5 Fun Weaving Crafts For Preschoolers And Kids

Weaving Crafts

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If you have kids at home, you know that they are always looking for something interesting to do. Kids are a store house of energy, and you always need something or the other to keep them busy and entertained.

A great way to keep them occupied and also interested is to engage them in various craft activities. Weaving craft is a very unique type of craft activity that will keep your kid interested and also let them make fun things at home. If it sounds interesting, do scroll down to know more about 5 Fun Weaving Crafts For Preschoolers And Kids.

Fun Weaving Crafts For Kids Of All Ages

Here are a few weaving craft ideas that you can help your kid try out at home:

1. Autumn Place Mat:

Weaving Crafts - Autumn Place Mat

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  • Ask your kid to fold a brown card lengthways in half and cut long lines from the edge.
  • Let your kid cut out strips from two different shades of orange paper.
  • Your kid has to weave the strips through the brown card in an under and above motion to make a woven pattern.
  • Once the entire mat is woven, they can seal it at the edge with glue and get it laminated.
  • The best part about this craft is that it is one of the easiest paper weave patterns that your kid can learn as a beginner. Once your kid gets the hang of it, you can encourage them to try out other colors and create different place mats for all members of the family.

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2. Nature Loom:

  • Ask your kid to collect leaves from the garden and outdoors, along with a very sturdy and thick small branch.
  • Your kid will first have to take a ball of yarn and weave it around the branch to make it look like a loom.
  • Once your kid has finished weaving the loom, they can cut off the edges and tie it up.
  • Your kid can now weave in the different leaves, feathers and other nature related objects through the loom to create a beautiful display.
  • Your kids can also create a different number of nature looms and once they are all complete, can plant them outside somewhere in the garden. It will create a beautiful display along the real plants and will add a beautiful dash of color. You can also help them stand up in real clay pots and place them around the house as decoration.

3. Paper Woven Red And White Heart:

Weaving Crafts - Paper Woven Red And White Heart

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  • Ask your kid to cut out two big rectangular shapes from a red and a white sheet. Round off one side of each sheet.
  • Help cut three slits on each sheet through which your kid can loop the papers in an under and above motion.
  • Glue the ends once the woven heart is complete.
  • Your kid can make a number of such hearts and string them all up to create a beautiful room partition, or simply decorate a door or window area. This is a simple and one of the best paper weaving crafts for kids to make using papers.

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4. Woven Snowflake:

  • Let your kid glue three popsicle sticks in the middle to create a six pointer figure.
  • Now ask them to weave yarn through the center in such a way that it passes through each stick.
  • By the end, your kid will reach till the outer edge of the sticks. Cut off the yarn and glue it up.
  • Help your kid make a number of these and attach them to the Christmas tree or hang them up near the window area.

5. Paper Cup Weaving:

  • Help your kid cut out slits around the paper cup.
  • Help them cut out strips of paper from old magazine papers and weave it through the cup.
  • Let them glue the strips at the end.
  • Ask your kid to tie a ribbon around the cup to complete the look. It can be one of the best and interesting weaving crafts for kids to make during their leisure time.

Use the woven crafts to make pretty gifts for friends and family and also display them around the house.

Have your kids ever tried any weaving crafts? If yes, do share with other moms what all they have made.

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