Awesome Ways How Expecting Moms Can Look Chic And Stylish

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! As you are about to embark on this exciting journey, it’s common to feel a mixed bag of emotions from excitement to being utterly scared. This time of transition will demand not just health care and frequent doctor visits but also regular visits to the store to find the right fitting clothes. After all, during pregnancy, your body will change every passing month or even week. This would require you to visit stores frequently, the thought of which might put you off.  But look at the bright side, you get to have some good old retail therapy. The best part about this is that clothes for pregnant women can be chic and stylish as well, and you’ll have a great time redoing your wardrobe.

Gone are the days when women felt the need to hide their bumps with loose and flowy basic gowns. With fashion evolving each day, we can now flaunt our baby bumps with delight. So, let’s get started:

Clothes That Are Perfect For Pregnant Mommies:

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You might not know this, but the options are endless! Thanks to newly evolving fashion, pregnant women can enjoy some lovely outfits as well! Make sure you invest in these clothes which are perfect for mothers-to-be:

1. Maternity Jeans

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Maternity jeans are the new definition of comfort and style for pregnant women. You can choose from various options depending on how you want them to fit on your bump. The most significant advantage of maternity jeans is that they don’t have button closure and zippers and are easily stretchable. Most importantly, you can wear this for nine months and even after your pregnancy — mom jeans are a new trend after all! A pair of this denim is a must-have for your closet.

2. Cute Tops

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Popover shirts, peplum button-down shirts, long t-shirts, tank tops, and button-front blouses are some of the perfect choices for your growing bump. They are loose and airy, and they can be easily paired up with denim, trousers, and leggings. If you’re in an ethnic mood and the occasion calls for it, you can also go for tunics and kurtis along with leggings or ethnic pants. These tops are comfortable and can be worn every day.

3. Maxi Dresses

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The most comfortable and go-to option among maternity clothing is a maxi dress. No hassle, no pairing, just minimal accessorizing, and you are ready. These dresses give your baby bump ample space, so you don’t have to worry about comfort. Maxi dresses serve as a perfect outdoor option. They look classy, are suitable for all body types, and come with some of the cutest designs if you know where to look for them. And the best part? You can continue to wear them even after your pregnancy.

4. Ponchos Or Kaftans

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Looking for something that feels like comfort and cuddles? If yes, then you might want to consider adding kaftans and ponchos to your maternity collection. Kaftans are the rage, and for a good reason — along with being super comfortable for would-be mommies, it makes them look trendy too. Kaftans can be chosen for indoor and outdoor use. Their loose and relaxed styling makes them a favorite among all kinds of women, but more so for those who have their precious little baby bumps. For a more layered up look, you can choose a poncho. They sit easily on your curves and give you enough space to move without hassle.

5. Sweaters And Scarves

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Scarves are known for their versatility. You can style them differently every time and have a new look ready with barely any effort. A good quality sweater will give you and your baby the warmth and cozy that you both need. It helps to get sweaters that are stretchable and fit easily. Also, you can style it with several options like skirts, boots, denim wear, and broad belts. If you’re someone who loves sweater weather, then this has got to be your best bet!

Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women

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Now that we’ve established some of the must-haves for your new pregnancy wardrobe, here’s our two cents on a few shopping tips that may help you:

1. Shop Little

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Don’t be overwhelmed and go crazy while shopping for maternity clothes. Start slow as your body goes through changes every month of your pregnancy. Also, you might not like to wear the same clothes a few months after childbirth, so make an effort to shop mindfully. Identify some basics that will be essential for every day and pair them with what you already have. And when it no longer works with old pieces, then maybe you could buy more.

2. Opt For Loose Clothing

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Pregnancy is lovely, but it is often accompanied by discomfort. To ensure you’re comfortable, go for loose clothes. Body temperature fluctuates constantly, and you must have clothes in which you can easily breathe and move. In fact, medical professionals recommend pregnant women to avoid clothing that is constrictive around the center belly area (2). Avoid tight belts or clothes that come with zippers. Choose loose clothes like a maxi dress, tunic, peplum shirt, and kaftans. You might want to give your partner’s shirts a try, as they will be bigger and will be carried more effortlessly. It will help you save some pennies too!

3. Choose Comfort Over Anything Else

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Women go through some inhibitions while dressing up during pregnancy. Their body doesn’t look the same, and the struggle between style and comfort gets real. To make this period better, the golden rule is to pick comfort over anything else. Loose shirts, tunics, stretchable clothes, and pants with elastic drawstrings are ideal choices.

4. Don’t Compromise On Quality

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Just because you might not wear the same clothes post-pregnancy, you shouldn’t go for lower-quality clothes. Go ahead and make use of festive or clearance sales, but opt for clothing from a trusted brand. This way, you won’t have to worry about the clothes fading early or even tearing. Also, penny wise and pound foolish is a real thing — a few good quality clothes are much better than a whole bunch of low-quality garments.

5. Choose The Right Footwear!

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Pregnancy is associated with long-term changes in the structure of the foot (1). With the increasing body weight and swollen and aching feet, it becomes essential to know what kind of footwear is right for you during pregnancy. Buy footwear that is a size bigger than your actual size — you might want to shop for footwear at noon when your feet are most swollen. Avoid heels and go for flats, slip-on shoes, and our favorite — sneakers! This will prevent backache and provide ankle support. As your feet are going to bear the burden of your new body, don’t compromise on the quality of your footwear.

6. Rent Clothes For Special Events!

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Buying maternity clothes for special events is not a very practical idea. You obviously want something that looks great, and this will cost you a bomb, but think about it — you might never wear it again. Special occasions come up once in a while, and you’re not going to be pregnant forever. A smarter option is to rent clothing for special events when you’re pregnant. You’ll save money and won’t go on a guilt trip in the long run!

Stay comfortable, look good, and spend wisely while choosing clothes for maternity time. It’s essential to keep the tips we’ve mentioned in mind when you go on your shopping spree in order to avoid over-spending or spending on clothes that won’t be of any use. Do you have any tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!


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