21 Wedding Thank You Wording Samples: How To Write A Wedding Thank You Card

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Counting the gifts you received on your wedding day is one of the most exciting parts of the event. And then comes your turn to show your gratitude to your people through your thank you cards. But not everybody is an expert at it, so it’s a good idea to refer to some wedding thank you card wording to make your gratitude note more impressive. It’s a good idea to write something on the note that can touch your loved ones’ hearts. Here’s a list of some sample wordings for thank you wedding cards to help you.

How To Write A Thank You Card For Wedding Gifts?

Just sending a ‘thank you’ note for the wedding gifts would not be ideal. Consider a few tips that will help you leave a lasting impression on the guests.

  • Cross-check the name of the receiver to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Don’t take too long to send a thank you note after the gift arrives.
  • A physical copy of a handwritten note is more pleasing. A personal touch on the card will make the receiver feel special.
  • You may use some logo or theme to make your thank you card look appealing.
  • Rather than a simple ‘thank you,’ be specific about your feelings related to the gift.
  • If you received a cash gift or gift card, let them know the amount you received—it will help them verify after receiving your thank you message.

Thank You Card Wordings For A Registry Gift

A newly married couple welcomes a registry gift because it is as per their taste and need. So, the thank you notes must be equally special and unique.

  1. We liked what you have gifted! The home furnishing set with blinds and duvets you chose reflects the vibes of my new marital home. Thank you so much for your generosity.
  1. Thank you, bro! I just can’t wait to put your wedding gift to use. We love the designer vase you have given for its color, pattern, and detail. And you have made it extra special and appealing by adding our initials. So, now we think it was worth adding to our registry.
  1. We had a great time with you at our wedding, my dear friend. The expensive cologne we unwrapped is fantastic for any special event and occasion. It’s a wonderful addition to our perfume collection, and we love that we both can use the unisex cologne. Thanks!

Thank You Card Wordings For A Cash Gift

There are varieties of gifts that newlyweds look forward to, but monetary gifts can go a long way in managing expenses. Here are a few ways you can write a thank you note for the same.

  1. We are grateful that you thought of showering your love and blessings in the form of cash. As we begin our married life, some extra cash in the bank will help and remind us of you.
  1. Thanks, dear friend! We are elated to see the cash as our wedding present. Unlike other gifts, we can plan to use the cash right away for our post-wedding expenses including, honeymoon and other celebrations.
  1. Your gift of cash is extra special for us! Thank you so much for attending our wedding and giving us such a thoughtful and meaningful present. We will use the amount to buy space-saver furniture for our new home.

Thank You Card Wordings For A Gift Card

Use special wordings to write a thank you note for a gift card, which falls into a ‘practical gift category.’

  1. Hey! We were looking for some kitchenware and other appliances online. And your wedding gift voucher became a valuable asset for us. Our desire to pick out what we needed became easier with the coupon amount. Love and thanks!
  1. Your restaurant gift card for our favorite place looks so sweet and straight from the heart. It’s the thought that counts, and we love the way you planned it. We appreciate and value your useful gifting option for a private dinner.
  1. Thank you for the token of love you sent for the wedding. With the coupon, you have given us a gift choice. We can select from the wide range of options available at the online store.

Thank You Card Wordings For A Group Gift

A combined gift from friends or colleagues helps you have an expensive product. You may write a thoughtful handwritten note expressing your feelings.

  1. Thank you so much, my dear roomies. I am speechless. As you guys split the cost, I got this pricey and huge gift for my home. I wasn’t able to afford this by myself.
  1. The big gift idea of this sofa recliner has saved me a lot. Else it would have broken my bank balance. It’s lovely you all got me this expensive item. Just kidding! I am so glad and thankful that you all pooled your resources, keeping my choice in mind.
  1. Thanks all! You all thought of a group gift option and made a big contribution towards my fund for the honeymoon. I can’t believe you guys have given us an experience of a lifetime by paying for the hotel bookings.

Thank You Card Wordings For Wedding Shower Gift

Gifts received at wedding showers are something that the couple can remember and cherish for life. You can use suitable thank you card wordings for the unique gifts you have received.

  1. A cookbook for a just-married couple is an awesome idea. Loving it! The tips and recipes come handy for a kitchen novice. We refer to it whenever we feel like trying something new. Looking forward to meeting you soon to have you try one of the recipes.
  1. Thanks to the thought of adding some personality to our abode with the wall art. The classic and vintage piece of painting is complementing our taste and style of the home. Your gift is timeless!
  1. Dear friend! I appreciate the choice of jewelry you gifted us. It was a big dream to buy it. We know it’s not the price that matters, but at the same time, we are worried about how you must have saved enough to buy it. I had to hold my tears while unboxing it. There are no right words to thank you for the pair of pendants.

Thank You Wordings For Attending The Wedding

The presence of every person makes the wedding a blissful and splendid event. It’s important that you show your appreciation with these thank you wordings.

  1. Your company, good wishes, love, presence, and gift truly matter to us for making it a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Thank you for joining us as we look forward to beginning a new chapter in our lives. Hope you were comfortable!
  1. We all are honored to have your support, time, and wishes to celebrate our wedding day grandly. Your presence turned the event into a dream wedding for us. Moreover, your solo dance performance added so much fun, color, and life to make it extra special and beautiful.
  1. You not only attended the wedding but also got other guests on the dance floor. Thanks so much for arranging transportation for our special guests. You added a special touch to our wedding with your presence, help, and support. We hope you didn’t get overlooked at any point of time during the wedding. We would love to invite you as our first guest for our post-wedding party.

Thank You Wordings For Parents

Parents help the bride and the groom with every detail of the wedding. Write personalized notes for your parents and make them smile.

  1. Dear Mom and Dad. Your actions go a long way in making the wedding a successful and splendid event. Sincere and well-worded thanks is just not enough as you have been with us at every step. In fact, you have sponsored it all. Getting it perfect was not easy without you both. Special thanks to the special people!
  1. Putting the feelings down on paper is a small way of letting you know your importance. You both have gone out of your way to ensure that we have wonderful memories for the rest of our life. For all you have done to make this wedding superb and impressive, we thank you from our hearts.
  1. Things wouldn’t have gone that smooth as they have without your love, care, and guidance. You both have not only made our dreams come true but also have showered immense love and blessings all through the celebration. You both are our superheroes. Thank you mommy and daddy!

Sending thank-you notes to the guests who attended your wedding and were a part of your happy day is a special way to express your gratitude towards them. However, it is important to remember that the note should be simple and have a personal touch. Writing personalized thank-you notes while not taking too long to send them is important to show the sincerity of your feelings. You can use these wedding thank-you card wordings or tweak them to add your own personalized touch to let your guests know how thankful you are for them.

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