13 Terrific Vampire Costumes For Kids

Vampires fascinate children. Their sharp teeth and long cloaks make for a scary look worth trying during Halloween, themed parties or a fancy dress contest at school.

If done perfectly, a vampire costume is sure to draw attention and a few prizes too.

If you are looking for some vampire costumes for kids, you are at the right place. MomJunction has come up with the best supernatural and spooky vampire costumes for girls and boys.

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Vampire Costumes For Girls

Before you get your costume together, figure out what kind of a vampire you want to become — Dracula, gothic vampire or a classic Victorian vampire.

Here we have some easy and simple vampire costume ideas you can try at home.

1. Simple black costume

You will need:

  • A black dress (long or short) or bodycon black top
  • Black skirt
  • Deep red fabric
  • Velvet cloth (optional)
  • Fake teeth
  • Black or purple lipstick

How to:

  1. For this elegant and simple vampire costume, you will need a black dress. The dress can be long or short.
  2. Alternatively, you may choose a black bodycon top and black skirt.
  3. To add a realistic touch to this vampiress, you will only need a cape. You can watch this video to make a cape.
  4. If you do not have the time for shopping, you can make your own cape at home. All you will need is a piece of violent or deep red fabric.
  5. The material of the cape should be ideally velvet as it gives the outfit a distressed look.
  6. Pull your girl’s hair up in a pompadour style and add fake teeth.
  7. Apply black or purple lipstick to finish the look.

There are many other ways to make the simple vampire dress. Sheri Pavlović, a mother and a DIY diva, shares how she made a simple vampire dress for her daughter. She says, “I grabbed a pair of black pants + a black top from her closet and some groovy red lace trim from my stash. Embellished the top with the lace trim.”

She then shares that she managed to grab the remaining bright red skirt lining from the previous project along with a sizable scrap of black fabric. Pavlović then says, “Chopped that lining fabric in half. Pinned it to the black fabric with right sides facing and chopped it to size. Stitched the pieces together leaving a small opening for turning right side out. Flipped it right side out, tucked in the raw edges and top stitched all around the outside edge. Added a big button & loop closure and the fancy schmancy vampire cape was complete (i)!”

2. Dracula girl costume

The classic Dracula style can never go out of style and draws attention without effort.

Dracula girl costume, vampire costumes for kids

Image: Shutterstock

You will need:

  • White dress shirt
  • Dark-colored skirt (short or long)
  • Cloth material for the corset top
  • Black boots
  • Cloth material for the cape

How to:

  1. Make a corset top and pair it with a white dress shirt.
  2. Wear a dark-colored skirt or tight-fitting bottom.
  3. A pair of black boots will work well with this look.
  4. Make a hooded cape.
  5. Style the hair by spraying hairspray generously and then combing the hair backward.
protip_icon Did you know?
Dracula is a novel by Bram Stoker. It became a significant work of Gothic horror literature. Children love the character and commonly dress up like Dracula at parties.

3. Hotel Transylvania vampiress

Who wouldn’t want to be the most glamorous vampire around? This monster makeup tutorial can help you transform your little one into Mavis of Hotel Transylvania 2.

Hotel Transylvania Mavis vampire costumes for kids

Image: otakutacostuf/Instagram

You will need:

  • Black bodycon dress with a turtleneck or black turtleneck top
  • Black short skirt
  • Black hand gloves
  • Black stockings or slacks
  • Red canvas shoes
  • Dark purple or black lipstick
  • Dark shade eyebrow pencil
  • Black eye shadow
  • Fake fangs

How to:

  1. Pick up any good quality black bodycon dress with a turtleneck.
  2. Or, wear a black turtleneck top along with a short black skirt.
  3. Wear gloves in the shade of black to complement the look.
  4. Wear black slacks. You may go for red and black stripes as well.
  5. Pair it with red canvas shoes.
  6. Apply a dark purple or black lipstick.
  7. Using a dark brown or black eyebrow pencil, fill in the brows to heighten the look.
  8. Cover the eyelids from the crease to the lash using a black eye shadow (optional).
  9. Get some fake plastic fangs and voila, she is Mavis Dracula, isn’t she?
protip_icon Trivia
In the movie Hotel Transylvania, young Mavis is voiced by Selena Gomez’s younger sister, Victoria Gomez.

4. Vampire girl dress

This vampire dress for girls gives a perfect look to wreak havoc and hysteria at parties.

Girl vampire costume for kids

Image: IStock

You will need:

  • A red top
  • Black jacket
  • Skirt (long or short)
  • Black tights
  • Cape collar
  • Brown and red eye shadows
  • Red or purple lipstick
  • Fake fangs

How to:

  1. Pair a red top with a black jacket.
  2. Wear a skirt, long or short, with black or red patterns.
  3. Wear black tights and dark-colored boots.
  4. Put on a vampire cape collar for a heightened look.
  5. Tie the hair up into a high bun.
  6. You may also keep it open and create a tease in the hair.
  7. For the eyes, use a brown eye shadow. Apply red eye shadow on the crease.
  8. Dab some deep red or purple lipstick.
  9. Put the fake teeth to finish the look.

Now that you have quite a few easy DIY ideas for vampire costumes, you are good to go. However, if you are running out of time, you can try some ready-to-wear costumes. Here are our favorites:

5. Vampire girl dress with wings

Here is a classic vampire dress for your girl for a perfect gothic look with wings

What we like about it:

  • This costume fits perfectly.
  • It comes with artificial wings of bats that attach to the neck and the fingers.
  • There is a charm pendant attached to the collar of the dress
  • The cape foam collar and bat wings give it a flawless vampire look.
  • The 1960s oversized bell sleeves make it a stunner.

Buy it here: www.amazon.com/Vampire girl dress with wings

6. Hooded robe vampire dress

Here is another classic costume for your girl playing the vampire with a hood.

What we like about it:

  • The bell-draped sleeves give an effortlessly glam vampire look.
  • The dress material is not as thin as it usually appears.
  • Therefore, this is durable.
  • The dress falls to the floor, so your girl can wear any shoes she wants.
  • The dress comes with a hooded robe, which nails the look.
  • Buy a wig, fake fangs and fake blood, apply some violent or deep maroon lipstick shade, and put thick eyeliner or black eye shadow to sum up your look.

Buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/Hooded robe vampire dress

7. Victorian vampire gown

Vampires had been in folklore for long, but it was in the Victorian era when they entered the popular culture via captivating novels like Lord Ruthven, The Burial and most importantly, The Dracula. Let your girl blend into a Victorian setting with this costume.

What we like about it:

  • It is made of 100 % polyester, making it easy to manage.
  • Includes an attached collar, so no need to worry about a cape.
  • The mini hat finishes the look.
  • You may pair it with a vampire child wig to create more drama.

Buy it here:  www.amazon.com/Victorian vampire gown

Have you, now, decided on the right vampire dress for your girl? Then, let’s see what your boy can do to get that perfect vampire look.

Vampire Costumes For Boys

What excites your boy? Dracula, Nosferatu, or The Walking Dead? With vampire books, comics, movies and more, your boy would surely be fascinated with the scary look. Check out our DIY ideas as well as the ready-to-wear costumes for young boys.

8. Simple DIY vampire costume

This vampire outfit for boys can be made from stuff available at home.

Simple DIY vampire costume for kids

Image: Instagram

You will need:

  • Old black pants
  • White or red shirt
  • Black cloth for the cloak and collar
  • Black shoes
  • White face paint
  • Black or red eye shadow
  • Brown eyebrow pencil
  • Fake teeth
  • Fake blood

How to:

  1. Bring out your son’s old black pants. Even if they are shabby, they’ll work to create a distressed look.
  2. Have him wear a white or red shirt.
  3. Use any old unused black cloth to make a classic cloak and a vampire collar.
  4. Let him wear a pair of black shoes.
  5. Paint his face completely in white except for the lips and eyes.
  6. Paint the eyes with a mixture of black and red eye shadows.
  7. Use a brown brow pencil to exaggerate his eyebrows.
  8. Add fake teeth and blood to finish the look.

9. The modern vampire

With the rising popularity of Twilight, boys love to dress and carry the look of Edward, or a casual vampire look. The look is easy to recreate. Moreover, it captures the essence of darkness without requiring any fancy elements.

The modern vampire costume for kids

Image: IStock

You will need:

  • Black or a dark blue shirt
  • Dark skinny jeans
  • Dark-colored coat
  • Pre-styled wig
  • Matte foundation
  • Brown eyebrow pencil
  • Red lipstick

How to:

  1. Go with black clothing, skinny dark jeans, and a black T-shirt.
  2. Choose a dark-colored jacket that is heavy.
  3. Use gel to make the hair a bit messy, or go for a pre-styled wig.
  4. Apply a pale foundation evenly to give him a pale look.
  5. Use a brown eyebrow pencil to highlight the eyebrows.
  6. Use a red lipstick and apply it lightly on the lips.

10. DIY Dracula costume

DIY Dracula costume for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Dracula is an all-time favorite vampire costume to wear for boys. Go with the traditional white makeup face and the draping cape of a Dracula.

You will need:

  • A white shirt
  • A vest
  • Black ribbon
  • Pants
  • Black shoes
  • Hair styling gel
  • White cream makeup
  • Fake blood

How to:

  1. Wear a white shirt and pair it with a vest.
  2. For the vest, choose a color between red and black.
  3. Make a wide bow with white lace and pin it up on the shirt.
  4.  Pair it with dress pants and black covered shoes.
  5. Color the hair light brown and apply gel.
  6. Be creative in giving black and red shades on the face to make the kid look scary.
  7. Add some fake blood drops to drip from the corner of his lips.

Your scary little Dracula is ready to go!

11. DIY vampire pirate costume

Pirates form a major part of children’s fantasy world, thanks to their different depictions in movies and animated films. So a vampire pirate costume can be a perfect choice to delight your child.

You will need:

  • A white baggy-sleeved shirt
  • A loose black sleeveless jacket
  • Brown belt
  • Pants
  • Black shoes
  • Large hat
  • Boots or shoes
  • Spooky charms (skull and bones) and feathers
  • False hair (optional)
  • Vampire’s teeth
  • Hair styling gel
  • White cream makeup
  • Kohl
  • Red food color
  • Cardboard sword

How to:

  • Make your kid wear a white shirt and a sleeveless jacket over it.
  • You can either put the belt on the waist over the shirt and jacket or diagonally as a sash.
  • Pair it with dress pants and shoes or boots.
  • Fix the false long hair and make thin braids. Add beads to the braids if you wish
  • Glue some charms and feathers to the hat. Your child can either wear the hat or hold it as a prop.
  • Give them spooky makeup with white cream for the face and darkened eye area.
  • Add vampire teeth and put spots of red food color on them.
  • Stain the corner of your kid’s lips with red food color.
  • Hand him the cardboard sword, and your vampire pirate is ready to send shivers.

If DIYs are not your thing, or you are unfortunately late to gather all the materials, here are some of our chosen costumes to save you time without compromising on the look and fun.

12. Count Bloodfiend boys costume

This costume is the right one for your little vampire to strike the night.

What we like about it:

  • It has a grey ruffled shirt and a vest.
  • The necktie cravat brings sheer sophistication to the costume.
  • A Velcro chain clasp is attached to the red flowing cape.

To enhance the look:

  • Wear complete black or dark blue pants with it.
  • Pair the costume with black polished shoes.
  • Apply hair styling gel on his hair generously and ruffle the hair using your fingers to create a messy look.
  • Apply some orange or red eye shadow on his lower lashline.
  • You may also dab some red lipstick on his lips.
  • Additionally, add fake fangs and fake blood to finish the look.

Your bloodfiend stands right there!

Buy it here: www.amazon.com/Count Bloodfiend boys costume

13. Slain vampire costume

One good costume and makeup is what your boy needs to make the heads turn.

What we like about it:

  • The costume has a realistic stake on the chest, giving a scary appearance.
  • The master combination of the grey, white and black make it the perfect costume.
  • The long-sleeved velvet tunic is jagged at the ends.

To enhance the look:

  • Pair the costume with shiny black shoes.
  • Put black or red eye shadow on his lower lashline to evoke a smoky and spine-chilling look.
  • Apply hair gel generously and flick the hair back.
  • Dab purple lipstick on his lips and some fake blood dripping down.
  • Use fake teeth.

Buy the costume here: www.amazon.com/Slain vampire costume

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are vampire costumes for children so popular during Halloween?

Vampires are often regarded as mysterious, beautiful, and fashionable creatures. They look like humans but have superhuman strengths and powers. Their cool appearance and exceptional strength make them appealing to children who find them attractive and wish to look like them on Halloween.

2. What are some common elements of a vampire costume for children?

Black outfits, black shoes, red and black capes, fake fangs, and fake blood are common elements of a vampire costume.

3. What are some tips for selecting a comfortable and durable vampire costume for children?

Ensure the costume is cotton so your child feels comfortable wearing it for a long. Look for a not-too-long cape, or else people may step on it, which can hurt your child. The boots should fit your child perfectly, or they might trip on them.

4. How have vampire legends and myths evolved, and how are they represented in contemporary popular culture?

Earlier vampires were shown as ruthless, blood-thirsty monsters, wearing all black and a cape, who would prey on humans. With time, vampires have been glorified and romanticized. They have been depicted as bloodsucking but emphatic creatures capable of loving and caring for humans.

Infographic: Vampire Costumes For Children To Create A Horror Look

Whether your child is participating in a costume party or competition, or you’re looking for costume ideas for Halloween, a vampire look will perfectly fit all these events. Look through the infographic below for some vampire costume ideas for children. These costume ideas are taken from the classic characterization of vampires to those inspired by movies and cartoons.

Spooky Vampire Costume Ideas For Children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Choose one of these vampire costumes for kids depending on your child’s preference. You may opt for a Count Dracula and Hotel Transylvania-themed costume or a modern version as shown in the Twilight series. You can also DIY a vampire costume from a black dress. Make sure that the makeup is just right for your scary little vampire. These costumes will make your children stand out at a vampire-themed party. Your children will have great fun looking splendidly like the spooky, undead creatures they love. The trick-or-treat experience will get better with the looks.

Disclaimer: MomJunction may earn commission when products are purchased through affiliate links given in the article. However, this partnership does not influence the editorial content featuring in our list.

Key Pointers

  • Simple vampire costume requires black dress, deep red fabric, fake teeth, and black/purple lipstick.
  • Different types of vampire costumes available; select one that’s easy to make or buy.
  • Opt for popular vampire character’s costume if your child has a preference.
vampire costumes for kids_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Gear up for Halloween with simple yet spooky costumes! Transform into a vampire, ghost, or witch using these easy makeup and attire ideas. Get ready for a hauntingly fun night!

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