10 Simple Water Bottle Crafts For Kids

Water Bottle Crafts

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Keeping your little mischief-maker occupied can be quite a tough proposition. However, most kids always like to try new stuff, and if your little one goes all wide-eyed about making crafts, then you should consider looking for some craft based ideas to engage her.

One of the best parts about making crafts is that your kid will be able to use various household items, for instance, a water bottle. So, here we look at some water bottle crafts for preschoolers and school going kids:

10 Simple Water Bottle Crafts For Kids

1. I Spy Alphabet Bottle:

  • Ask your kid to first lay out some alphabet beads and see that all the letters of the alphabet are included.
  • Let your kid put the beads, some sequins and glitter in the bottle.
  • Fill half of the bottle with water and the rest with corn syrup and shake it.
  • Ask your kid to see how many letters they can spy through the sequins and glitter.

2. Water Bottle Vase:

  • Ask your kid to choose a shade for the vase. A metallic shade will look beautiful for the vase, as will a matte shade.
  • Your kid will have to spray paint the bottle and make sure that the entire surface is covered in paint. To give it more depth, ask your kid to cover it with a second coating of paint and let it dry.
  • Decorate using beautiful flowers.

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3. Water Bottle Table Organizer:

  • Ask your kid to collect some water bottles that they can use as the organizing holders.
  • Make a mark on each bottle to know the height you want for each.
  • Help your kid cut out the bottle as it can be a little tough to do. Now ask them to wrap the bottles in some colorful paper as per their choice and glue it in place. Let it dry.
  • Place the widest bottle in the center and glue the rest around.

4. Owl Art Piece:

  • Help your kid cut a water bottle at the mid-section. Keep the lower part to make the craft.
  • Ask your kid to paint the bottle black first. The bottom of the bottle will act as the head of the owl.
  • Now ask your kid to make big owl eyes using white, yellow and black paint. Your kid can use the yellow paint for the nose and then paint the lower half of the face in a cream of light yellow color.

5. Bird Feeder:

  • Help your kid make two holes on each side of the bottle, wide enough that a wooden or plastic spoon will pass through. The holes on one side should be at a little lower angle from the other one so that the spoon will form a tilt.
  • Insert two spoons through the holes in the base of both at one side and the ends on the other.
  • Fill the bottle with bird feed, close the lid and hang it outdoors.

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6. Hanging Flower Vase:

  • Help cut away the bottoms of the bottle and make sure the lids are tightly closed.
  • Make two holes at the sides and tie strings to make a loop.
  • Fill the bottle with water and add the flowers inside. Hang it up on a wall. Flower vase is one of the simple and yet easy to make crafts with water bottles for kids.

7. Wall Garden:

  • Add a slit on one side of each bottle to make an opening for the plants.
  • Fill up with soil and help your kid plant something inside. Keep the lids tightly closed.
  • Hang it on a wall. This is one of the amazing water bottle craft ideas for kids.

8. Jewelry Stand:

  • Cut the bottoms of the bottles for the craft. Ask your kid to use colored bottles, or use spray paint in a color of choice.
  • Use one bottom part as the base and loop the rest through a metal stand to make the cups. Old them in place with a nut at the bottom of each.

9. Bottle Cups:

  • Help cut off the bottles at the center and cover each with a fabric of choice.
  • Decorate the same with a ribbon.
  • Glue all the cups together on a thick cardboard and use as storage.

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10. Fairy Light Strings:

  • Cut the bottles in two parts. Ask your kid to paint them as per choice.
  • Punch a hole at the bottom of each bottle and string the fairy lights to make a pretty display.

Help your kid make these beautiful and simple crafts at home using empty water bottles. Moms, tell us a new idea or share your experience. Leave a comment below.

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