes: Consider this username if you love the slow-paced romantic sojourn.
  1. LoseYourselfToLove: For those hardcore romantics seeking love and commitment.
  1. WaltzToTheSkies: If you like to tap your feet to the right beat and music
  1. TakeMyBreathAway: Say it with elan! You are looking for that perfect guy.
  1. LatinLinen: This gives you the warm, summery feel that only a fun-loving yet mature woman can offer.
  1. JokesJourneysNAllThatJazz: For the fun-loving individual who wants to enjoy the ride with her partner.
  1. TalkToMeSipRepeat: You love to measure your time with valuable and engaging conversations.
  1. LetsGetSomethingGoodBrewing: That’s right! You love a good brew and are looking for a partner in crime.
  1. TheLoveCatalyst: Romantically inclined, you believe that you and your partner will complete the reaction.
  1. AntimatterDoesMatter: You consider yourself to be unlike the typical and are willing to gel with someone unusual.
  1. WillfullyVegan: For someone who practices veganism and would like a man who supports your choice.
  1. VintageWine(your name): For the mature woman who likes to cherish every special moment.
  1. TheBookbinder: Want to bind your relationship with someone who is equally in love with books?
  1. ThroughTheBookhole: A clear love for books reflects through this name.
  1. BookOmnivore: You drink, eat, and sleep books. Those with a similar passion for words need apply.
  1. OnomatopoeicallyYours: For the literary genius who loves the sound of love and life.
  1. FizzySoda: You are looking for casual dating, just like the bubbles in fizz.
  1. TwangNTang: The sweet and sour of life, you love it all and want to have fun with a tangent.
  1. RookieCookie: For someone who has just started baking. You are looking for the right mixfor your love dough.
  1. MuffinNPuffin(your name): Choose this name if you love the warmth of muffins and swears by its aroma and taste.
  1. HighOnLife: Says it perfectly! You love life and want to share it with that perfect someone.
  1. BlushingBerries: Now, this is for someone who is gorgeous and is ready to be showered with compliments by her man.
  1. TrippinOnLove: Very romantic sounding; this is perfect for the girl who is always high on love.
  1. PeachesPlumsAndPumpkin: For a foodie who loves things in their natural form.
  1. PixeledPapers: You love photography and would like to capture that perfect guy.
  1. DoodleDotBlot: For an art lover who likes to lead a fun and carefree life.
  1. FarFromTheMaddeningMandala: You are an artist and want to explore the world with your partner.
  1. DreamWeaver(your name): A digital designer who wants to spin her own dream relationship.
  1. MyBottleOfFelixFelisis: For the one who believes in destiny and luck. You are seeking to bottle true love.
  1. LoveEmbossed: A very romantic name for someone who believes in fairy-tale endings and romantic clichés.
  1. BooksSmellGreat: You are the intellectual type who seeks someone with resonating interests.
  1. TwinkleToes(your name): Dance is your hobby, and you like to groove to life’s music.
  1. LoveAGoodWord: Good conversations and deep understanding are what you are looking for in a relationship.
  1. BookedForever: You are not the one for casual dating. This is for someone who wants commitment.
  1. AvocadorablyYours: You have a taste for the finer things in life.
  1. YouCompleteMyJigsaw: For someone who wants the perfect man to complete her.
  1. TakesTwoToTangle: A fun name for someone who loves to dance and enjoy the little things in life.
  1. VeniVidiVici(your name): You mean what you say. This is for someone who wants to win her love over forever.
  1. QuickWitWillWin: For someone who is looking for an intelligent man who and likes to play with words.
  1. ToughNutToCrack: You are the hard-to-get type. Your man will have to impress you first.
  1. TheNuttyProfessore: Funny and jovial, you are willing to spread smiles and want to do so with someone equally fun to be with.
  1. WalkInTheCloudsWithMe: Super romantic; this one is for those who believe in the magic of love.
  1. Epicure’sAssociate: This is the right choice if you have a taste for the finer things in life.
  1. HopelesslyHedonist: You are the spirited traveler who likes to take the road less trampled. You are ready to explore new destinations and relationships.
  1. CarpeDiem: You only live once, so seize the moment. Very impressive indeed.
  1. FriedaFreedKahlo: For a free-spirited art lover who doesn’t like to be bound by rules. You seek to break them with that perfect man.
  1. SnapCrackleNPop: Only the scientifically inclined will know that you mean the higher derivatives of position in mechanics. Being like-minded works.
  1. TheLighthouseOfYourLife: Very confident and romantic, this name suggests that you wish to be the guiding spirit for the right man.
  1. MullOverMelody: Music lovers will surely find this interesting.
  1. IMYourSunshine: The happy-go-lucky girl that you are, this is perfect for the perfect man.
  1. ReadyToBeWitch: For someone confident in her skin.
  1. PineForPinot: You have very fine taste and seek to swirl your spirit with someone with epicurean likings.
  1. SunnySideUp: A warm-hearted, fun-loving person that you are, this name will juggle well with your personality.
  1. Adventure’sAccomplice: For the one who likes to have an adventurous life. You are not for the light-hearted.
  1. FoxTrottingGypsy: Classy and hedonistically inclined, this is perfect for the girl who loves the outdoors.
  1. Trailblazer(your name): You are an innovator and want to share your love ideas with someone equally innovative.
  1. IAmYourFlourine: Just like the element, this name will go well with someone who is very reactive to love.
  1. MindMatters: For the spiritually inclined. You value a good attitude and the right spirit.
  1. AwesomeTwosome: You believe in perfection and would like to meet someone who will spell you with his charm.
  1. Spirited(your name): You are a free-spirited woman looking for her perfect man.
  1. SelfieWithAShelfie: For someone who wants to lose herself to good books and good company.
  1. OceanDeep(your initials): You are deep-spirited and open to interpretation and are looking for a man who has deep thoughts and insights.

Now that you are armed with the tools to create a great usernames, go right ahead and get that mind working. Let your peppy, nerdy, lovey-dovey, or geeky username get someone interested out there.