10 Ways Of Dealing With Your Toddler's Anger

Toddler's Anger

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Does your toddler suddenly display fits of anger? Are you always struggling to pacify your toddler without much success? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post on anger management for toddlers is a good idea!

Rest assured, being angry is a natural and normal human reaction. If you find your toddler’s anger outbursts getting out of hand, it’s time to read up! Teaching your toddler the first few lessons of anger management can not only help reduce his distress but also help him learn to solve problems and cope with his emotions as he matures.

Why Does A Toddler Get Angry?

As your toddler grows up, he will be able to understand the environment around him better. He will also start understanding and noticing the difference between right and wrong. When your toddler is angry, he may be finding something hurting or incorrect. Your toddler’s fits of fury are a reaction to this unfairness. (1)

While anger is a normal emotion, it can be a challenge to tackle it tactfully while keeping your calm. Your toddler may turn aggressive or violent. He may resort to venting out his anger on others, which can get difficult to handle later if you do not check it now. To help your toddler control his anger, you have to help him channelize his energy and emotions better.

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What Are The Common Signs Of Anger In Toddlers?

Different toddlers may display their agitation and fury differently. As a parent, you have to watch out for various signs of displeasure that your toddler commonly shows. Reading these signs will help you prevent an outburst and calm your toddler in time. Depending on the situation and the intensity of your toddler’s emotion, here are a few common signs of toddler anger you can watch out for:

  • Your toddler will start clenching his fists.
  • He could look or stare at something, especially the object of his anger, and pout or make a face.
  • Your toddler may suddenly start speaking very fast, often not making sense.
  • There will be a range of emotions on your toddler’s face, like anger, sadness, scare or confusion.
  • Your toddler could suddenly hit out at someone or something or bite.
  • In some cases, your toddler can start hitting or biting himself, mostly on the hand.

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Anger Management For Toddlers – How To Calm An Angry Toddler?

Here are a few ways that will help pacify your furious toddler:

1. Be attentive towards your toddler’s mood and behavior as a regular practice. It will always help you spot the signs of anger early. You can help your toddler calm down before he gets too irked.

2. Sit down near your toddler and talk to him in a soothing tone.

3. If your toddler allows it, give him a warm hug. Some toddlers may not want to be hugged or touched at all when they are angry.

4. Sit down near your toddler and gently massage his back. Run your fingers softly along your toddler’s back and head.

5. Speak to your toddler softly while looking him in the eye.

6. Keep telling your toddler that ‘it is okay’ and ‘I love you’ in a soft voice. Keep repeating it.

7. Ask your baby why is angry. Ask him questions like ‘what do you want’ and ‘what happened’. It will help your toddler communicate better, and you will know what exactly is causing the outburst.

8. Try and distract your toddler with something he likes to do.

9. If your toddler lies down, gently massage his tummy and head. It will help him cool down and relax.

10. Give your toddler some easy finger foods to nibble. Sometimes, temper tantrums can be a result of hunger, even though your toddler may not realize it.

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It can be difficult to handle an angry toddler, especially if you are outside and amidst people. Make sure you keep your cool and do not resort to shouting or scolding. Listen to your toddler and let him vent out his feelings.

How do you help when your toddler anger outbursts? Do you try to soothe him or do you try to distract him? Do share your tips and advice on anger management in toddlers with other moms here.

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