7 Ways To Survive A Winter Pregnancy

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Are you anxious that you may suffer from a bout of cough and cold while expecting this winter season? Are you pregnant and looking forward to staying indoors and lazing at home this cold season? Winter pregnancy can be enjoyed too.Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea.

Coping with hormonal changes, a growing baby bump, backaches, endless tests, strict diet, etc. is not easy during pregnancy. But, adapting to the harsh weather changes can add to your woes while expecting. Do you want to know eight simple survival tips for enjoying a safe pregnancy during the cold winter months? Read on!

Survival Tips For Winter Pregnancy

Here are a few handy tips to stay cozy and safe while expecting this winter:

1. Get Up And Be Active:

Studies prove that a pregnant woman needs to be active for at least 2.5 hrs in a week. So, even though, the weather may be chilly, and you would love to snuggle in your warm blanket the whole day, winter is no excuse for you to hibernate. A little activity will help you beat the pregnancy blues especially when the weather is dull and gloomy. It can also help you enjoy a smooth labor eventually. You can go for a leisurely stroll, but be cautious as the roads and grass could be slippery due to the snow or morning dew. Also, avoid high-risk winter sports like skiing while you are expecting. You can instead practice safe prenatal exercises like yoga and aerobics in the comforts of your home, to stay fit during the cold season.

2. Stay Hydrated:

If you think you need less water because it’s cold, you are incorrect. The warm, dry air indoors can also leave you perspiring and dehydrated. Excessive consumption of hot beverages like tea and coffee too can take a toll on the fluid levels in your body. In fact, the Institute of Medicine recommends that pregnant women must consume 2.3 liters or 10 cups of water daily [1]. So always carry a water bottle with you no matter what the season is.

3. Wear Warm And Clean Clothes:

Cold and flu are common complaints during the winter season, and as your immunity levels are low while expecting, you need to be extra careful. So make sure you stay protected from infections by wearing warm and clean woollens.

4. Protect Yourself From Germs:

Well, yes the absence of sunlight during winters makes the season a gala time for germs. You may find everyone around you sneezing or coughing. Avoiding germs and infections may be a challenge during the cold season. Washing your hands is the best way to keep infections at bay. Drinking lukewarm water could also help eliminate germs. You must carry a hand sanitizer and a clean handkerchief in your purse. You could also check with your doctor and get a vaccination shot for the common flu during pregnancy. [2]

5. Nosebleed During Winters:

During pregnancy, the blood circulation in your body increases and your blood vessels are more prone to leaks. Blowing your nose hard during winters could cause bleeding. Also the cold and dry air during winters can also increase the risk of nosebleeds. You can prevent nosebleeds, by using humidifiers at home.

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6. Remember To Eat Healthy:

When the weather is cold outside you may crave for a hot and spicy meal. However, remember during pregnancy spicy and junk food is a strict no-no. Instead, you can enjoy the goodness of vegetables in the form of hot soups. Sipping on a cup of herbal tea is also a good idea to stay warm. You can also munch on nuts. Eating a balanced meal while expecting is the best way to boost your immunity and prevent diseases during winters.

7. Sleep Well:

Pregnant in winter, sleeping is a good option for you. When the mercury is dropping lying in bed is a wonderful idea. So, make the most of the winter months and take adequate rest. It will help you prepare better for spending sleepless nights with your newborn in the near future.

8. Moisturize Your Skin:

Dry skin is a common problem during winters. So lap your skin with a generous dose of body butter to keep it soft and supple during the cold season. Also, remember to use a sunscreen regularly. A radiant skin can help you look more beautiful and feel more confident during pregnancy.

So now you know how to stay safe and comfortable while pregnant during winter. Why, Wait? Go ahead and spread the word.

Do you have some special tips to deal with the cold weather during pregnancy? Please share it with other moms here.

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