12 Ways My 2-Year-Old Is Actually Terrible

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We’ve all heard how the two’s are a terrible stage. “You have already won half the parenting battle once you are past the toddler stage,” I have heard parents say when my two-year-old is throwing a fit by rolling around on the floor.

I have seen firsthand how terrible toddlers can be. So when my baby was advancing to this stage, I not only knew what to expect, but I would also remind myself that it’s not just him, and parents everywhere have gone through this. But toddlerhood isn’t all that bad; you get to watch your kids grow into tiny adorable humans who sometimes test your patience while also learning to be independent and stand their ground. It’s fascinating to watch how they argue and make themselves heard by people who refuse to take them seriously.

Now that my little one is only a few weeks away from turning three, I know for a fact that it’s a terrible phase. Below I list down 13 ways my baby has been living up to the hype.

12. When He Hid His Dirty Diaper In My Suitcase

I was packing my suitcase to leave for an office trip when my toddler decided to remove his dirty diaper and place it on my neatly folded dry cleaned clothes. With only three hours to catch a flight, I couldn’t risk having a meltdown and simply packed another set of clothes that edged towards casual than workwear.

11. He’s A Fussy Eater

He's A Fussy Eater

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Besides throwing temper tantrums, he is also a picky eater. He doesn’t like to eat his veggies, and when I ask him to give it a try and see if he likes, he chews and spits it out just to prove his point.

10. When He Destroyed My Makeup

This was probably my fault as I left my makeup drawer unlocked with a toddler in the house. However, I did manage to get some hilarious and adorable pictures of his first attempt at wearing makeup.

9. When He Made Me Watch Frozen A Million Times

When He Made Me Watch Frozen A Million Times

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I swear I’m not even exaggerating; I can’t remember the number of times I have watched Elsa sing Let It Go after turning into an ice queen. And though it was one of my favorite animation movies, now I dread watching it with my toddler.

8. When He Dances With My Expensive Lingerie Over His Head

Every time a song with a groovy beat plays on the television, my son quickly runs to my bedroom to open my drawer and pull over my underpants over his head. After the first few times, it stopped being funny.

7. When He Doesn’t Let Me Dress Him Up

When He Doesn't Let Me Dress Him Up

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I get that he wants to be a little more independent, but when you’re running late and your child refuses to wear pants over his diaper, you wish he were just a baby.

6. Throwing A Tantrum Out Of The Blue

My little one sometimes screams so loud that I worry if the neighbors are gonna think I’m beating the crap out of him. And it comes without a warning or a reason that I get no time to prepare for it.

5. When He Constantly Wants Piggyback Rides

When He Constantly Wants Piggyback Rides

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It was fun when he was so tiny, but now that he’s almost 30 pounds, I don’t know if my back can take it.

4. He No Longer Falls Asleep In My Arms

It’s funny how much you miss some things from when they were a baby, but you couldn’t wait for them to move past the baby stage when you were a new mum. But now I miss all those moments he fell asleep in my arms. Heck, I even miss breastfeeding my baby.

3. When He Knows Your Weakness

When He Knows Your Weakness

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He knows when to bring out those puppy eyes or a hysterical laugh to get his way or protect himself after he has got into some mischief. It’s like they know you can’t stand their cuteness and will give in to it.

2. ‘Mine’ Is His Favorite Word

Whether it is my phone, my watch, or the remote, he believes everything is his. No logic and reason can help you win your argument with a toddler because by his logic if he’s got a hold of it, it’s his.

1. They Grasp Everything

They Grasp Everything

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You would think it’s adorable when they repeat everything you say until your toddler hears you say a swear word, and now no amount of bargaining can stop them from repeating it every chance they get.


There’s no denying that toddlers are a handful, but they are also a lot of fun and fascinating to watch. Though my little one drives me crazy at times, I make sure I cherish every moment I spend with my 2-year-old because I know I’m gonna miss this crazy phase once he grows up.

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