6 Effective Ways To Help Your Teen Make Smart Decisions

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As a parent, you would want your teen to make wise decisions. However, often it so happens that your child fails to make a good decision and eventually you have to step in. Teen decision making skills is an essential part of growing up. As parents, you must tread the fine line between allowing too much freedom to your teen and being over protective. There is no doubt that decision making is one of the hardest things.

Here are some vital tips that you can consider to help your teens making decisions. Read on to know why should parents let teens make their own decisions.

How You Can Help Your Teen Make The Right Decision?

While your teen wants a lot of freedom, you want to ensure his safety. As your teen starts growing, give him the authority to choose between different options. Increasing independence ensures greater freedom, which in turn helps instill more faith and trust on his ability to take the right decision.

Research studies conducted conclude that teens in the age group of 13 to 18 years need guidance while taking a decision. This is the age when the pleasure seeking side of his brain dominates the reasoning part of his brain.

Here are three things that you should keep reminding your teen:

  1. Do you think your behavior is safe?
  2. Do you think you are making a smart move and will this benefit you in the long run?
  3. Do you think your behavior is doing justice to others?

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Here are some other ways to help develop teens decision making skills:

1. When you are trying to take a hard decision, you are actually addressing too many different issues. The best way to approach is to understand what the actual question is. For instance, when you are wondering which high school is the best for your child, let him also know the different factors that need to be considered here.

2. In case you have a huge list of options, you can make a list of your favorites and then match them with your requirements.

3. Your teen must understand that decisions you take are realistic. This is also a good way to help your teen be his critic.

4. Ask your teen to understand how his decision affects others. Let him understand what factors should be taken into consideration before arriving at a decision. For instance, if he chooses to become a vegetarian, how would that affect the people he dines with.

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5. Always make it a point to give him some time to think before arriving at a decision.

6. Splitting up a decision into smaller pieces guarantees success. Taking small steps helps you know if you are heading towards the right direction. It is a good way to check the consequences of the decisions he takes. For instance, you can ask your teen to cut down on the meat, poultry and fish intake before turning into a complete vegetarian.

The decision making process for teens needs practice. As your child grows, parenting becomes more about guidance than simply control. Sharing your love, experiences, trust and time is one of the best ways to support your teen make responsible decisions.

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While teens generally challenge the practices, beliefs and values of their parents, you need to keep trying and support him all through his growing up years. However, remember the more controlling you become, the rebellious he gets. So, you need to be tactful in your approach.

If you are facing a difficult time with your rebellious teen, write in to us in the comment box below your problem. We will come out with a well researched solution on how to improve teens decision making skills.

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