10 Ways To Celebrate A Green And Clean Diwali

Festival season is just around the corner, and we are as excited as you. This festive season brings with it a lot of fun, excitement, and good quality family time, so of course this is our favorite festival. And for you mommies, it could mean a time where we get to teach valuable lessons to your small ones.

For new mommies this season also signals the onset of a lot of anxieties and worries. Why? Well, because this season brings with it a lot of pollution and noise. Two things that could be extremely harmful to your baby. If you have ever burst crackers, then you are not unfamiliar to the huge cloud of smoke they leave behind. The loud noises of crackers can be extremely scary for humans and animals alike. So, you can imagine just how scary they must be to our little angels. Apart from that, the loud noises and pollution could also be extremely harmful to your baby. Loud noises, especially if your baby is near it can have a detrimental effect on your baby’s hearing.

Festival season is also the time when babies receive the most attention. And while these maybe people who you are familiar with and love dearly, for your little one they are strangers. This, coupled with the physical discomfort your baby faces, could leave your angel fussier than ever before. But don’t worry, mamas! We’re here to tell you how you can celebrate a clean and green Diwali that is baby-friendly! Just keep reading.

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1. Bathing Baby Using Natural Products

The first step of prepping your baby for Diwali is by making sure they are clean and well moisturized. Pollution can have nasty effects on the skin, and this coupled with chemicals can leave your baby’s skin feeling dry and irritated. That’s why we recommend using a herbal product that is free from chemicals and has the right pH balance which is 5.5 in case of babies as their skin is very delicate. One such product that could be extremely helpful during this time is Lotus Herbals baby+ Little Bubbles Body Wash & Shampoo. This product is free from all chemicals and is suitable for all skin types. Made from chamomile extract, this product ensures the right amount of pH (which is 5.5) for your baby’s skin. It is sulphate-free, preservative-free and has been tested for sensitivity. So, you can rest assured that your baby is clean and fresh for the festival, having complete peace of mind that the products used are suitable for the baby’s skin.

2. Choose Comfortable Clothing

Choose Comfortable Clothing

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While dressing your baby, use fabrics that are soft and comfortable. Nylon clothes or silk clothes can be uncomfortable for your baby and leave him feeling cranky. Choose breathable and light clothes, so your baby experiences utmost comfort.

3. Stick To a Natural Diaper Creme

As you and your family go about visiting and spending time with your loved ones, it is easy to get caught up in the moment. Before you go about visiting loved ones, always ensure that your diaper bag contains a change of diapers, baby wipes, and a diaper cream. This could go a long way in preventing your baby from developing painful rashes. We highly recommend that you stick to a herbal cream like Lotus Herbals Baby+ Happy Bums Diaper Rash Crème. It is a chemical-free product and thus works effectively to prevent and treat diaper rashes. Made from calendula extract, this diaper crème is 99% natural. It relieves and soothes your baby’s delicate bums and will provide them with utmost comfort.

4. Don’t burst crackers

10 Ways To Celebrate A Green And Clean Diwali (10)

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Bursting crackers could be extremely harmful to your baby’s hearing. Instead of bursting crackers, you can celebrate Diwali by lighting some diyas. These are eco-friendly and truly embody the spirit of the festival

5. Wipe Your Baby Down After Guests Leave

When people come home to visit you and your family always ensure that their hands are sanitized before they carry the baby. After they leave, you can use Lotus Herbals baby+ Gentle & Refreshing Baby wipes to wipe down the baby gently. This is an excellent alternative to washing or bathing your baby. As it contains natural ingredients like Calendula and Green Tea it will leave your little one feeling calm and refreshed. A clean, after-bath like feeling without washing off the essential oils from a baby’s skin. What’s more, is that if you use these wipes while changing your baby’s diaper, it leaves a protective layer that helps prevent diaper rash.

6. Protect Your Little One’s Tiny Eardrums

Protect Your Little One’s Tiny Eardrums

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Put mufflers on your baby and stay with them in a quiet room of the house. You can play some soothing music and give them their favorite toys to play with. The comfort of your presence will help your baby feel safer and more at ease.

7. Gift Goodness This Diwali

The Lotus Herbals Baby+ Combo Pack is an ideal gift to give to your mommy friends for their little ones. And that’s not it! The Giggly Wiggly Pack is another cute gifting option. It contains 4 products which are absolutely natural and pediatrician recommended. What better than a gift full of natural goodness! It is affordable and free of preservatives, making this an ideal gifting option.

8. Adopt Some Indoor Plants

Adopt Some Indoor Plants

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To reduce the levels of pollution indoors, you could keep a few indoor plants. These will ensure that your baby is breathing clean, fresh air and not the smog that surrounds the outside of your house.

9. Treat Your Little One To Some Spa Time

You can help your baby relax and calm down by giving them a massage. Massages reduce the levels of stress hormones in your baby and release feel-good hormones. They will help your baby cope better with the noise and sleep better. This means that they will be less cranky and fussy. The Lotus Herbals baby+ Eternal Love Baby Massage Oil is petroleum-free and has been tested for sensitivity. This oil will allow you to escape into a safe and enchanting world of giggles and squiggles with your little one. It moisturizes and strengthens your little one and helps put them to sleep. Wrap your baby in all things natural by choosing this baby oil this Diwali.

10. Make Sweets Instead Of Buying Them

Make Sweets Instead Of Buying Them

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No festival is complete without sweets. We know that you want to give only the best to your baby, and you can ensure that by preparing sweets at home instead of buying them from outside. Sweets made at home will provide you with the peace of mind that your baby is consuming products that are of quality and have been prepared in a sanitized manner. If you are worried about the sugar intake of your baby, you could use natural sweeteners while making them.

Your baby’s toothless smiles are indeed the real magic of this season and can really light up your life and your Diwali. These tips will help to ensure that. We hope you can make some magical memories with your little one this Diwali. We wish you and your family a clean, green, and happy Diwali.

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