15 Top And Best Vampire Books For Teens in 2021

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Stephenie Meyer, the author of the “Twilight” series, reawakened the hunger for teenage vampire books. The hunger exacerbated with the introduction of “Vampire Diaries” and “Blue Bloods”. While these books were relatively clean, most new vampire books these days are gory, creepy and even sexually violent.

There is no denying that Bram Stoker’s creation, the vampire is one of the most compelling themes, but how can you select the age appropriate books for kids? Don’t fret! Just like always, Momjunction is here to help! And below, we have compiled a list of some appropriate teen vampire books for you, so keep reading!

Top 15 Vampire Books For Teens:

1. The Little Vampire:

The Little VampireBuy-Now

“The Little Vampire” is one of the most brilliant vampire books for teens. It follows the story of Tony, a 9-year-old horror story maniac. He can hardly believe his luck when Rudolf, a little vampire lands on his windowsill one night. Together, Tony and the little vampire indulge in a series of adventures. Tony visits Rudolph’s home, where he listens to chilling tales about the cemetery keeper. Rudolph even tells Tony how once he narrowly escaped the clutches of Dorothy, Rudolph’s aunt. The story reaches climax at a supper party when Tony invites Rudolph and his sister Anna to meet his parents. The story even has a generous dose of humor too!

2. Ten Creepy Monsters:

Ten Creepy MonstersBuy-Now

In “Ten Creepy Monsters”, the author takes a song and gives it a spooky makeover with familiar characters and a lovely twist at the end. In the book, a witch, a mummy, a werewolf, a ghost, a vampire and their other monster friends gather beneath a pine tree. But one by one, the crowd diminishes, leaving just one monster in the end. Can your kid guess that monster? The book is gruesome enough to work as a Halloween book, but without being too scary. Even mishaps occur in the book, but for laughs.

3. Vampirina Ballerina:

Vampirina BallerinaBuy-Now

To be a ballerina is no less than a challenge for little girls, and even more, when you happen to be a vampire. First and foremost, you have to find a class that meets at night. Then you have to figure out the form, which is not easy, as you cannot see yourself in the mirror. You even have to wear pink, which is not a very flattering color when you are undead. But the worst of all is stage fright. But Vampirina is a very confident vampire and works hard to achieve her goals with the support of her family.

4. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown:

The Coldest Girl in ColdtownBuy-Now

“The Coldest Girl in Coldtown,” a story of guilt, horror, rage and revenge is an ideal vampire book for tweens. One day, after an ordinary party, Tana wakes up to find herself in Coldtowns, surrounded by corpses. The only survivors are a mysterious boy with a terrible secret and her endearing ex-boyfriend. Shuddered, yet determined, Tana enters the race against time to save the trio by going to the wicked eart of Coldtown.

5. Team Human:

Team HumanBuy-Now

If your kid loves vampire romance, then here’s a thrilling book for them. “Team Human” is a spoof of the “Twilight Saga” and other vampire classic books. Mel, the protagonist, was horrified seeing Francis Duvarney, a gorgeous and arrogant vampire taking admission in her high school. Mel’s best friend falls for Francis instantly and is determined to be with him, even if it requires turning into a vampire. But Mel, determined that Francis is no good, braves the vampire district to search for evidence against him. There’s isn’t much violence or swearing in the book, so you can safely hand over the book to your kid.

6. Midwinter Blood:

Midwinter BloodBuy-Now

“Midwinter Blood” is a tale of sacrifice, horror, tenderness and beauty narrated through seven different time periods, starting from the ancient past to 2073. It’s told from the perspective of many people, from a painter and journalist to a Viking and vampire. All the seven stories take place on the Island of Blessed in Scandinavia where a mighty dragon grows. But what binds these stories together? Kids can find out only after reading the book. “Midwinter Blood” even won the American Library Association’s Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature.

7. Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising:

Alex Van Helsing Vampire RisingBuy-Now

“Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising” is an action-packed vampire story aimed at older kids. The story revolves around Alex and his experience at his boarding school. When two vampires attack his boarding school, Alex realizes that there is more to his family name than he ever thought. He even discovers that that underneath Lake Geneva lies a vampire University called Scholomance. When two innocents are kidnapped, it’s up to Alex to infiltrate the vampire University and rescue his friends. Much of the story veers into the traditional vampire storytelling and training of Alex to become a vampire.

8. Blood Diaries: Tale Of A 6th Grade Vampire:

Blood Diaries Tale Of A 6th Grade VampireBuy-Now

“Blood Diaries: Tale Of A 6th Grade Vampire,” by Marissa Moss is one of the most delightful vampire books of all time. The story is about Edgar, a young vampire who just like a typical 6th grader, wants to be the coolest kids in the kids and make loads of friends. The book trails Edgar’s emotional growth and his day-to-day trial. There is a bit mild gore in the book relate to food like blood pudding and raw liver sandwiches, but nothing that kids cannot handle.

9. Vampire Island:

Vampire IslandBuy-Now

The “Vampire Island” is a refreshing spin on the classic vampire tale. It’s about a group of middle school students, Lexie, Maddy and Hudson, who happen to be vampires. These vampires try to blend with the regular people of the city, but their traits keep complicating things. With all these challenges, will this group even be able to navigate the city? This vampire book is pretty tame and even shares a few good messages about the environment.

10. Demons of the Ocean: Vampirates, Book 1:

Demons of the Ocean Vampirates, Book 1Buy-Now

Connor and Grace, the twin brothers, grew up listening to their father’s shanty about the shop haunting the sea. But even in the wildest of dreams, they didn’t think that there was an underlying truth to the shanty. After the death of their dad, the twins get separated in the storm. Connor is rescued by a pirate ship, where he finds a place among the crewmates. But for Grace, there is a grave danger as he is saved by a mysterious ship of Vampirates. How will the brother find each other?

11. The Reformed Vampire Support Group:

The Reformed Vampire Support GroupBuy-Now

If your kid has not had enough of vampire books yet, then this book might demystify him. The vampires in the book have no super powers. And neither are the incredibly gorgeous and romantic. In this world, vampirism is a disease from which one can never recover. If the young vampires want to give up killing innocents, then they have to support a group and reform themselves. But Nina Harrison hates the Reformed Vampire Support Group meetings as nothing exciting happens there. Until one fine day, one of the group members is destroyed by a bullet.

12. 100 Facts Vampires:

100 Facts VampiresBuy-Now

“100 Facts Vampires” is the ultimate book for vampire maniacs. It has 100 fascinating facts about vampires, some fun activities and stunning images. And the illustrations will further support your kid’s understanding of the text.

13. Teddy Gyros: Kid Vampire Slayer: Book One: It Begins:

Teddy Gyros Kid Vampire Slayer Book One It BeginsBuy-Now

Teddy Gyros: Kid Vampire Slayer: Book One is one of the greatest literature books on vampires. The story is about Teddy Gyros, kid vampire slayer, who enters the town of Witowpitee only to find him surrounded by strange mysteries and evil forces that only he can defeat.

14. Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire:

Notes from a Totally Lame VampireBuy-Now

“Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire: Because the Undead Have Feelings Too!” is a witty vampire book by Tim Collins. It’s a story about Nigel, an average teenage boy who spends most of his time worrying about how to get a girlfriend and deal with acne. But things are slightly more complicated for him as he is a vampire. And when Nigel falls head over heels in love with Chloe, he spends all his time plotting ways to win her heart.

15. Bunnicula:


“Bunnicula” is an immensely popular book told from Harold’s (the dog) point of view. The book starts when Harold’s human family goes to watch the movie “Dracula” and Toby accidentally sits on a baby rabbit on his seat. The family takes the bunny home and names him Bunnicula. Chester, the smart cat of the family, notices something weird about the bunny. The rabbit had fangs, his body coloring looked like a cape, and he was nocturnal. Was it a vampire bunny? Before it’s too late, Chester and Harold have to find out the truth.

So these were our top 15 teen vampire books. What is your daughter’s favorite teen vampire book series? What teen books about vampires are the most popular in your city? Share with us by commenting below!

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