100 Sparkling Baby Boy And Girl Names That Mean Water

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One of the necessities for life on this planet is water. Although calm and serene, water can reform and conquer whatever is on its path. If this tenacity and strength are what you wish your child to possess, here are a few sparkling baby names that mean water. The following names from our list mostly indicate water, water bodies, or other life forms associated with water. Various languages have inspired them. With their classy and beautiful syntax, these names are ideal for those parents who want exotic and impactful names for their children. So, read on to find a cool and fashionable water-inspired name for your baby.

Popular Water Names For Girls

1. Anahita:

Anahita is a beautiful and underused Persian name, meaning ‘water or river goddess’.

2. Aqua:

Aqua is the Latin word for water, but people mostly associate it with a blue-green color. This aquatic name invokes a calming and soothing feeling. Aqua will surely make a unique name for your child.

3. Ara:

This short, sweet, and distinctive Arabic name, meaning ‘brings rain’, is anything but somber. The name can also be used as a nickname for Arabella.

Ara also means “ornament, decoration” and is a popular Muslim name.

4. Bayou:

If Bay is for boys, Bayou is for girls. Meaning ‘a small stream’, Bayou would make a sultry and charming name.

5. Cascade:

This beautiful, nature-inspired name evokes images of rushing waterfalls. And it’s also one of the most unique water inspired names, considering there’s just one famous bearer of this name – Cascade Brown, the English actress. You can even try its variant Cascadia.

6. Como:

Como, an Italian place name, stands for a lake. Imagine the calming water soothing you on a sunny evening! And it’s distinctive too.

7. Coral:

Coral isn’t just a beautiful color name. It’s also the word for underwater skeletal deposits that form reefs.

8. Cordelia:

Cordelia, meaning ‘daughter of the sea’, has style and substance, the perfect combination you might want in a baby girl name.

9. Darya:

If you want a water inspired name, but are looking for something more original than Aqua or Tallulah, Darya should be your pick. Darya is an Iranian baby name, meaning ‘sea’.

10. Delta:

The name Delta has a lazy, river like flowing feel, and a southern charm. Delta means ‘an area of land in which a river is divided into smaller rivers’.

11. Evian:

Yes, we know that Evian is a variation of Evan, but it’s also associated with a boutique brand of water. Evian means ‘the Lord is gracious’.

12. Firth:

Firth has to be one of the most unusual water inspired names. It’s the Scottish variation of Fjord and shares association with Colin Firth.

13. Fjord:

This Old Norse and Norwegian name refers to the passage in the sea. While it’s suitable for both the genders, we believe you should choose Ford for boys.

14. Guadalupe:

This popular Spanish name, meaning ‘river of black stones’, has been on the decline since the 90s. So it will make a unique name for your daughter.

15. Hali:

Hali, the Greek term for ‘sea’, would make an excellent alternative to the somewhat popular Halle. The pronunciation is similar, though.

16. Isla:

Isla, meaning ‘island’, is the name of a Scottish river, but people know it best as the name Sacha “Aladdin” Cohen’s wife, Isla Fisher.

17. Kai:

This beautiful unisex Hawaiian name, meaning ‘sea’, has made its way to the rest of the US and how! It is one of the top 200 most popular names in the Social Security Administration list.

18. Kendall:

Image: Shutterstock

If you’re a fan of Kendall Jenner, the American model and television personality, you can pick her first name for your daughter. Kendall means ‘valley of the River Kent’.

19. Kendra:

Kendra, the female version of the name Ken, is one of the fastest rising names in America. It means ‘clear water’.

20. Laguna:

If you’re a reality show lover, you’d know Laguna is the place we all met Lauren Conrad in “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”. The name translates into a body of water separated by a coral or reef.

21. Lake:

This evocative water name received well-deserved attention via Lake Bell. We feel it would make a refreshing middle name.

22. Loire:

This beautiful moniker with a lovely sound actually belongs to a French river. It sounds distinctive and captivating. The correct pronunciation of Loire is ‘low-Ahr’.

23. Lucerne:

Beautiful name Lucerne, meaning ‘light’, brings to mind the pristine and calm images of the Swiss lake and its surrounding mountain town.

24. Lynn:

Lynn, the short and sweet Irish name, meaning ‘lake’, arrived in the 1940s as a diminutive of Linda, but went on to become wildly popular as a first name.

25. Marella:

Stylish and sophisticated Marella is the Japanese version of Muriel and means ‘of the bright sea’.

26. Marilla:

Marilla, a Latin name, meaning ‘shining sea’, this name sounds stupendous, but is yet to catch on with American parents. So if you want a trendsetting name for your child, jump on to Marilla.

27. Marina:

Marina is one of the most famous names that mean water. It has a double reference too. First, it refers to marine, which means sea or ocean. Second, Marina is an area of water where the yachts and boats are kept.

28. Maris:

Maris, an utterly appealing name, meaning ‘of the sea’, is also one of the epithets of the Virgin Mary.

29. Marlowe:

It seems that all the variations of Marlowe, including Marlo and Marlow, are in the air, primarily because of its lush sound. The meaning of Marlow is ‘from the hill by the lake’.

30. Maya:

Maya is a perfect name for your little lady. It has an exotic and mystical image to it. Maya has two relevant references. In Hebrew, Maya means water. And to the Romans, Maya is an incarnation of the goddess of spring and Earth mother.

31. Meredith:

Soft and gentle sounding name Meredith has several meanings in different languages, and one of them is ‘seal lord’ in Welsh. For the nickname, you can pick Merry or Mary.

American actress Meredith Baxter and American singer-songwriter Meredith Brooks are popular bearers of this name.

32. Michal:

This Biblical name, meaning ‘brook’, is the name of the wife of King David and daughter of King Saul.

33. Mira:

Mira, a pure cross-cultural name, means ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’ in the Sanskrit language. Do not confuse it with Myra as it has an entirely different meaning (it means ‘wonder’).

34. Misty:

Misty is a take on mist, but has a delicate and feminine touch to it. If not for the first name, Misty can definitely be considered for a nickname. Misty means ‘tiny drops of water’. Its two famous bearers are athletes Misty May Treanor and Misty Copeland.

35. Monroe:

Mariah Carey has made Monroe trendy as a first name by giving it to her daughter. The meaning of Monroe is ‘mouth of the Roe River’.

36. Morgan:

Morgan, meaning ‘circling sea’, is originally a traditional Welsh male name, but is now used for girls more than boys. It made to the Social Security Administration in the year 2013 and hasn’t budged since.

37. Moselle:

The name Moselle, meaning ‘from the water’, in the Hebrew language has been gaining popularity with every passing year. It was one of the top 500 names in Social Security Administration list last year.

38. Muriel:

Image: iStock

Muriel, meaning ‘of the bright sea’, is also the name of the angel who governs and handles the month of June in Celtic mythology. Its literary cred is author Muriel Spark

39. Nerida:

Nerida is an exotic Greek name meaning ‘mermaid’ or ‘sea nymph’.

40. Nixie:

Just like Trixie and Dixie, even Nixie is the name of a water spirit. A nice update to Nicki, we say.

41. Noelani:

One of the most unique names on this list, Noelani means ‘mist of heaven’. We feel it’s a perfect pick for girls born in December.

42. Oceane:

Oceane, the feminine variation of Ocean, is one of the chicest names in France. This water God name relates to Greek Oceanus, the God of the sea.

43. Rain:

Don’t look so surprised. Rain is actually used as a name for girls.

44. Rainey:

Rainey, meaning ‘rain’, has an old-time and countryside feel to it, probably due to Ma Rainey, the “Mother of the Blues”.

45. Rialta:

Rialta, an Italian name, meaning ‘deep brook’, has a pleasant and antique feel to it.

46. Rio:

The name Rio stems from the Spanish and Portuguese word, meaning ‘river’. And it’s also the name of a Brazilian city. This is truly a cosmopolitan name.

47. Ripley:

This sweet, water-inspired name, ideal for both boys and girls, will remind the hearer of the rippling waves of the sea and ocean. This name was used by 29 boys and 97 girls last year.

48. Rosemary:

Rosemary, meaning ‘dew of the sea’, is the symbol for true lovers in Greek mythology. Romy is perfect for the nickname.

49. Sedna:

Sedna is a classic, lovely, and relatively unknown water themed name, belonging to the Inuit goddess of the sea.

50. Shannon:

This Irish name, now popular in the US, means ‘old, wise river’.

51. Shore:

Here is one of the alluring water related names for your baby. The name describes the land along the edge of the lake or shore.

52. Tahoe:

Tahoe, a Native American name, meaning ‘edge of the lake’, conjures the beauty of the gorgeous lake between Nevada and California.

53. Talise:

Talise is a beautiful name of Native American origin. The meaning of Talise is ‘lovely water’. Tali, meaning ‘dew’, will make the best nickname for Talise. Another popular variation of Talise is Tallis. So you have plenty of options in your kitty.

54. Tallulah:

Tallulah, the Anglicized version of Tuilelaith, is an Irish name meaning ‘leaping water’. Actor Tallulah Bankhead is the infamous bearer of this name. Another famous bearer of this name is Tallulah Belle, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis.

55. Waverly:

Image: iStock

Waverly is an easy breezy name with a lovely flow. This English surname, with smooth and laid back sound means ‘meadow of quivering aspen’ .

56. Zambezi:

If you want a truly exotic and zesty name for your little one, Zambezi is the one for you. It’s the name of the fourth longest river in Africa.

57. Zarya:

In the Slavic mythology, Zarya is the name of the water priestess and the protector of warriors.

Popular Water Names For Boys

58. Adrian:

The name Adrian, harkening to the Adriatic Sea, is one of the most popular baby boy names in the US. Adrian is also one of the top 50 names in the Social Security Administration list.

Did you know?
Several Popes have adopted the name Adrian, including the only English Pope Nicholas Breakspeare, Adrian IV.

59. Arno:

Arno, meaning ‘flower water’, is the name of the main river in Florence, Italy. A nice alternative to Arnold.

60. Arroyo:

Arroyo translates to as a “deep gully cut by an intermittent stream” in the dictionary. So if you want a unique water inspired name, Arroyo can be given a thought.

61. Bay:

Bay, meaning a body of water enclosed by land, would make a unique name for your little one. It’s not entirely unheard of, as we’ve noticed Bay moving up the Social Security Administration charts.

62. Beck:

While Beckham is a favorite with English parents, it’s short form Beck means ‘stream’ in Old Norse language.

63. Bourne:

Bourne, meaning ‘one who lives near a stream’, in Middle English language, will make your child stand out from the crowd. And its association with Matt Damon will give it a cool quotient.

64. Brook:

Brook is another, relatively popular water inspired name for baby boys. If you want, you can add an ‘e’ to the end to make it cooler.

65. Calder:

Calder, a traditional English name meaning ‘rocky water’, will appeal to parents looking for trendy names related to water. Did you know that Calder is the highest trophy for hockey in Whales? Isn’t that cool!

66. Caspian:

This romantic sounding name brings to mind the large sea between Europe and Asia. Besides, C.S. Lewis also used this name for one of his characters in “Chronicles of Narnia”. Caspian is a place name.

67. Clifford:

Clifford, meaning ‘lives near the ford by the cliff’, also classifies as a water baby name.

68. Coburn:

This traditional Welsh name, meaning ‘rocky water’ or ‘stony river’, would make a cool first name for your son. Calder is also the highest trophy in the minor section in hockey.

69. Conway:

The name Conway has a spiritual feel to it as it means ‘holy water’ in Welsh. Also, the name is yet to break into the mainstream baby name list. So you must get this one while it is uncommon.

70. Cove:

If you want a smooth and underused water themed name, pick Cove, which means ‘a coastal inlet or a small bay’.

71. Danube:

If you’re okay with naming your son after the name of a river, you can pick Danube. Don’t you think it has a Viennese waltz feel to it?

72. Destan:

The French name Destan, meaning ‘by the still waters’, is traditionally used as a surname, but is delicate enough to be used as a first name too.

73. Douglas:

Image: iStock

This Scottish name Douglas, meaning ‘dark water’ has a romantic swag to it. It’s also attached to a Scottish clan known for their courage and strength.

74. Dover:

This moniker has plenty of references. It is Welsh for ‘water’ and is the name of a town in Massachusetts. Besides, Dover is a British seaport on the English Channel. The name has risen in popularity over the years, ranking 305 on the Social Security Administration’s list.

75. Dylan:

In the Welsh mythology, Dylan is the name of the sea God and means ‘son of the sea’. This name has been steadily popular now, considering it has been one of the top 50 names associated with water since the year 2013.

76. Ford:

This English name, meaning ‘river crossing’, is a robust and independent single syllable option for you to consider.

77. Harbor:

Harbor, meaning ‘a place on the coast where ships take shelter’, has an appealing image and an attractive sound.

78. Hudson:

Hudson, meaning ‘Hugh’s son’, is highly popular in New York, primarily because of the Hudson River.

79. Hurley:

Hurley is an old Irish name meaning ‘sea tide’. This is one of those water names for boys that has been gaining popularity off late. Hurley is famous as both a given name and surname. Elizabeth Hurley is its most famous bearer.

80. Irving:

Irving, meaning ‘green river or sea friend’ originated as a Scottish surname, but is now a popular choice for a first name.

81. Jordon:

Jordon, meaning ‘flowing down’, was initially given to children baptized in holy water from the Jordan river. But everyone is free to use it now.

82. Lincoln:

This admirable, two syllable name, meaning ‘town by the lake’, projects tall and upright President Lincoln.

83. Lir:

Lir, the name of the Irish god of the sea, is simple and has a deep meaning attached to it.

84. Llyr:

This lovely Welsh name, with an equally beautiful meaning, has high chances of crossing the border. It means ‘the sea’.

85. Marsh:

The soft and mellifluous name Marsh means ‘a low-lying land flooded at high tide or in wet seasons’. This happens to be a cooler alternative to Marshall.

86. Morrissey:

Steven Patrick Morrissey, the famous English songwriter and crooner, is solely responsible for bringing fame to this name. And with its meaning ‘choice of the sea’, this Irish name makes a perfect water name too.

87. Murphy:

Murphy, the English version of the Gaelic name Murchadh, means ‘sea warrior’. If you want, you can even consider Murchadh. At least you will be assured that your child’s name is not common.

88. Murray:

If you’re a “Bachelorette” fan, Murray is the name of one of the suitors of Andi Dorfman’s. This Irish name meaning ‘lord of the sea’, falls into the category of hot last names as surnames too.

89. Neptune:

Not one of the easiest names to carry, but we’re confident that your son will wear it with grace. Neptune is the God of freshwater in Roman mythology.

90. Nile:

Image: Shutterstock

Cool and serene name, the Nile would make a fresh choice for baby boys. It means ‘blue’, but the name refers to the famous Egyptian river, Nile.

91. Ocean:

This cool water name conjures images of beautiful blue waves of the magnanimous ocean. Even Ocean works for both genders but sounds better on boys.

92. Po:

If you want a short and sweet water inspired name for your son, pick Po, which is the name of the longest river in Italy.

93. Reef:

We think Reef will make a cool name for your son. It’s relatively uncommon too, as it was used by just 51 boys last year. Reef means a bar of sand or rock beneath the water.

94. River:

Straight and to-the-point name River, meaning ‘a stream of water’, is rising in popularity over the last few years.

95. Sailor:

This nautical name took a bit too long to take off but is doing pretty well now. Sailor is also a gender neutral name, considering it was used by Sailor Gene for her son and Liv Tyler for her boy.

96. Seaton:

If you’re cool with using last names as a first name, you can pick Seaton, which means ‘town by the sea’. Its namesake is George Seaton, the Oscar-winning writer, and director.

97. Thames:

If Jaime King could use the name Thames after the famous London river, then we believe you can, as well. Thames means ‘river’.

98. Trent:

The name Trent means ‘gushing water’ in Latin. It is also the name of a river in England. According to the Social Security Administration, Trent ranked 440 in 2014’s name list. So it is not a familiar name. Pick this name for your baby before it becomes commonplace.

99. Wade:

The name Wade has two water associations. Literally, it means ‘river crossing’. It’s also a term used for walking with some effort through the water. So it will make an ideal water inspired name for your tiny dude.

100. Zale:

With a name like Zale, meaning ‘power of the sea’ and ‘strong sea’, in the Greek language, your child will show some authority and fortitude right from the start.

All of the above water-inspired sparkling baby names will give your baby’s name a particular meaning, especially if they were born during the monsoon season or you have a special memory of water. You can choose from a myriad of options by understanding the meanings listed. Since naming a baby is a major decision as it will stay with them forever, take your time picking ‘the best name’ for your baby that appeals to you the most.

Infographic: Cute Baby Names Meaning Water

Water is one of the most crucial elements needed to keep life on Earth alive. Therefore, giving your baby a name that refers to water or something related could be a great option. Check out some cool and sparkling names with the meaning of water in the infographic below.

baby boy and girl names related to water [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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