5 Best Ways To Boost Your Energy During Pregnancy

Boost Your Energy During Pregnancy

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Are you yawning most of the times? Do you feel the need to lie down every two-three hours? Do you feel lethargic and you keep on blaming pregnancy or your hormonal changes? You were giving a presentation at office, but somehow you were not able to control your yawning. How embarrassed you were! How to get energy while pregnant must be your question.

Did you just felt, that those lines are just for you? Well then just read this post to know the reasons of fatigue and ways to fight it.

What Is Fatigue?

As per Wikipedia, fatigue is exhaustion, tiredness, a feeling of tiredness but not same as weakness (1).

What Causes Pregnancy Fatigue?

Fatigue which you might experience mostly in the first trimester, are due to an increase in the hormone progesterone, which induces sleep in you causing fatigue. You tend to yawn, you feel exhausted, and you feel like resting every two-three hours (2).It’s quite a natural thing in pregnancy and you shouldn’t worry about it. However, you can make yourself more fit and energetic with exercises, balanced nutritional diet and relaxation techniques.

Is Pregnancy Fatigue Seen In Each Trimester?

Mostly it is seen in the first trimester, but it could happen that fatigue still exists because of some or the other reason (3).

1. First Trimester:

As mentioned above, a rise in progesterone hormone could make you feel lethargic. Also, the increase in blood flow, which reduces blood pressure is also supposed to be contributing towards fatigue in the first trimester.

As the first trimester is onset of pregnancy, and you are still adjusting to mood swings, anxiety and stress that could also cause tiredness in you.

2. Second Trimester:

The second trimester is considered to be “happy time” for expectant mothers, as many of the first trimester a sign like morning sickness, nausea goes away. So you may feel more energetic and relaxed. However, if you are still experiencing fatigue, in the second trimester never mind. Go with the flow and don’t try to challenge yourself.

3. Third Trimester:

With the apprehensions and anxiety of newborn, this trimester attains its peak in terms of weight gaining and growing size. Lack of sleep, your increasing body weight make it hard to feel fresh, and you may experience some lack of energy in this trimester also.

What Could I Do To Be Energetic In Pregnancy?

We bring you some tips and tricks which you are adaptable and could fit into your daily routine, leaving your more fresh, energetic and charming(4)(5).

1. Sleep:

How to get energy when pregnant ? Sleep.So, yes you were feeling tired and exhausted, what could be the best solution to overcome it? Get some sound sleep and wake up fresh and glowing! If you are a homemaker and could get some afternoon nap, it could do wonders. But if you are working, try to get some power naps during lunch hours if possible. A quick nap would keep you fresh, and you might not yawn, in your next presentation.

At night try sleeping on your left side, this would prove to be advantageous. As later in pregnancy when your belly grows; sleeping on your back may not be possible. Also, expert says that sleeping on left keeps the baby away from liver, and it also improves circulation in the uterus, fetus, and the kidneys.

Don’t use any medication or external aids to get sleep. They may harm the baby and also they could cause more drowsiness in you.

2. Diet Plan: How to Get Energy While Pregnant ?

How to get more energy during pregnancy? By eating right.As a pregnant woman, you are supposed to eat the most nutritious diet, which would aid in the development of the baby. Each food item provides some energy packed dose which could help you in fighting fatigue. So always go for fresh fruits and vegetables’. Drink lots of water, experts recommend about 7-8 glass of water daily. In fact, dehydration leads to fatigue so make sure to stay hydrated.

Try eating food rich in vitamin C and Vitamin A like broccoli or lot of vitamin B6, which is easily available in bananas, chicken, and sweet potatoes. Vitamin B6 could help healing and boosts your immune system. Also, bananas are rich in serotonin may help you fight anxiety.

At nights, if due to leg cramps your sleep gets disturbed, try calcium rich food like dairy products to help you with leg cramps. It’s best to avoid alcohol, caffeine intake during pregnancy as they have a tendency to reduce sleep, making you feel drowsier.

3. Exercise:

As a machine gets rusted when not in use, same goes for our body. In spite of the fact that you are expecting, you still need to do some exercise [unless your doctor has specifically advised you for complete bed rest]. Exercises have many benefits – it makes you feel lively, your muscles get a pull, and you may get a relief from pregnancy aches and pain. Also, it improves flexibility which you may need during labor. Exercising is another way as to how to get energy during pregnancy.

A simple walk, cardio or yoga whatever you feel like and you are comfortable with you can perform and get the benefits. If you are a working woman and can’t find time, use your lunch hours to go for a 10-20 minutes’ walk. Or while you are at home, performing some yoga or stretches while watching TV could also be beneficial, and you may see a change in a week’s time.

Do not exercise before going to sleep, as this may delay your naptime.

4. Meditation:

Practicing Meditation could help in unwinding yourself physically as well as mentally. It relaxes your mind and soul. You don’t need classes to learn meditation. Try to sit in a comfortable position and think about things which make you happy, for saying 5-10 minutes daily. This positive thinking in a way affects and helps in reducing blood pressure making you feel more bouncy and happy. This is another way of how to get more energy while pregnant.

5. Stay Away From These Diseases:

A pregnant woman is more susceptible to these common diseases like a common flu, seasonal flu, and stomach bug. It’s best to avoid people who are already suffering from such condition. As a virus attack takes away your energy and makes, you feel more fatigue. So always wash your hand before touching your nose and face. It’s best to keep a sanitizer in your hand purse; you can rub it when you don’t see a hand wash area.

Practicing one tip at a time and then gradually increasing it would surely make you feel healthy and fit. So why wait, start it from today!

What’s your idea of staying active during pregnancy? There are myriad ways to get energy while pregnant Do share with us.

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