How To Raise A Smart And Intelligent Child?

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Your baby’s brain is like an empty slate when they are born. It starts to develop as they encounter different experiences. The growth of a child’s brain happens in correspondence with the actions and experiences the surrounding offers. Whatever the kid sees, listens and experiences becomes a part of their intellect.

Senses like touch, feel, smell, sound, and taste stimulate brain cell connections. The more your kids are exposed to human senses the smarter they get. The development of your kid’s brain is directly proportional to the experiences they encounter in their daily lives.

As you continue with the article, you will learn a slew of ways to induce more intellect in your growing kids and keep them high on IQ.

5 Ways To Raise A Smart And Intelligent Child:

As a parent you wish to see your kid grow up into a smart, dynamic and appealing personality. It is not just academics your kid should be good at, but other areas like sports, art, communication and other fun activities too. It is important for you to open doors for them to learn more from their surroundings. However, as a parent you also have the responsibility to extract the good out of the bad.

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Here are some suggested ways to raise a smart and intelligent child?:

1. Interact With Your Kids:

Scientists suggest that children that are loved, played with and cuddled have a much better mental growth than those who do not enjoy much attention and love at home.

  • Talk to your kids and listen to them.
  • Talking, expressing and enjoying with your kids will help them open up more.
  • It will prepare their minds for worldly experiences and eventually pump up their thinking skills.
  • You may read out to them and make them read. This will help improve their communication skills and understanding of languages.

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2. Complete Exposure For Full Development:

Indulging your kids in activities that develop both sides of the brain is necessary.

  • The left part of the brain works for logic, reasoning and language whereas the right part works for art and creativity.
  • For a smarter kid, it is vital to expose them to things that work in developing both sides of the brain.
  • Include interesting and challenging games and activities in your kid’s regular routine.

3. Play Time And Exercise:

A generous amount of playtime is important in your kid’s daily schedule.

  • Playing improves and creates a base for your kid’s social, physical, intellectual and emotional skills.
  • When your kids interact with other children, they learn to combine different ideas and feelings together.
  • Also encourage your kids to get involved in some physical exercise as it will help them become stronger and smarter.
  • Exercise increases blood flow and helps in development of new brain cells.

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4. Introduce Music In Your Kid’s Life:

You may have noticed that kids take some time to learn a school lesson, but quickly memorize the song they love. It is a simple example of growing intellect when kids hear music.

  • Music boosts attention, memory, motivation and learning.
  • It develops patience for listening.
  • Learning musical instruments will help your kids in developing spatial temporal reasoning and proportional thinking.
  • This is the ground work for abstract math.

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5. Let Your Children Play Intelligent Computer Games:

There are a slew of video games available in the market and not all of them are productive.

  • Violence is the most commonly sold commodity through computer games and you need to be extremely careful to keep your kid away from these.
  • There are games that work in favor of development of your kid’s brain.
  • By indulging in such and a couple of other fun games you can help your kid develop hand-eye coordination.

Smartness is an asset cherished for life. So, know how to make your kids smart through these simple steps. And you will definitely take pride in them when they mature as bright and dynamic human beings.

Got any special tips on different ways of smart parenting for smart kids? Do share them in the comments section below!

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