How To Celebrate Your First Valentine's Day After Having A Baby

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The most romantic holiday of the year doesn’t seem half as romantic when you’ve just had a baby, right? With more than a bunch of responsibilities eating up your time as new parents, holidays can feel like another duty added to the long list of chores. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Trust us; all hope isn’t lost for a romantic Valentine’s Day! Not as long as we’re around to help you.

We can’t tell you that Valentine’s Day as new parents won’t be different. Because it will be. Mostly because you’ve got a new baby, and a little because you’d likely still be doing the ‘stay at home’ thing as February rolls in.

But do not despair! Even if you don’t find a babysitter and choose to spend time at home, you can still have a pretty awesome V-Day with your bae. All you need is a bit of determination and effort.

So let us show you how to celebrate your first V-Day after having your brand new baby! Because every new mom deserves a romantic day off.

Plan A Romantic Night-In At Home

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This year probably isn’t the one where you’d dress up and go out for a fancy Valentine’s Day meal. Especially if your little one is still in the ‘brand new’ stage. So it’s a good idea to ease off the pressure right from the start and plan a romantic night-in at home! Being new parents is already exhausting enough, so staying at home and enjoying some quality time together actually fits in pretty well.

Try to keep your plans low-key yet intimate, so there’s no room for exhaustion to set in early on. Do all the things you love doing together! Whether that’s watching a movie, playing your favorite board game, or simply wining and dining in candlelight together. Maybe even get those heart-shaped chocolates and just have fun together! Plan and personalize it your way, though, including whatever it is you like doing together.

Word of advice? Get started on plans after tucking your baby in for the night. You’ll have more time for yourself that way.

And Be Sure To Plan In A Nice Meal

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No Valentine’s Day is complete without the perfect meal. Living off as you have been on the instant ready to eat foods since parenthood hit, choose V-Day to give yourself a break from frozen meals and have a proper dinner instead!

You can order some takeout from that special, date night restaurant; or plan a romantic meal you can prepare together. Or even cook a meal as a gift to your partner! The choice is yours. You win no matter what you pick!

If you need some ideas on V-Day special meals, you can always put your search cap on and get on the internet to find something that works for you. Just be sure your romantic meal ends with an equally romantic dessert!

Also, try to make this night a distraction-free one. Put your phones aside, sit on the dining chair, light a candle or two, and just talk to each other as you enjoy the meal. A little bit of soft music in the background will further elevate the experience.

Go For Small Yet Meaningful Gifts

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Just like food, presents are an essential part of V-Day celebrations. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break the bank to find the perfect gift. You get some amazingly unique gifts online that fall on the affordable side of the price spectrum!

And if you don’t feel like spending all that much, then hey, DIY is always an option. And what better place to look for DIY inspiration than Pinterest? There are so many cute and unique V-Day gift ideas out there! Maybe you could fill a little jar with tiny notes on all the reasons you love your partner. An easy feat to pull off when the baby’s napping!

You can also go down the old school lane and exchange letters or cards that show just how much they mean to you and how your love has grown after having a baby. It can serve as a great way to reconnect and rekindle the spark. Make the gifts you give all about showing your love and appreciation for your better half. And if nothing comes to mind, you can always fall back on trusty flowers!

P.S. just ensure you order your gifts way earlier so you can avoid Valentine’s Day rush and have them delivered on time.

No matter what you plan for Valentine’s Day, just be sure to spend it with the one you love the most because that’s what really matters! And don’t worry. Date nights will be back in full swing soon!

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