Warts In Toddlers - Causes, Types & Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Warts In Toddlers

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Do you wonder why your toddler has warts? Are you worried about wart growth on your toddler’s body? If yes then continue to read the article below to know more about warts in toddlers and how to treat them.

About Warts:

Warts are made of skin that hardens over time. Warts can be of different sizes and shapes. Both adults and toddlers can get warts but teenagers are more likely to get warts than small children. They pose no health hazard as such but their appearance can be bothersome to those who get it.

Causes Of Warts In Toddlers:

The human papillomavirus (HPV) causes warts on human skins. The virus can enter the body through cuts on the skin. When this virus inhabits the body, it causes cells on the skin layers to grow rapidly. The process can also take a long time and the wart may form gradually over a few months (1).

Toddlers or even older children can pick the HPV from direct contact from an infectious person. The infection can also occur if they touch an infected object or surface.

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Types Of Warts:

Warts can be of many types. Palmer warts appear on the palms. Planter warts appear on the feet, especially soles. Flat warts usually appear on the face. They are small and grow in large numbers. Filiform warts are more unsightly than other warts as they protrude out. The warts mostly found on hands and fingers are called common warts (2).

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Wart Treatment For Toddlers:

Warts can usually disappear after a while without any treatment. But they can also recur even if they you remove them surgically. There is no permanent cure for warts. But toddlers can feel embarrassed by warts especially if they are visible on their skin. Warts can also be uncomfortable if they are on the soles of the feet.

There are a few over-the-counter (OTC) treatments available for toddler wart removal. In some cases, the doctor may even prescribe medicines or other treatments. Surgery for warts is also common. But doctors are not likely to perform them on toddlers. Here are some treatments for warts commonly in use. But only follow the course of treatment if it the doctor prescribes it. Or else you may end up scarring your toddler’s skin permanently or cause them more harm than good.

  1. Salicylic acid pads or solutions can remove the warts in majority of cases. The process may take weeks to show results. After the application of salicylic acid, you may need to clear the area of dead skin cells using a pumice stone (3).
  1. Use of propane solutions is another common treatment for warts.
  1. Ointment or other medicines that you need to apply on the warts until they disappear.

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Minimizing the Risk of HPV Infection And Warts:

Toddlers with a weak immune system are more susceptible to warts. But all toddlers are prone to HPV infections and here are some steps to take to lower their risk of getting warts.

  1. Toddlers who bite their fingernails leave the area open to infections due to the cuts. Help your child to stop chewing on their nails or fingers through positive reinforcements and daily encouragement.
  1. Keep a separate towel for your toddler. Don’t let him share his towel with others and vice versa. This may usually happen when toddlers are at public swimming pools or shower areas.
  1. Toddlers who wear flip-flops when in public places such as showers and pools can minimize their chances of infection.

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With kids (and adults too) there is no way to keep the HPV infection completely at bay. It can occur at any time to anyone. But toddler warts are usually harmless and painless. So they are not always a cause of worry. Consult a doctor if your toddler has any wart growth on his skin and follow the course of treatment he suggests.

Do your toddlers have warts? How do you deal with warts on toddlers skin? Please share your experience with us.

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