6 Simple Ways To Make Your Baby Smart And Intelligent

Make Your Baby Smart And Intelligent

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Are you a hands-on parent who wants to ensure your baby is smart and intelligent? Are you looking for easy and practical ways that will help channelize your baby’s energy to develop his intellect to its full potential?

With some fun ideas and practical tips, you can help your baby be smart, intelligent and creative. Using everyday things and some smart parenting tips, you too can do just that. Read on to know how you can stimulate your baby’s senses to achieve this!

Fun And Practical Ways On How To Make Your Baby Intelligent And Smart:

Your baby’s brain will develop through various experiences and exercises. Senses of touch, smell, sight, sound and taste will also aid this development process. You need to start giving your baby different sensory experiences from an early age, to help him identify and differentiate things. Development of his cognitive and motor skills will help you know how to raise a smart baby.

Here are a few practical tips that will help you make your baby smart:

1. Avoid TV:

The American Academy of Pediatrics emphasizes that parents should not let their infants and toddlers watch TV. Constant TV time will not provide any stimulation to your baby’s brain. It rather impairs your baby’s cognitive skills and wastes crucial time that you could utilize for the development of his intelligence. So, instead of letting your child watch TV, use the time to involve your baby in some physical activities that require him to move around and think. A simple game of rolling the ball or baby football will improve your baby’s coordination skills while being fun.

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2. Interact More With Your Baby:

According to scientists, constant interaction with your baby can vastly improve his brain development. Cuddling, playing and expressing your love to the baby will stimulate his brain. When you interact more with your baby and bond emotionally, it helps in the development of your baby’s thinking skills. It will also make your baby more secure and confident.

3. Breastfeed Your Baby Until He Turns Two:

Studies suggest that babies who are breastfed will have at least five percent higher IQ levels than those who were not. Make sure you only breastfeed your baby from the time of birth until he is six months old. Your doctor may recommend you to continue breastfeeding your child while supplementing his diet with other healthy and nutritious foods until the age of two.

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4. Music Can Boost Your Child’s Memory, Attention And Learning:

Studies suggest that listening to music can increase your baby’s attention span and boost his memory. Introducing your child to a musical instrument will help develop his proportional thinking ability. Learning music nurtures his spatial and temporal reasoning and develops his numerical aptitude in later life. While research may recommend starting with the piano, you can introduce your baby to any instrument, preferably a string one.

5. Introduce Your Baby Early To The World Of Books:

It is never too early to introduce your baby to the joys of reading. From the time your baby is a few months old, you can read aloud to him from any book or newspaper that you are reading. Speak out the words so that your baby can hear them, stress on the pronunciation. You can introduce board books with interesting pictures to your child as he grows older. Read out stories and rhymes. It is a good way to increase your baby’s vocabulary and introduce him to things that are in the house as well as the world outside.

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6. Create Challenges For Your Baby:

You should always set interesting challenges for your baby with age-appropriate activities. Use objects like blocks, balls and shapes to create fun games at home. You can teach your baby to identify numbers or shapes and colors through simple activities. Take him to the garden to teach him about birds and plants.

Leading by your example is one of the best ways to teach your baby. Regularly do things that you would want your baby to do. Read, write, play a musical instrument, walk, spend time with nature, play a sport. Keep your baby around while you are doing this. Involve your baby in fun learning activities and bond with him over it.

If you have a smart baby, please share with us some tips or fun activities that you think were of help.

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