25 Most Beautiful Vintage Girl Names For Your Baby

25 Most Beautiful Vintage Girl Names For Your Baby

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In a time, when trendy names are dominating the playground, some parents still long for elegant and simple names of the past. And just like fashion, even baby names get recycled. Some of the most stylish names today were in vogue even a century ago.

So many vintage names have been refined, revived and restored to use that it may feel that the attic is empty. Not really! There are still many beautiful and meaningful baby names from the past waiting to be rediscovered. So if you are inclined towards vintage names for your little princess, then look no further! Below are 25 of the most beautiful Vintage baby girl names that are all set to make a comeback.

Vintage Girl Names With Great Meanings:

1. Alma:

This beautiful Victorian name has several lovely meanings, like ‘loving’ in Swedish, ‘apple’ in Persian and ‘good’ in Celtic.

2. Beatrice:

This Latin name, loved by authors like Dante and Shakespeare, has a lovely meaning ‘she who brings happiness’. Beatrice has a new lease on life, heading back up from top 1000 after dropping off this name in the 20th century.

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3. Cora:

Cora is probably the cutest and perfect name for your daughter. It reminds me of Lady Cora Grantham from the BBC drama “Downton Abbey”.

4. Adelaide:

Are you looking for a variation of Adeline or Adele, the most famous names of this year? Then you can consider Adelaide, which means noble. Adelaide was the name of the 19th-century British queen.

5. Delphine:

Delphine, a sleek and sophisticated name meaning ‘dolphin’ evokes images of the sea. It was first discovered in the fiction of Madame de Stael and Balzac and was recently seen in both “American Horror Story” and “Orphan Black.”

6. Agnes:

Agnes, a once-popular saint’s name meaning pure, fell out of favor in 1970 but is now ready for a comeback. You can attribute its popularity to Agnes from the movie “Despicable Me”.

7. Blanche:

Blanche is a sophisticated French name with a Victorian flair.

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8. Georgiana:

Georgiana is one of the most elaborate female forms of George. While Georgina and Georgia are equally beautiful, Georgiana has a certain ornate and romantic image. It was also the name Mr. Darcy’s sister in “Pride and Prejudice”.

9. Etta:

This short form of Henrietta given to over 600 baby girls in 1914 will make an excellent pick for your daughter. It’s currently experiencing a revival along with other four letter names – Ella, Emma, and Elsa. And it sounds jazzy too!

10. Marjorie:

Marjorie, a form of Margaret is an ideal name for the twinkle in your eye. The meaning of this name is ‘child of light’. This is one of the perfect and pretty vintage girl names.

11. Clara:

Clara, meaning ‘clear and bright’ evokes the sweetness and delicateness of the Victorian era.

12. Edith:

Edith was an incredibly popular name during the Victorian era. Even Edith experienced revival because of the BBC Drama “Downton Abbey.”

13. Millie:

Millie used to be a nickname for the dated names like Mildred and Millicent. It can also work as a nickname for modern Camille or Camilla.

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14. Dorothy:

We feel it’s time to give a nod to grandmother’s choice and pass on this name to the new generation. It did fall out of the top 1000 for a short time, but is now on the radar as a lovely name. Scarlett Johansson chose Dorothy as a middle name for her daughter.

15. Eleanor:

This stately name has been in and out of fashion since Queen Eleanor brought it to England from France in the 12th century. This straightforward name, combined with royal origins will strike the right notes with parents who want a name that combined style with substance.

16. Sadie:

If you wish to bestow a timeless name on your daughter, then cute and whimsical Sadie would be a solid pick. You can name your daughter Sara and call her Sadie as a nickname. This is one of the unique vintage baby girl names.

17. Annabelle:

This cute vintage girl name is seeing an upsurge along with the other ‘elle’ ending names. Even the spelling looks more appealing than the streamlined Annabel. Annabelle is stylish, saucy, lively and a tad upscale. The name was well used until the 20th century but took a long rest soon after. It resurfaced in 1995, and currently holds the 57th spot.

18. Caroline:

This elegant vintage name, meaning “free man” has held the place in Top 100 since 1994. The name came to England with King George II’s wife, Queen Caroline of Ansbach. Several notable people and literary figures have borne the name, Caroline. In the United States, Caroline was the name of the First Lady. Even Jane Austen named one of her less pleasant characters, Caroline in “Pride and Prejudice”.

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19. Helen:

Helen was a mythological character whose face launched a thousand ships during the Trojan War. The name Helen, meaning shining and bright lights seems pretty appropriate name for your daughter. It has also made a position in the Top 1000 chart after a slow and steady decline.

20. Penelope:

This classic Greek name has found some new fans in parents of baby girls. Celebs like Anna Chlumsky, Tina Fey, and Kourtney Kardashian selected Penelope for their baby girls.

21. Cordelia:

Cordelia, the name of King Lear’s loving daughter, is precisely the kind of old vintage baby girl name that most of the parents are seeking today. If you are dithering between Cora and Cordelia, then you can go for the latter and keep Cora as the pet name.

22. Winifred:

Winifred, meaning peacemaker, was the moniker of Winnie Mandela, the South-African anti-apartheid activist. Even a slew of characters from television shows was named Winifred. Plus, it comes with two adorable nicknames, Fred, and Winnie.

23. Petra:

Petro, a stone-related name and the Greek feminine version of Peter, is now being used in several Slavic countries. The name is also attached to some athletes and high profile models.

24. Hazel:

The name Hazel conjures up the image of a hazy, greenish-brown eyed girl. It entered the popularity list in the year 2000 and has jumped over 850 points. In addition to being a favorite with celebrities, Hazel is also a nature name, deriving from hazelnut tree.

25. Lydia:

It’s the Named after an area of Asia Minor, Lydia is one of the first place names. It was a favorite with the authors too! You’ll find this name in the novels of D.H. Lawrence and George Eliot.

What do you think about these vintage girl names? Don’t you think it’s time for old-fashioned and retro names to make a comeback? Share your views in the comment section.

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