7 Ways To Ease The Trauma Of Itching Breasts During Pregnancy

is breast itching a sign of pregnancy

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In a feminine framework, it is the breasts that nestles the pride of every women. But these hilly contours of feminine beauty could be subjected to itching and rashes eventually making it an uncomfortable and embarrassing affair.

But if you are on the fence wondering can itchy breasts be an early sign of pregnancy, then there is more that you need to know.

Breast Itching During Pregnancy – Causes

The occurrence of itchy breasts is infrequent in most women. The common causes of breast itching and nipple tenderness are:

  • Hormonal changes in prior or during regular menstrual cycle.
  • Sporting ill-fitting bras and clothing especially while exercising.
  • Sunburn and scratching the breast with long fingernails.
  • Application of scented perfumes and ointments on chest.
  • Skin disorders like dermatitis, chest acne, Paget’s disease (a rare form of cancer) et al.

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Can Itchy Breast Be A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy invites physical and hormonal changes to the body. Is itchy breast a sign of pregnancy? It is a phase when the body commences its preparation for the baby which would include preparing the breast for milk production.

  • Tender and itchy breasts, being one of those, are expected to start in a week’s time after implantation.
  • Thus the breasts undergo many changes eventually landing in itching and tenderness issues that would be slightly more intense that the ones experienced during normal menstrual cycle.

Since this issue could be a result of other medical causes as well, confirming the pregnancy through a simple pregnancy test would be advisable.

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Breast Itching During Early Pregnancy

Breast itching and nipple tenderness during pregnancy are an outcome of:

  • Various hormonal changes in the body which increase the blood supply in the breasts thus making it larger in size.
  • Formation of milk producing cells and milk ducts.
  • The accumulation of fat in breasts may also be a cause.


The usual symptoms for this ailment are:

  • Breasts become large and swollen and experience itchiness.
  • Nipples look large and dark and eventually become sore and sensitive.
  • Stretch marks would be visible and are accompanied by intense itching.
  • The size and shape of breasts, and the size of the rib cage as well, are bound to increase.
  • However there are few other symptoms as well, like:
  • Dark criss-crossing veins would be visible on the breasts.
  • A feeling of heaviness in the breast may also occur besides a throbbing pain.
  • A tingling sensation in the breasts would be felt during intercourse.

Besides the above symptoms, if cracked skin or open wounds have come to your notice, call your doctor and seek immediate medical attention.

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7 Ways To Ease The Trauma Of Itchy Breasts

Since it is a part and parcel of pregnancy, avoiding this ordeal completely would be next to impossible. However, there are quite a few things that could offer some respite.

1. Invest your money in comfortable and supportive bras. Cotton bras are the best option as it would allow your breasts to breathe. Avoid lace and other synthetic fabrics.

2. Try not to scratch the sensitive area too much. It could aggravate the itchiness and soreness.

3. Avoid hot showers and cease the usage of scented soaps or shower gels as these could make your skin dry and itchy. Use unscented and mild soaps instead.

4. Try using aloe gel or aloe based gel creams that are not greasy. This would prevent the tender skin of the nipples from sticking to your undergarments or clothes. Not doing this could make taking off your clothes a nightmare for you!

5. Apply an unscented moisturizer after bath or shower. Applying cocoa butter also provides immense relief.

6. You could also try putting ice for a while on the really itchy areas. This soothes the skin for a while, giving you some respite from the itchiness.

7. Stay away from the sun, as heat would amplify the itching.

If symptoms persist, see a doctor immediately. The doctor can prescribe the right kind of lotion for you to use to ease the irritation.

Clogged And Itchy Breasts

In some cases, formation of lumps and bumps could be witnessed.

  • This is due to the clogging of milk ducts in the breast.
  • These lumps would be tender to touch and could be reduced with warm compresses and massages.
  • A discussion with your doctor regarding the same would be advisable.

Breast tenderness and itching can be very discomforting. The pain mostly surfaces during a physical activity like exercising or even climbing stairs. Since its symptoms resembles other breast oriented issues, it is recommended to confirm the cause of this issue at once.

We hope you have been enlightened with the above commentary on can itchy breast be a sign of pregnancy. Please share your inputs and feedback regarding this subject in the section below.

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