5 Fun & Easy Valentine's Day Activities For Preschoolers

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Valentine’s Day is a day of spreading love and warmth. While popular culture has it down as a day for your significant other, there is no reason you can’t celebrate valentine’s day with your preschooler. However, as he is too young to understand the concept of a valentine, here’s how you can help. Get him to perform some fun Valentine activities.

Momjunction has decided to help you do just that. So, here is our recommended list of some fun, easy and interesting Valentine’s day activities for preschoolers:

1. Traditional Valentine’s Day Poem:

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  • Teach your preschooler a cute little traditional Valentine’s Day poem that they will love to sing with actions. Here are the lines that you can teach your preschooler:
  • “Roses are red; violets are blue,
  • Sugar is sweet, and so are you!”

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2. Strawberries Covered In Melted Chocolate:

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  • If your preschooler is like most young kids of the age, they will surely love eating chocolates as well as strawberries.
  • Let your preschooler help you in making some delicious chocolate covered strawberries that will be perfect for Valentine’s Day.
  • Ask your preschooler to help you wash the strawberries and dry them with the help of paper towels.
  • Melt the chocolate bars and stir to remove any lumps. Help your preschooler dip the strawberries into the chocolate and swirl to coat them well. Be careful as the chocolate will be very hot.
  • You can also let them add some more chocolate on top through a piping cone. This is one of the best valentine’s day themed activities for preschoolers.

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3. Heart Design Tee Shirt:

  • Your preschooler can make a heart design on a tee shirt and use it for themselves or even gift it to daddy or mommy.
  • Use a white plain tee shirt that will go best with the design your preschooler will create.
  • Help your preschooler draw a heart outline with a fabric color pen.
  • Let them fill in the heart shape with more colorful fabric color pens.
  • Set it aside and let it dry completely as per package instructions on the fabric color.

4. Heart Mobile:

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  • Your preschooler can also make a cute heart shaped mobile that you can string up above their bed or in a doorway as a decoration.
  • Let your preschooler cut out heart shapes from papers in different sizes. Do make sure you are with your preschooler while they use the scissors.
  • Once done, your preschooler can color the hearts in different colors and also decorate them if they wish with stickers and such.
  • Attach a string or ribbon to each heart shape and finally, string everything together to stick at the top.
  • Add another ribbon to the stick so that you can form a small bow shape that you can loop throw to hang the mobile up. Heart mobile is one of the great and fun valentine’s day activities for preschoolers.

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5. A Heart Jar For Daddy:

  • Your preschooler will have lots of wonderful things to say about daddy when you ask them why they love their daddy.
  • Help your preschooler find a leaf that resembles the shape of a heart.
  • Dip it in red paint and let your preschooler make lots of heart stamps on white paper. Cut them out and keep aside.
  • Now ask your preschooler why they love daddy and jot down all the points as shown in the image.
  • Place these as notes, along with the heart cut outs in a jar and tie a pretty red bow to complete the look.

With so many fun activities to try out for Valentine’s Day, your preschooler will have a lot of fun creating many different things at home. Make sure you spend some quality time with your little one to celebrate the day with love and the joy of sharing.

Moms, did you perform any Valentine’s day activities with your kids? Do you have any ideas? Tell us your story here.

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