40+ Adorable Ideas To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Loved

Making your boyfriend feel special goes a long way in deepening your love. If you want to know how to make your boyfriend feel loved, we are here to help you. Often, small affectionate gestures of love hold the key to a successful and fruitful relationship. So, if your guy goes all out to make you feel cherished and brighten up your day, you might also want to make him feel appreciated by showing your love to him a little more each day.

So, don’t hesitate to make your boyfriend feel valued by doing little, romantic things for him. Although he may tease you and act unmoved, he likes these romantic gestures deep down. Here, we give you a few tips to help you make your boyfriend feel special and important. Read on.

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How To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Loved: 40+ Simple Ways

It is not the big gestures that make men feel loved. Following are some simple ways that make your boyfriend feel special.

1. Take an interest in his life

Show interest in knowing him better
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Ask your boyfriend questions about his life, such as his likes and dislikes, best friends, and everything else. When you show interest in knowing him better, it makes him feel loved and desired.

2. Surprise him

Your boyfriend may not have been surprised often. Some simple ways can be posting a love note on the mirror for him to read first thing in the morning, send him a “love you” text out of the blue, or send him flowers at work even when there is no occasion to celebrate. Such gestures show that you think about him even when you are apart.

3. Make time for him

The most precious thing you can give a person is your time. Ensure that you and your boyfriend have some quality time every day with each other. Talk about your daily activities or any topic you both like. When you make efforts to strengthen your bond, he will also feel obliged. This can help him feel heard and understood.

Ellen Nguyen, a book author and wife, shares what makes her husband feel so loved and cared for by her. She says, ”From very early on in our relationship, my husband wanted to spend lots of time together. He asked to meet me frequently, and he started to call me during lunch breaks. I wasn’t used to this at first as most guys I knew were afraid of closeness. But I was receptive to him because I had good feelings about him and I enjoyed being around him. It also made me quickly realize he showed love through receiving and giving attention, and I wanted that too (i).”

4. Compliment him

When he wears something new or achieves something, acknowledge it by complimenting him. Do not go overboard with your compliment but do let him know that you notice even slight changes in his appearance. This will make him feel assured that you pay attention to the little details and appreciate his efforts.

5. Join him in activities

Join him in his favorite activities
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If your boyfriend loves watching action movies or likes to explore the city on a bicycle, then join him. Taking interest and joining him in his favorite activities shows how much you care about his likes. He will feel encouraged and supported to pursue his likes and interests.

6. Praise his skills in bed

Men care about their skills in the bedroom. After a hot and intimate session between the sheets, you can tell him how good he made you feel. Giving him feedback boosts his confidence, and he will try to perform better as well. Don’t forget to ask him for what you want, either—men love knowing that you are receiving pleasure too. It doesn’t hurt to make him feel reassured.

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Introduce him to your family and friends by planning movie nights or dinner parties. This is sure to give him a hint about how much you love and adore him.

7. Be spontaneous

When he comes home tired after work, give him a back massage or when he tells you he has bagged a big contract, buy him flowers or a cake to celebrate his achievement. Sharing his happiness makes him feel loved and cared for. Sharing his happiness will make him feel adored and celebrated.

8. Dress up for him

Surprise him by wearing the dress he likes the most. When you meet him, put in some extra effort to look different than usual. Men love it when you put in the effort to look better for them.

9. Give him space

Identify his space and give him some quiet time to do his things. Men crave their ‘me time’ to think and ponder over their life. Do not restrict him from meeting his friends and family. Encourage him to spend some time by himself to show how much you care for him. This will make him feel respected like he is in a trusted relationship.

10. Hug him

Hug him to make your boyfriend feel loved
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Who doesn’t like to get cozy in a hug? So hug your boyfriend for no apparent reason. Hugging him shows him how much you love him. Let your warm hug convey your feelings for him. Let your warm hug convey your feelings for him and make him feel protected and comforted in your embrace.

11. Appreciate his efforts

Whenever your boyfriend goes the extra mile and does something for you, acknowledge it and thank him for the same. Tell him how much you appreciate his efforts and how grateful you are for everything he does for you.

12. Support him

If your boyfriend is working hard toward achieving a goal, then be supportive of his ambition. If his work keeps him occupied most of the time, tell him you are proud of his hard work instead of complaining about it.

13. Shop for him

If you come across something that would suit your boyfriend when out on a shopping trip, buy it for him. These sweet gestures show you think of him even when he is not around.

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Book tickets to a concert of his favorite musician or pop band, and don’t reveal the surprise until you hit the venue! Don’t forget to capture his reaction on camera and preserve it as a loving memory!

14. Keep eye contact with him

Looking at someone with love is the simplest way to their heart. So, when your boyfriend is speaking with you, look deep into his eyes with a soft smile on your face. Show him how much you love him.

15. Listen to him

Listen to him patiently to make your boyfriend feel loved
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There will be times when your boyfriend will want to speak his heart out. Listen to him patiently and show him that you care about his problems and struggles without judging him. When you listen to him, he will feel accepted and welcomed the next time he wants to share something.

16. Kiss him

Your boyfriend must be heading out for some work, or he drops you home, or you are alone with him in the park, pull him close and plant a soft but passionate kiss. Kiss him when he is least expecting it. Kiss him without warning. Let him know that you appreciate his presence and company.

17. Touch him often

When you are out with him, stand close to him and make physical contact. Hold his hands and sit close to him. Your light touch is a silent way to convey your love for him.

18. Share the expenses

Offer to pay for a meal when you are out on a date or share general expenses with him. Do not let him feel burdened because of the expenses of going on a date.

19. Text him sweet messages

Click a cute picture of yourself and send it to your boyfriend, who is miles away for work or any other reason. When you miss him, let him know. Let him know you are looking forward to seeing him.

20. Seek his opinion

Show your respect and trust in his judgement
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When you have to make an important decision in life, seek his opinion. Show him you value his opinion and that you take his views seriously. Also, it shows that you respect him and trust his judgment. It will also make him feel honored that you value his input in your life choices.

21. Accept him the way he is

The biggest mistake you can make in a relationship is trying to change your boyfriend. If you want him to feel loved, accept him with his flaws. Do not offer unsolicited advice. Instead, love him for all that he is and grow together.

22. Love coupons

Write handwritten notes offering little perks like ‘Claim control of the TV remote,’ ‘Enjoy a 15-minute massage,’ or ‘A day free from chores.’ Although it may come out as corny, your boyfriend will surely appreciate this gesture.

23. Cook for him

Prepare his favorite meal. Look for the recipes online, put on your apron, and show off your cooking skills. Pay close attention to the presentation, and pair the meal with champagne and slow music.

24. Massage his head

Massage his head
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This is one of those small gestures that quietly let your man know how much you adore them. You may gently massage your partner’s head while watching TV or after a tiring day at work. It’s a gesture that helps express deep affection with no cost.

25. Love jar

Write all the reasons you love your boyfriend on small pieces of paper. Roll or fold these notes carefully and put them inside a lovely jar. Spritz the jar lightly with your favorite perfume and let him pick and open each note every day.

26. Create a ‘how we met’ video

You can create an animation or a simple sketch illustrating the story of how you both met. Another fun idea is to ask your friends to share their views of you both as a couple and combine them into a beautiful video.

27. Gift hunt

Plan a treasure hunt for him on Valentine’s Day or his birthday and let him find a special gift. Create innovative hints to lead him on this thrilling journey before revealing the ultimate surprise.

28. Make a playlist

You can make a playlist of your favorite songs that bring to mind your cherished memories together. This is a sweet gesture for your boyfriend just like a modern-day mixtape of shared memories and emotions.

29. Sneakers

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If your boyfriend loves sneakers, surprise him with a pair of personalized sneakers. Allow your imagination to run wild when it comes to the artwork. You may also make amusing stick figures of the two of you together.

30. Dedicate a song

Whether it’s a karaoke night with friends or a private duet, choose a song with a special message for your lover and dedicate it to him. This spontaneous gesture is a meaningful way to express your feelings to him.

31. Slip a secret note

Write something beautiful and romantic and let him find it. This thoughtful act can come as a pleasant surprise to your boyfriend at a moment when he least expects it. If you do this, he may think of you all the time.

32. Tickle him

Act as if you’re genuinely hurt if he does something mildly upsetting. When he asks for your forgiveness, engage in a tickle fight until both of you are out of breath from laughter. The relief of not being sad, combined with shared laughter, will bring you closer to one another and strengthen your bond.

33. Dance for him

Dance for him
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Flaunt your dance moves when the two of you are alone. If you truly want to impress him, learn any exotic dance forms, such as belly dancing, and make his jaw drop.

34. Road trip

If your partner is adventurous, take him on an unexpected road trip, whether to another country or a hidden cottage in the countryside. Listen to your favorite tracks, relish good food, and make memories for life.

35. Coordinate a boy’s night out

If you are concerned about allowing him to go on a boys’ night out, or if you frequently need to call him home, think about giving him a break, even if it’s just for a little bit. Get in touch with his buddies and help them plan a boy’s night out. Allow him to enjoy himself with his friends. When he knows you are by his side, he will develop deep feelings for you.

36. Give him flowers

One of the sweetest gestures you can do for your boyfriend is surprising him with a bouquet of flowers. Most men rarely get flowers as a gift and your action will surely make him feel special.

37. Surprise date night

Surprise date night
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Plan a surprise date night for your beloved. Whether it’s a movie night, a dine out, or clubbing, the planning and effort that went into the surprise will bring him joy.

38. Quality time

Spend time together as a couple by indulging in activities he enjoys. You can spend some alone time with each other by removing all distractions. This will strengthen your bond.

39. Bake a cake

Baking is a special way to communicate your feelings. Even if your creation isn’t flawless, it is produced with love and attention. Your heartfelt effort will surely be welcomed and appreciated, regardless of taste or appearance.

40. Share a poem

Sharing a poem with your boyfriend is one of the most sweet and beautiful gestures. You can also choose a poem that conveys your feelings and read it to him if you cannot write one.

41. Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed
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Waking up to a sumptuous breakfast made specially for him is sure to please any guy. He will appreciate the thought and effort you put into it and will reciprocate appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make my boyfriend feel loved even when we are apart?

You can send him his favorite preservable food item prepared by you. Text him sweet nothings, telling him how much you miss him. And, try to pay him a surprise visit and plan the rest of the day for him.

2. How can I make my boyfriend feel loved when he’s going through a tough time?

You can ask him if you can help him in any way. Tell him you admire his hardworking nature and love him for never giving up. Assure him that you have his back no matter his situation.

Boyfriends are sometimes underappreciated. They, too, deserve to be admired, loved, nurtured, pampered, and cared for, just as they do to their partners. So now that you know how to make your boyfriend feel loved, don’t waste time and get started with the ideas. These may be simple sweet gestures and tips but can go a long way by making a big impact on him. So don’t hold back and use these to get closer to him and make him realize how special he is to you.

Infographic: Personalized Gifts For Boyfriend

Whether you are in the initial stages of dating or have been together for a long time, treating your boyfriend to a fabulous gift can make his day and leave him thrilled. So, take your cues from this infographic to pick a memorable and enchanting present for your man.

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Key Pointers

  • Reciprocate his love and care for you with sweet and thoughtful gestures, such as surprising him or participating in the activities he likes.
  • Put in some effort, dress up, be a good listener, and support his work to show him you care.
  • Above all, love your boyfriend for who he is and work together through the shortcomings.
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