11 Valentine’s Week Dreams That Usually Go Kaput

Valentine’s Week Dreams

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Wedding anniversary, birthday and Valentine’s Day. These are the three days in a year when we have high expectations from our partners. We expect them to pamper us, shower us with love and of course give us gifts that are precious and worth flaunting. But do they always meet our expectations? I see you nodding ‘no’.

Here we bring you a reality check of what your expectations would be during the Valentine’s Week and what the reality could be. See how many of them you agree with.

Expectation 1:

You imagine your bed to be laden with chocolates and roses and your partner waiting there to take you into his arms and pamper you.


Your partner is asleep long before you came to bed, snoring hard.

Expectation 2:

You hope your Valentine’s Day begins with a passionate kiss from your spouse.


You get up early, but he/she is still asleep. Apparently, they didn’t have anything of this sort on their mind.

Expectation 3:

You plan to have a romantic dinner with your partner.


He/she is busy with their clients in the office.

Expectation 4:

The reason your spouse isn’t discussing anything about Valentine’s Day is that they are planning a romantic date.


You end up asking them if they have something in mind and get shocked to know that they completely forgot about it! That’s love.

Expectation 5:

You are all set for a night out, wearing your most sensuous little black dress on Valentine’s eve.


Your Valentine has no clue about it; returns tired from work just as any other day, and asks, “Are you returning from a party?”

Expectation 6:

After a long working day, you both plan to go out for a sumptuous dinner, reliving old times and spending time together.


Your in-laws decide to spend the Valentine’ night with you.

Expectation 7:

Decorated home with scented candles and red heart balloons all over the floor, with your partner waiting for you.


A messy living room as your spouse celebrates friendship with some long-lost friends!

Expectation 8:

You want to surprise your spouse by baking a red velvet cake for them.


It comes out so hard that you end up searching for street dogs to feed them.

Expectation 9:

Two souls dipped in love at a beautiful rooftop restaurant on a magical night.


You end up ordering pizzas at home as your favorite places are all booked for the evening.

Expectation 10:

You’ll have plenty of pictures of your perfect Valentine’s Day for the world to see. Your life is happening and Instagram-worthy.


Even after several attempts, you are not happy with your pictures and you never post them. Others’ pictures annoy you so much that you give up on social media.

Expectation 11:

You will not be making any declarations or thoughts of love on the social media because they are meaningless and true love just happens.


You end up writing a paragraph of how magical your V-Day has been (albeit all fictional).

No matter those disappointments in the past, this Valentine’s Week, you must still be having hopes. May all your expectations be met on this weekend!

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