200 Vrishabha Rashi Or Taurus Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Your search for Vrishabha Rashi names for boys and girls ends here. The Vrishabha or Vrish Rashi is closely related to Western astrology’s Taurus zodiac sign. It stands at the second number of the Vedic astrology’s zodiac signs. Represented by the animal bull, it is suggested that people born under Vrish Rashi should start their name with “b,” “V,” and “U” sounds.

Here are some of the best names from the Vrishabha Rashi that you may choose for your little one.

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100 Vrishabha Rashi Names For Boys With Meanings

1. Baala/Bala

The name Baala/Bala means “strength and vigor.” Baala also means “child.”

2. Badal

The name Badal has its origin from “Vardala,” a Sanskrit word which means water. The name Badal also means a “cloud.”

3. Badri

A name with a religious origin, Badri, means “a place sacred to Lord Vishnu.”

protip_icon Quick fact
Badri is also a baby girl name which means full moon.

4. Badrinath

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Badrinath, means “Lord of Mount Badri.”

5. Bagyaraj

The name Bagyaraj means “Lord or a king of luck and fortune.”

6. Baijnath

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Baijnath, means “Lord of creation.” Baijnath also means seeds.

7. Bakhtawar

A unique name, Bakhtawar, means “one who brings good luck and prosperity.” 

8. Bakul

Another name for Lord Shiva, Bakul, derives its name from “Bakula,” a flower with a sweet fragrance. Bakul also means “wise, patient, and alert.”

9. Balaaditya

The name Balaaditya means “the newly risen Sun.” Balaaditya also means “a young man.”

10. Balachandran

The name Balachandra means “young Moon” or the “crescent Moon.”

protip_icon Did you know?
P. Balachandran, an Indian actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, and playwright, is a notable name bearer. He wrote screenplays for various critically acclaimed films.

11. Balagopal/Balgopal

Balagopal or Balgopal is one of the names of Lord Krishna, especially used for Lord Krishna in his childhood days.

12. Balaj

A unique name, Balaj, means “born of strength.” Balaj also means “to shine or glitter.”

13. Balaji

A name of religious origin, Balaji, is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu.

14. Balraj

The name Balraj refers to “an emperor” or “a king.” The name Balraj also means “strong and powerful.”

15. Balaram

Balaram refers to the name of Lord Krishna’s elder brother.

16. Balaravi

A unique name for Vrishabha Rashi boys, Balaravi means “the morning Sun.” 

17. Balavant

The name Balavant means someone “strong and mighty.”

18. Balbir

The name Balbir means “courageous.” Balbir also means “one who is full of might.”

19. Ballabh

The name Ballabh means “a cowherd.” Ballabh also means someone “dear and beloved.”

20. Banaj

The name Banaj means “born of the forest or water.” Banaj also refers to the lotus flower.

21. Bandin

The name Bandin has an interesting meaning and refers to “a class of poets and scholars who sing songs of praise in the royal courts.” 

22. Baneet

The name Baneet means “to wish or desire for something.” Baneet also means “love.”

protip_icon Quick fact
In Hindi, the meaning of the name ‘Baneet’ is ‘polite.’

23. Bankimchandra

The name Bankimchandra means “crescent moon.” Bankimchandra was also the name of a famous Indian poet and novelist. 

24. Bansi

It is derived from the word “Bansuri” meaning the flute. 

25. Banshidhar

Another name for Lord Krishna, Banshidhar means, the “flute- bearer.” 

26. Banshik

The name Banshik means “the Lion.” Banshik also means “the Lord or king of the forest.”

27. Barun

The name Barun means“God of heaven, Earth, and the skies.” 

28. Basant

The name Basant means “the Spring” season. Basant also means “one who smiles often.”

29. Basil

The name Basil means “a ruler” or “a king.” Basil is also the name of herb often used in culinary dishes or for therapeutic purposes.

30. Basu

The name Basu means “wealthy” or “prosperous.” Basu also means “light” or “something precious.” 

31. Baswanth

The name Baswanth refers to “an individual protected or shielded by Lord Brahma.” 

32. Bavishya

The name Bavishya means “future.” 

33. Bhaskar

The name Bhaskar means “the Sun.” 

34. Bhoopathi

The name Bhoopathi means “the hero of stunts.” Bhoopathi also means “Lord of the Earth.” 

35. Bibhavasu

The name Bibhavasu refers to the radiant Sun or the fire. 

36. Bidyut

The name Bidyut means “brilliant.” Bidyut also means “a flash of lightning.” 

37. Bijesh

Another name for Lord Shiva, Bijesh, means “Lord of Victory.” 

38. Binayak

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Binayak, means “one who removes obstacles.” Binayak also means “a Guru or spiritual preceptor.” 

39. Binit

Another name for the planet Venus, Binit, means “wise and knowledgeable.” Binit also means “humble and modest.” 

40. Binodan

The name Binodan means “one who spreads joy, happiness, and love.”

41. Biraj

The name Biraj means “to know one’s self.” Biraj also means “born of the Moon.” 

42. Biranchi

Biranchi, Vrishabha rashi names for boys

Image: Shutterstock

A unique name for Vrishabha Rashi boys, Biranchi is one of the many names of Lord Brahma.

43. Bodh

A unique name, Bodh, means “enlightenment and awakening.” Bodh also means “wisdom and knowledge.” 

44. Brahmadutt

The name Brahmadutt means “someone or something that is dedicated/devoted to Lord Brahma.” 

45. Braj

The name Braj originates from “Vraja,” a Sanskrit word meaning “shelter for cattle.” The name Braj means “place of Lord Krishna.” 

46. Brihat

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Brihat means “mighty and powerful.” 

47. Buddhadeva

A name with a religious origin, Buddhadeva is “one of the many names of Lord Buddha.” 

48. Udant

The name Udant means “the correct or right message.” 

49. Udarathi

An epithet of Lord Vishnu, Udarathi, means “rising.” 

50. Uday

A unique name, Uday means a “Blue Lotus.” Uday also means “to rise.” 

51. Udayan

The name Udayan originates from the name of a ruler in Avanti. Udayan also means “to rise.” 

52. Udbhav

The name Udbhav means “the beginning or origin of something.” 

protip_icon Did you know?
The word ‘Udhbhav’ also refers to ‘issuing forth.’

53. Uddip

A unique name, Uddip, means “to give light.” 

54. Uddiran

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Uddiran means “the Lord who is higher than all beings.” 

55. Uddyam

The name Uddyam means “diligence and effort.” Uddyam also means “enterprise” or “preparation.” 

56. Udrek

A unique name, Udrek, means “passion.” Udrek also means “blossoming of a thought.” 

57. Uduraj

The name Uduraj means the “God or Lord of the Stars.” 

58. Ujas

The name Ujas refers to “the light just before dawn.” 

59. Ujjwal

The name Ujjwal means “something bright” or “illuminated.” 

60. Ullasit

The name Ullasit means “splendid and brilliant.” Ullasit also means “joyous.” 

61. Ulmuk

It is another name for Lord Indra and is also the name of Balrama’s son. 

62. Umaiyavan

A unique name, Umaiyavan, is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. 

63. Umal

The name Umal means “garland of rays.” 

64. Umang

The name Umang means “enthusiastic and zeal.” Umang also means “ambition, joy, and hope.” 

65. Umed

The name Umed means “wish or desire for something.” Umed also means “trust.” 

66. Uninesh

The name Uninesh means “to progress or blossom.” 

67. Upanayik

A name with an interesting meaning, Upanayik, means “a character next in importance to the hero.” 

68. Upanshu

The name Upanshu means “chanting of hymns or Mantras in a low tone.” 

69. Upjit

The name Upjit means “to acquire something by victory.” 

70. Urjit

The name Urjit refers to someone noble. Urjit also means “one who possesses great strength or might.” 

71. Ushik

A unique name Ushik, means “one who rises early” or a “dawn worshipper.” 

72. Vadish

A unique name with an interesting meaning, Vadish, means “Lord of the body.” 

73. Vaibhav

The name Vaibhav means “wealth and riches.” Vaibhav also means “power.” 

74. Vaibodh

The name Vaibodh means “wise and intelligent. 

75. Vaidesh

The name Vaidesh means “a part of sacred knowledge.” 

76. Vaidhik

The name Vaidhik refers to an individual who has “knowledge of the Vedas.” Vaidhik also means “enlightenment.” 

77. Vairag

The name Vairag refers to an individual who is “free from all kinds of attachments and desire.” 

78. Vairaj

The name Vairaj means “spiritual glory.” 

79. Vaishant

The name Vaishant means “the quiet and shining star.” 

80. Vaishik

The name Vaishik refers to someone “that belongs to or is a part of this world.” 

81. Vajra

The name Vajra means “thunderbolt.” Vajra also means someone “firm and powerful.” Vajra also means “diamond.” 

82. Vajrin

Vajrin means 'wielding the thunderbolt'

Image: Shutterstock

Another name for Lord Indra, Vajrin means “wielding the thunderbolt.” 

83. Vakshu

Vakshu also means something “refreshing and rejuvenating.” 

84. Vakul

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Vakul means “one who is wise and intelligent.” 

85. Valin

The name Valin has a Sanskrit origin, meaning “courage.” 

86. Vanjul

A unique name, Vanjul refers to the Ashoka Tree. Vanjul also means “the beauty of the forest.” 

87. Vanij

Vanij is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. 

88. Vansh

A unique name,Vansh means “lineage” or “generations.” 

89. Varen

A name with a Sanskrit origin, Varen, means “superior.” 

90. Varshil

The name Varshil means “a good boy.” 

91. Vatsal

The name Vatsal means “loving, tender and affectionate.” 

92. Vatsin

Vatsin is another name for Lord Vishnu. 

93. Vayun

A unique name, Vayun, means “active, lively, and exuberant.” 

94. Veer

The name Veer means “brave and courageous” or “victorious.” 

95. Velan

Velan is one of the many names of Lord Murugan. 

96. Vidish

A unique name, Vidish means a river. 

97. Viransh

The name Viransh means “part of Mahavir Swami.” Viransh also means “strong.” 

98. Vivash

The name Vivash means “bright.” 

99. Vritant

The name Vritant means “narration of an event.” 

100. Vyaan

The name Vyaan means “air that circulates in the body.”

100 Vrishabha Rashi Names For Girls With Meanings

101. Baani/Bani

It isone of the many names of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning). Baani/Bani means “maiden.”

102. Babita

The name Babita means someone “polite,” “cordial,” or with “a pleasant behavior.” 

103. Badrika

A name with a Sanskrit origin, Badrika, refers to the “grove of Jujube trees,” or simply the “Jujube Fruit.”

104. Bahugandha

It means “excessive or surplus fragrance” or “exceptionally pleasant fragrance.” 

105. Baijayanti

A name with a religious origin, Baijayanti, means “garland of Lord Vishnu.” 

106. Bairavi/Bhairavi

Another name of Goddess Durga, Bairavi/Bhairavi, means “formidable.” Bairavi also refers to a Raag (melody) in Indian classical music.

107. Baishali

The name Baishali means “princess.” Baishali also refers to “an ancient city of India.” 

108. Baivavi

A unique name, Baivavi, means “wealth and fortune.” 

109. Bandana

The name Bandana means “to praise” or “salute.” Bandana also means “bright star.” 

110. Bandhavi

A unique name, Bandhavi, refers to someone who values relationships and loves her dear ones. 

111. Barkha

The name Barkha means “one who gives life.” Barkha also means “rain.” 

112. Barnali

The name Barnali refers to a “rainbow of colors.” 

113. Basabi

A unique name, Basabi, means “the divine night.” 

114. Basundhara

A name with a Sanskrit origin, Basundhara means “the Earth.” 

115. Bharani

The name Bharani means “a star.” 

116. Bhanumati

The name Bhanumati has its origin from a Sanskrit word “Bhanumat,” which means “beautiful like the Sun”. The name Bhanumati also means “shining like the Sun.” 

117. Bhargavi

Bhargavi is one of the many names of Goddess Parvati. Bhargavi means “pretty” or “beautiful.” 

118. Bilvani

Bilvani, Vrishabha rashi names for girls

Image: Shutterstock

A beautiful name with a religious origin, Bilvani is one of the many names of Goddess Saraswati. 

119. Bindhuja

The name Bindhuja refers to a highly knowledgeable person. 

120. Binita

The name Binita means “humble and obedient.” Binita also means “knowledge and wisdom.” 

121. Binodini

The name Binodini refers to a cheerful and jovial person. 

122. Bipasha

The name Bipasha means “limitless.” Bipasha is the ancient or earlier name for the river Beas. 

123. Bishakha

The name Bishakha refers to a constellation. Bishakha also means “a star.” 

124. Biswarupa

The name Biswarupa means “a beautiful and pretty woman.” 

125. Bithi

A unique name, Bithi means a “bunch of flowers.” 

126. Bodhita

The name Bodhita means “an enlightened person.” 

127. Brahmi

Another name for Goddess Saraswati, Brahmi, means “consort of Lord Brahma.” 

128. Brindha

A name with a religious origin, Brindha, means the “Holy Tulsi plant.” Brindha is also one of the many names of Goddess Radha. 

129. Brithi

The name Brithi means “strength and power.” 

130. Bruthika

A beautiful and unique name for Vrishabha Rashi Girls, Bruthika, means “baseline.” 

131. Bulbul

The name Bulbul refers to a bird of the same name. Bulbul also means “to love.” 

132. Ucchal

The name Ucchal means “perception.” 

133. Udantika

A unique name, Udantika, means “to be satisfied.” 

134. Udbhavi

The name Udbhavi means “to rise with glory.” Udbhavi also means “to create.” 

135. Udichi

The name Udichi means “one who grows with prosperity.” 

136. Udisha

A beautiful name, Udisha, means “the first rays of the new dawn.” 

137. Udyati

The name Udyati means “to be thrilled” or “elated.” 

138. Ujayati

The name Ujayati means “to conquer.” 

139. Ujwala

The name Ujwala means “lustrous.” Ujwals also means “something bright.” 

140. Ulka

A unique name, Ulka, means a “meteor/meteorite.” Ulka also means “lamp” or “fire.” 

141. Uma

Another name for Goddess Parvati, Uma, means “eternal knowledge.” Uma also means “fame”, “tranquility,” or “splendor.” 

142. Umika

It originatesfrom the word Uma, Umika, is one of the many names of Goddess Parvati. 

143. Unnya

A unique name, Unnya, means “night.” Unnya also means “wavy.” 

144. Upasana

The name Upasana means “devotion” or “worship.” Upasana also means “veneration.” 

145. Urishita

The name Urishita means “firm.” 

146. Urjita

The name Urjita means “strong and powerful.” Urjita also means “energized.” 

147. Urmi

A beautiful and unique name, Urmi, means “wave.”

148. Urmimala

The nameUrmimala means “garland of waves.” 

149. Urvija

Urvija means 'the Earth'

Image: IStock

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Urvija, means “the Earth.” 

150. Ushakiran

A beautiful name, Ushakiran means “rays of the Morning Sun.” 

151. Ushra

A unique name, Ushra refers to the first light in the morning or dawn. Ushra also means “the Earth.” 

152. Utpalini

The name Utpalaini means “a lotus pond.” 

153. Utkashana

The name Utkashana means “to command.” 

154. Utsa

A beautiful name, Utsa refers to the Spring season. 

155. Utsavi

The name Utsavi means “functions and festivities.” 

156. Uttara

The name Uttara refers to the northern direction. Uttara also means “higher and better.” 

157. Uttarika

The name Uttarika means “to deliver.” Uttarika also means “crossing river.” 

158. Vaanya/Vanya

According to Hindu mythology, Vaanya/Vanya means “female deity or Goddess of forests.” Vanya also means the “gift of God.” 

159. Vaarini

The name Vaarini means “one who prevents.” 

160. Vaasaki

The name Vaasaki has a religious origin, referring to one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi.

161. Vaatika

A unique name, Vaatika means “garden.” 

162. Vachi

The name Vachi means “sweet, nectar-like speech.” 

163. Vachya

One of the many names of Goddess Sita, Vachya means to be expressive. 

164. Vadhana

The name Vadhana means “a bright star.” 

165. Vagishwari

Vagishwari is the name of a Raag (melody) in Indian classical music. Vagishwari is also one of the many names of Goddess Saraswati. 

166. Vaibhavi

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Vaibhavi, means “a rich and wealthy person.” 

167. Vaidarbhi

Vaidarbhi is another name of Rukhmini, a princess who was Lord Krishna’s wife. 

168. Vaidehi

A beautiful name, Vaidehi, has a religious origin and refers to one of the many names of Goddess Sita. 

169. Vaiga

Vaiga is another name of Goddess Parvati and also the name of a river. 

170. Vainavi

The name Vainavi means “gold.” 

171. Vaishakha

The name Vaishakha means a “lioness.” Vaishakha also refers to a season. 

172. Vaishnavi

The name Vaishnavi refers to a devotee or a worshipper of Lord Vishnu. 

173. Vaiyushi

The name Vaiyushi means “a respected person who is loved by everyone.” 

174. Vakini

The name Vakini means “one who recites.” 

175. Vakshana

The name Vakshana means “river bed.” Vakshana also means “flame” or “nourishing.” 

176. Vakula

The name Vakula means “a flower.” Vakula also means “wise and attentive.” 

177. Vallari

Another name for Goddess Parvati, Vallari, means “cluster of blooms.” 

178. Vamakshi

The name Vamakshi means “one with beautiful eyes.” 

179. Vamika

Vamika, Vrishabha rashi names girls

Image: IStock

A name with a religious origin, Vamika, is an epithet of Goddess Durga. 

180. Vamshitha

The name Vamshitha means “a flute.” 

181. Vanaja

The name Vanaja means “natural.” Vanaja also means “a forest girl.” 

182. Vanhishikha

The name Vanhishikha means “a flame.” 

183. Vanika

The name Vanika means “one who is eloquent in speech.” 

184. Vanishka

A beautiful name, Vanishka, means “one who is the queen of the Universe.” 

185. Vansha

The name Vansha means “cane” or “bamboo.” 

186. Vapra

A unique name, Vapra means “garden bed.” 

187. Varali

The name Varali means “the Moon.” 

188. Varashni

A unique name, Varashni, means “Goddess of Rain.” 

189. Vardhana

The name Vardhana means “one who bestows prosperity.” 

190. Vardhita

The name Vardhita means “to increase.” Vardhita also means “to develop.” 

191. Varnisha

A unique name, Varnisha, refers to the “beautiful night.” 

192. Varunavi

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Varunavi, means “water-born.” 

193. Varya

The name Varya refers to someone illustrious. Varya also means “treasure” or “valuable.” 

194. Vasantika

A unique name, Vasantika means “Goddess of Spring.” 

195. Vasudha/Vasuda

The name Vasudha/Vasuda means “the Earth.” 

196. Vasushri

The name Vasushri means “bestowed with wealth and riches.” 

197. Vedanshi

The name Vedanshi means a “part of the Vedas.” 

198. Vedanti

The name Vedanti means “one with a sound knowledge of the Vedas.” 

199. Veditha

The name Veditha means “an offering made to God.” Veditha also means “dedicated to service.” 

200. Vena

Vena refers to a musical instrument. Vena also means “desire.”

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ruling planet for Vrishabha Rashi?

According to astrology, Venus is the ruling planet for Vrishabha Rashi.

2. Can I choose a name for my child based on my personal preference, even if it doesn’t necessarily align with their Rashi?

To bring luck into a child’s life, astrologers suggest specific alphabets based on their zodiac sign. However, choosing a child’s name based on their sign does not ensure life-long success or luck. So don’t stress over naming your child after their astrological sign. As long as you like the name and its significance, it is perfectly acceptable to use a different letter or name.

If your baby is due towards the end of April or the first few weeks of May, yours is a Vrishabha Rashi baby. Parents may sometimes wish to name their baby after their zodiac sign, so this list of Vrishabha Rashi names for boys and girls can help you pick one for your Taurus baby. Being under this Rashi, your baby is likely to grow into a passionate, loving, and affectionate person. So go ahead and choose one from the above list that will best fit their personality.

Infographic: Vrishabha Rashi Or Taurus Baby Names

In Vedic astrology, it is considered lucky to use specific letters to name a child based on their zodiac sign. For instance, Taurus or Vrishabha rashi babies should have names starting with B’, ‘U’, or ‘V.’ If you are looking for names that start with these alphabets, your search ends here. In the following infographic, we bring suitable names for babies belonging to the Taurus zodiac. Read on and explore your options.

meaningful names for taurus babies (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • The Vrishabha Rashi corresponds to the second sign in Western astrology, that is, the Taurus zodiac sign.
  • The symbol of the Rashi is an animal bull, and the ruling planet is Venus.
  • The names of people born with Vrishabha Rashi mus usually start with the letters U, V, and B.
  • Names such as Viransh, meaning ‘strong,’ Utpalini, representing ‘a lotus pond,’ and Balbir, suggesting ‘courageous,’ are some great choices.
Vrishabha rashi names for boys and girls_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

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