23 Best Water & Amusement Parks In Delhi To Visit With Your Kids

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Delhi, is one of the largest cities in India. There are places of historic and cultural importance in almost every nook and corner. But along with such places, the nation’s capital also boasts of many amusement parks where you can let your hair down and have loads of fun with your kids. These gigantic amusement parks found in most parts of the city, provide salvation from the grind and the hustle and bustle of the hectic metropolitan life. So close your eyes, grit your teeth, hold on to your seatbelt and check out the 23 of the best amusement parks in Delhi and NCR.

Top 15 Amusement Parks In Delhi For Kids:

Here is the low down on the top 15 amusement parks in Delhi, in no particular order:

1. Adventure Island:

If your kid is in the mood for some fun and adventure, then head straight to Adventure Island, an amusement park housed within a mall. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Adventure Island is the Indian avatar of the Disneyland. Spread over 62 acres, Adventure Island boasts of 25 different types of rides, designed specially by a Toronto-based architect. The highlights of the park are Merry-go-Round, Demolition Derby and Freefall Ride. MAD Theatre, H2O zone and HQ fill the park with extra interest. But the biggest draw of the amusement park is the bumper boats, which replicates the experience of bumper cars on the lake.

We’d even suggest you to try the Flip Flop rides and SideWinder, the one-of-a-kind rides in India. SideWinder is a giant boat that rotates 360 degrees with every swing while Flip Flop ride takes five 360-degree rotations before coming down.

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2. Entertainment City (E-City):

This is the latest and the largest of all the amusement parks in the entire NCR. The E-City is a one-stop family recreation center, complete with a 150-store retail arcade and a 5-star hotel. The amusement park is divided into 3 zones- Kids, Teens and Family, with each area having its unique attractions and food court.

The Teen Zone is all about foot tapping music. You will get a concert like an ambience, featuring fancy lighting, large stages and state-of-art equipment. The Family Zone hosts major global fests, and the Kids Zone is filled with enjoyable activities and games for the entertainment of children.

The USP of this amusement park lies in its rides. The 30 exciting rides in the amusement park were imported from the makers of rides at Six Flags, Universal Studios and Disneyland. The Looping Roller Coaster is hands down the star ride of this amusement park.

Besides the amusement park, the park also houses 6-screen multiplex cinema, fine dining options and indoor entertainment zone.

A visit to the E-City would be incomplete without taking a dip in the Calypso Bay, the water park. This best water park in delhi offers thrilling waterslides, a wave pool that creates 1.5 meters high waves and a man-made river.

3. Just Chill:

Just Chill is the newest addition to the list of amusement parks in Delhi. The attractions include Rainbow Godzilla, Katrina Twist, Surfer Paradise, and Romeo Juliet. Kids can even play adventure games like Balance Walking, Tunnel Crawl, Spider Web, Command and Paintball, which live up to their snazzy names. The insane Black Thrill will take you and your kid on an adrenaline-surging journey through an enclosed tube.

The amusement park also houses a resort in the compound. So you can consider spending a weekend with kids here.

4. Appu Ghar:

Being the first amusement park in the country, everyone has something special to recall from Appu Ghar, whether it’s the thrilling rides or the cherubic mascot. And even after 23 years, Appu Ghar is a favorite hotspot of Delhiites. In fact, this best amusement park in Delhi is getting better and better over the years.

Oyster, the water park in Delhi launched in 1998 is still the coolest hangout zone in the town. This highlight of this water park is the Magic River and the tiny over bridges. The Jacuzzi on the river breaks the idle current, carrying visitors from point to point. Oyster even holds dance festivals throughout the year.

5. Delhi Rides:

Whether you want to celebrate your child’s birthday or need a break from your hectic lifestyle, Delhi Rides would make a perfect getaway option for you. The place is full of wonders for both kids and adults alike. Want to get a view of the park and its highlights? Then chug along the Family Train, which will take you on a journey through the amusement park.

Ranger, a ride inspired by the swing of the pendulum will appeal to the little thrill junkies in your house. Bumper Car will be truckloads of fun for the kids, in particular for the bad drivers. In fact, it is mandatory to be a bad driver for maximum laughs and fun. There’s also a 6D Theatre that will let the kids take a realistic ride into a thrilling and exciting theatrical production.

Tiny Tots will have a whale of a time at the Kids Zone. The zone has a number of games and cute rides that will keep your munchkin engaged for hours on end.

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6. Amoeba:

Amoeba, the digital paradise located in Gurgaon’s Metropolitan Mall, is the final word in the world of digital gaming. It gets almost everyone, from tweens and teens to adults furiously keying into the addictive consoles before them. The thrilling simulator games are a massive draw here. Gamers sitting on the edge of their seats, steering through the racing tracks or fighting planes are common sights here.

There’s also a bowling alley for calmer souls. If the four-lane alley is full, then your kids can indulge in a session of air hockey. Kids will even get redeemable coupons, which ensure that they will walk away with a gift for every game they play.

You can even host a birthday bash for your kid in Amoeba. The game parlor will take care of everything, from invites to catering and even return gifts.

7. 32nd Milestone:

32nd Milestone has everything that kids of today’s generation look for in an amusement park. It has bull riding, bungee jumping, bowling, discotheque, go karting and many more attractions that intensify its cool quotient.

While karting along the well-laid out tracks is the highlight of this amusement park, the bull ride is something that you must not miss. The remote operated bull spins, jumps and rotates in all directions. There are also loads of video games to keep the kids entertained. These attractions are no doubt cool, but the specialty restaurant takes the cake here. The Caravan Serai offering Mughlai and Indian cuisine, the Sizzler Corn, the House of Bamboo, a Chinese joint and the Café Road House are a foodie’s delight.

32nd Milestone is popular with the partygoers too. The Fireball earned the distinction of the world’s biggest party way back in 1999.

32nd Milestone also offers 3-star accommodation facilities like salon and banquet halls. And there’s a dedicated gaming parlor too.

8. Future Bowl:

A game of pool, air hockey, some racing, and bumper cars- fun won’t come to an end at the Future Bowl, the gaming alleys at the Essex Farms. There is so much to do in this alley; that won’t feel even a minute of boredom.

And it’s quite affordable too, with Summer Happy Hours offering all day gaming at just Rs. 150. So even you can join in the fun with your little one.

9. Kingdom Of Dreams:

If delectable food and splendid shows are what your kid is looking for, then Kingdom of Dreams would make an ideal pick. Renowned as India’s first entertainment and leisure destination, this theme park in Delhi offers the best that India offers. The street dances, mythological shows and crafts will give you the ultimate Indian experience.

Zangoora and Jhumroo shows staged at the Nautanki Mahal are India’s answer to Broadway. And the “Cultural Gully” highlights the potpourri of Indian culture with its live art gallery and themed restaurants. The Kingdom of Dreams certainly deserves a visit.

10. Aapno Ghar:

One of the earliest amusement parks in Delhi, and perhaps one of the most loved too, Aapno Ghar is a hot spot for everyone, be it 6 or 60. Situated in one of the most idyllic locations, the amusement park exists in perfect harmony with nature. The lush green landscapes, the rumbling fountains and the mildness of sun rays increase the charm of this amusement park.

Aapno Ghar provides multiple entertainment attractions for children of all age groups. The classic rides like Caterpillar, Baby Train, Jet Plane and Monocycles will delight the kiddos. The video game parlor is another unmissable attraction here. And the tasty food served on the premises is an excellent way to unwind after a day filled with rides. You can even attend puppet shows and musical stage performances here.

To add to its service, Aapno Ghar also offers 42 spacious and well-appointed rooms with every facility to make your stay comfortable.

11. Jurasik Park Inn:

Jurasik Park Inn, a dinosaur-themed park in Delhi-NCR will thrill your kids to the core. You will be greeted with a magnanimous T-Rex standing at the entrance. Other 30 life-size dinosaurs as Velociraptor and Carnotaurus are found everywhere else in the park. These dinosaurs growl and move their heads throughout.

Apart from the dinosaurs, there are also 21 rides and six slides. The vertigo inducing rides of this park will leave you dizzy head, but still begging for more. The amusement cum Water Park also provides accommodation facilities and a zone for hosting events.

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12. Hangout:

Hangout is a jungle-themed entertainment center or amusement park aimed at young kids. At the heart of Hangout, you will find a flurry of amusement rides like Pirate Boat and Tea-Cup. The Kiddie Area of the park teems with rock climbing wall, virtual roller coasters and many more attractions.

The arcades and edutainment based skill games will let your little one’s imagination run wild. Kids will even love conversing with the monkey mascot here.

13. Scary House:

Do you want to take your little one on a date with ghosts and demons? Then head to the Scary House in Rajouri Garden. The dangling skeletons and eerie screams will keep the little ones on their toes throughout.

The out-of-the-world concepts used in this theme park are a result of brilliant animatronic, which use robotic props to scare the daylights of children. The visuals of half-dead creatures jumping at you will leave your kid gasping for breath.

14. Shikhar Adventure Park:

Shikhar Adventure Park, located 20 kilometers from Delhi is a camp set amidst the quiet and peaceful settings of Wazipur Village. This camp cum amusement park is the Adventure hub managed by a team of talented and experienced staff. The adventure park highlights different aspects of Indian village life through activities like pottery making, cane furniture making and tractor ride.

The programs are designed keeping the various age groups and interests of the guests in mind. So you and your kids are guaranteed to have a fun-filled day here.

Shikhar Adventure Park is also ideal for organizing educational trips, birthday parties, family events and picnics.

15. Skittle Bowling Arena:

Enjoy the challenging sport of bowling with your kid at Skittle Bowling Arena. The bowling arena offers four lanes of LED lit bowling alleys along with video games, air hockey and a lounge area. So grab the cue stick and play a game of pool with your teen.

The club offers provision for the tiny tots as well. The Kids Zone has several activities and gaming options for kids aged 10 to 12 years. And at Rs 50 per ride, it’s quite affordable too!

Top 8 Water Parks In Delhi For Kids:

Here is the low down on the best water parks in Delhi, in no particular order:

1. Splash:

Situated within the confines of natural beauty, Splash, a water and amusement park, will make a fun getaway for kids of all ages. It promises a fun time for children with its Wave Pools, stimulated rain dances and water slides.

Kiddies Pool is the most exciting zone for kids. The water is quite shallow there so you can safely let your kid take a dip in the pool. Mushroom Fall, Buddha Water Fall, Wave Pool, Swimming Pool and Striking Car 2 are the highlights of this amusement park, but rides like Columbus and Bumping Cars are equally fun.

Splash also pays utmost importance to the safety of its visitors. It gives first aid facilities and trained supervisors and lifeguards to ensure safe rides.

2. Fun ‘N’ Food Village:

Nestled in lush greenery, Fun ‘N’ Food Village has so much to offer that food would be the last thing that will come to your kid’s mind when he is here. Developed by Polo Amusement, Fun ‘N’ Food Village is a perfect getaway with loads of water games, food, rides and rain dance. Out of the 21 amusement rides, the Flying Carpet is a huge hit with kids.

The Village Club, the water park is another must visit zone here. It does not just boast of the longest water slide in the country, but also a high-velocity super slide and aqua shoot, world’s first slides to employ aerodynamics. The wave pool here will give your kid a feel that he is swimming in the seas.

The animal parades and open-air theaters add to the charm of this Desi village. Fun ‘N’ Food Village also encourages artisans by displaying their works on the premises. Besides, there are four food restaurants, a health club and a beauty salon.

3. World Of Wonder:

World of Wonder or WOW as it is fondly referred to is one of the most thrilling and sought after amusement parks in Delhi and NCR. This humungous park is divided into two zones, The Teen Zone and La Fiesta, which is basically the Family Zone. The Play Area has exhilarating rides for kids like Rocking Roller, Big Beat, Rip Curl and Rapid to name a few.

Besides the rides, WOW also offers an array of indoor and outdoor activities, boating being the most popular. Rain Dance and Go Karting are exciting new additions to this park. Performances by Charlie Monkey, Juggler, and the Bhangra Team are worth every penny. You can even host birthday parties, social gatherings and award functions here.

WOW also claims to adhere to globally accepted European Safety Standards, which is followed by the top amusement parks worldwide.

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4. Wet ‘N’ Wild:

Wet ‘N’ Wild, located in Gurgaon is the first water resort in the country. Away from the pollution and dust of the city, Wet ‘N’ Wild promises a refreshing holiday for you and your children. This famous water park has a baggage of exciting rides to offer to its visitors, Tornado and Pendulum being the most popular.

Wet ‘N’ Wild also offers facilities like spa, bowling alley, discotheque and restaurants. We’d suggest you to plan a 2-day trip to make the most of this theme park.

5. Fun Town:

Take a break from the hectic life and indulge yourself with your kids at Fun Town, one of the two water parks in the Delhi-NCR region. The slew of water and amusement rides will leave you and your kid replenished.

The amusement rides are a treat for the kids. Fun Cyclone, Multilane Black Tunnel, Rollercoaster and H2O Dance Floor are the hot favorites.

End the trip on a relishing note at any of the fast food stalls or multi-cuisine restaurant. Or you can even stay in one of 15 deluxe rooms for another frolicking day.

6. Drizzling Land:

Drizzling Land, an aquatic adventure park lying on the Delhi-Meerut Road, is all about food, fun and frolic. Here you and your kids can enjoy different hair-raising rides. Wave Pool, Revolving Tower, Disc Coaster and Wave Pool are some of the most enthralling rides for tweens and teens. The Kids Zone is also filled with some thrilling, adventurous rides. And the tunes played by the DJ will get you grooving.

Children will also love binging on the appetizing foods served in the poolside restaurant. The park has highly trained medical and security staff to help the visitors. This is one of the great theme parks in Delhi to visit.

7. Club Platinum Resort:

Club Platinum Resort, with an amusement and water park, a banquet hall and air-conditioned accommodation is one of a kind in its region. It is a perfect place to escape the city for a couple of days.

The Rain Dancer, Multi-Racer Slides and Magic Twist will entertain your child while the health clubs and restaurant will keep you and your spouse engaged. So let go of your inhibitions and enjoy yourself to the hilt.


FFUNMAX, located on the Faridabad Palwar Road is a complete family destination. This water-cum-amusement park offers thrilling rides like Frog Carousel, Frisbee, Break Dance, Sun and Moon, Tube Slide and many more. And it’s pocket-friendly too!Just a couple of hours at any of these venues, and your kid will walk out happily regaled and refreshed with adrenaline at the highest level.

Other Kid-Friendly Parks To Visit In Delhi:

And rounding up our list are two famous kid-friendly and best parks in Delhi that your kids will enjoy.

1. Children’s Park:

Children’s Park, located adjacent to India Gate, is one of the most scenic places in the city. This incredible 10-acre amusement park has numerous rides like see-saws and swings to keep the kids entertained. It also provides seating arrangement for visitors. But the park looks at its best in the evening when it is beautifully lit up. You must also take the kids for a floating swan ride on the boating lake. It’s located just near the park.

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2. Delhi’s Eye:

Built on the lines of the Singapore Flyer and London Eye, Delhi’s Eye is a 45-meter high giant Ferris wheel set atop an amusement park located in Kalindi Kunj. In fact, the same Dutch company that made the Singapore Flyer constructed Delhi’s Eye. The Ferris wheel comprises of 36 air-conditioned cabins that capture a panoramic view of the city. You and your tot will get to see the bird’s eye view iconic Qutub Minar, Baha’i Temple, Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb in a span of 20-minute. This is a wonderful fun park in Delhi.

Did we miss out your most favorite amusement park? If yes, then please tell us about it in the comment section below! We’ll be more than happy to include it in our list.

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