80 Traditional And Lovely Wedding Vows For Couples



The memories of reading wedding vows are cherished for a lifetime. During the wedding, you vow to be there for each other at all times. And to love your partner through thick and thin. This marks the beginning of a new life together, and the vows help you express your gratitude and excitement to your partner.

However, sometimes a little assistance while writing your vows can help you come up with something special and heartwarming for your partner. And we are here to help you with that. Read on for a few samples of vows and find the one that inspires you the most.

Wedding Vows For Her

Writing wedding vows is not easy. Here are different examples of what you can add to your wedding vows for your would-be groom.

Bible Wedding Vows

To make your vows sound traditional, you can add some verses from the Holy Bible.

  1. “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” – Mark 10:9[Name], I believe that it is God’s will that has brought us together and we are destined to be life companions.
    With God’s help, I promise to always be a supportive and loving wife.
    Rain or shine, sickness or health, I will always be there for you until death do us part.
    In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I pledge to thee my love and loyalty.
    May the Lord bless our union and keep us bound together with trust and respect.
    Please accept this ring as a symbol of my love for you.
    In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  1. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.” – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
    As we stand before the Almighty, I pledge my love, loyalty, and life to you my love. I promise to be truthful and trusting always. And together, let’s create a wonderful loving family.
  1. “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” – Ephesians 4:32
    As I take you to be my husband, I promise to love you wholeheartedly and devotedly. I promise to forgive you if you ever hurt me. I pray to our Father above to give us the strength to keep trusting and loving each other all our lives.
  1. [Name], it is our Lord’s instruction to be the one beside you for the rest of your life. And I wish to follow His words and submit to you as unto him. The Almighty created a wife to be her husband’s lover and helper. And it is my heart’s desire to be a dutiful wife and follow this scriptural teaching. With all my heart I make this pledge to you.

Short Wedding Vows

If you are planning to write a short wedding vow, ensure that you speak your heart to add a personal touch to it.

  1. Your honor is my honor. Your happiness is my happiness. Your grief is my grief. I pledge my loyalty to you. I promise to love and cherish you as my husband forever.
  1. You are the man I always dreamt of marrying. I can’t wait to start my ‘happily ever after’ with you. I will love you forever.
  1. I promise to comfort you when you feel low. I promise to hold you when you stumble. I promise to be the light when you are lost in darkness. I give you myself today whole and sole.
  1. You have always made me laugh even during the most difficult times. Today, as I become your wife I am signing up for a lifetime of smiles and happiness. I am the luckiest bride ever.
  1. As I exchange this ring with you, I commit my life to you and our marriage. I promise to cherish you and be a dutiful wife.
  1. I promise to always shield you from any harm and be your support system when things get tough.
  1. As I say “I do” here in front of our Holy Father, I mean to tell you that I agree to share my life with you. I agree to share your joy and happiness as well as your pain and sorrow.
  1. As I take your hand today, I entrust you with my heart and soul. I vow to always be loyal and loving to you.
  1. I pledge to love, respect, and trust you as my beloved husband for today and the rest of my life.
  1. I vow to love you for this lifetime and give my all to our marriage and family.
  1. As your wife, I will build our home on love, trust, understanding, and respect. I will care for my husband and family the way I care for myself.
  1. With my hand in yours, I never feel scared of anything. And I will hold your hand forever because I have to conquer all my fears with you by my side.

Romantic Wedding Vows

To promise to love a man for the rest of your life is one of the most romantic thoughts. As you put this thought into action, you can try writing a romantic vow for your soon-to-be husband.

  1. Your love changed the meaning of life for me. Today, I commit to love you with all my heart and sincerity. From today, I am yours completely and will be so until my last breath.
  1. I must be God’s favorite child as He blessed me with a wonderful person like you in my life. I can’t believe I am marrying my best friend, my partner-in-crime, and my one true love. I couldn’t have gotten luckier.
  1. If love is about giving and taking, I promise to give you my heart and take you heart in return. I promise to give you my trust and take your loyalty in return. I promise to give you my life and take your love and only love in return.
  1. My life has not been the same since you became a part of it. And today my life is about to change permanently as I pledge myself to you. I am extremely excited to set out on this new journey of my life.
  1. No words can express my happiness right now as I commit my love to the man of my dreams. We were always connected through hearts, but today, we unite our souls in front of our near and dear ones. You give my life meaning and purpose.
  1. Life is nothing without love. Today, I take you as my husband, and we will embark on the journey of life together as partners, as equals. I know I will not want anything more from life as long as I have your love to fill my heart with warmth.
  1. I have faith in you, my love. I know for as long as you are with me, even the wrongs will be rights for us. You are my most beautiful dream come true and I couldn’t have asked for anything more in life.
  1. I remember the day you first spoke to me and I looked into your eyes and felt my heart-melting. I had never felt like this before and I knew I had found my love. Years later, I stand here with you promising to spend the rest of my life as your loving wife. And I know life is going to be so much more exciting from now onwards.

Funny Wedding Vows

Weddings can make people emotional but if you wish to make it light, try writing a funny wedding vow that can make your partner crack up even at the altar.

  1. I promise to occasionally and convincingly capitulate to your point of argument even when I know that you know I am right.
  1. I vow to allow you to save my day by killing any creepy crawly creature around me so you can look like a Marvel superhero.
  1. I promise to keep quiet when you are driving and I know that you have taken the wrong turn.
  1. I promise to love you even when you disagree with my completely rational, logical, practical points.
  1. I promise to listen attentively each time you describe the marvels of astrophysics.
  1. You are the only person in the world with whom I would like to share the last piece of chocolate without wanting to kill.
  1. I promise to ask you how I look in my new dress only during the football commercial and not during the match.
  1. I promise to not ask you if you are sure about me looking good in an outfit.
  1. I promise to watch a documentary for every two chick-flicks you watch with me.
  1. You are the chocolate to my cake, the diamond to my ring, the sauce to my fries, and darling, you are my everything.
  1. I vow to not force you to have a Pretty Little Liars marathon with me.
  1. I promise to keep loving you even when you’re old and still watching anime.
  1. I promise to not startle you at night when you step out of the bathroom. I will not wear facemasks at night.
  1. With me, you will never have to scream at the sight of a spider, because I, your wife, am not afraid of the six legged creature. If it has two legs more, then I will have to think about it.
  1. I promise to cheer for your favorite team even if I do not know which one it is.
  1. I promise to limit my messages up to five pages each time I explain what you did wrong and why I am angry with you.

Wedding Vows For Him

Writing wedding vows can be tricky and you might not understand what to include and what to keep out of your vows. Have a look at the following samples that might help you to get started.

Bible Wedding Vows

  1. “For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her.” – Ephesians 5:25[Name], I promise to love you more than myself and cherish you always.
    I will follow the Almighty’s teachings and never take you for granted.
    I will obey His commands and be patient, truthful, and understanding.
    I will lead by example with loyalty and faithfulness.
    I will love you and you alone from this day forward until God calls us to Him.
    Please accept this ring as a symbol of my love for you.
    In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  1. I, [Name], take you, to be my wife, and I promise you: I will be faithful and honest to you. I will treat you with love, respect, and honor. I will care for you and help you. As I share my life with you, I promise to be an understanding husband and forgive you as our Lord forgives us. I pray to our Father above to guide us through the best and worst of what is to come, and as long as we live.
  1. [Name], we read in Genesis, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife,” and in Proverbs “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing.” Today as I pledge my life to you, it is He who has brought us here together and is looking upon us. He instructs me to be a loving husband and love you the way Christ loves the Church. Following the Almighty’s teachings, I make this pledge to you with my heart, mind, and soul.

Short Wedding Vows

Do not want to sound too emotional? Then you can keep your wedding vows short like these.

  1. Today, I promise to be your designated driver in all the adventures you embark on in life. I promise to be your understanding friend first, and then your loving husband.
  1. Your love makes my life beautiful and I promise to keep you happy always. As your husband, I will take away your tears and replace them with your smiles. I feel lucky to have met you.
  1. From this day on, my lifeline is forever connected with yours. I promise to love you with all my heart and make a beautiful life together.
  1. Being with you forever does not seem enough. I wish to spend every single moment of my life with you. I promise to be the best companion for this lifetime.
  1. With this ring, I promise you will never feel lonely again. I will always be by your side as your biggest supporter and your only lover.
  1. Give me your impatience and I will give you my calmness. Give me your sadness and I will give you all the happiness in the world. I will always make you a proud and happy wife.
  1. I pledge today to love you like a lover, care for you like a father, and tease you like a friend. I want to be the one you share both your happiness and sadness with.
  1. I will always offer you my shoulders when you want someone to lean on. I promise you myself entirely.
  1. As a husband, I am yours entirely. I entrust you with my heart and life. I promise to care for you and love you always.
  1. I cannot predict the future but I can promise to work hard to make you a happy and content wife forever.
  1. Today, I promise to always hold you close to my heart and protect you from any harm. I will be a dutiful and doting husband to you forever.
  1. You are beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside. It is my honor to be the man beside you forever.

Romantic Wedding Vows

If she is the one who completes your world, why not express your feelings through a romantic vow.

  1. I promise to kiss you to wake you every morning and kiss you to sleep every night. I promise to kiss every tear that leaves your eyes and every smile that appears on your face. I promise to kiss every bad thought away from your mind and every good thought into your mind.
  1. Let’s create a world of our own together. A world full of our love. A world in which we share our joys and sorrows together. A world where we can be our true selves and not worry about being judged. A world where it is just you, me, and our love.
  1. My life is meaningless without you. Marrying you means setting my life on track in a new direction. Setting out on a journey of happiness, excitement, and contentment. Today, I promise to be your best travel partner and ensure that our journey of life is smooth and joyful.
  1. Life never seemed so beautiful until you made an entry into it. You captured my heart with your pure innocence and showed me the dream of a life filled with love. As I stand here today, I take my first step toward a beautiful and fulfilling life with you as my partner for life. Let’s scream on this rollercoaster together.
  1. My love, along with this ring, I give you my heart and my trust. I also give you my weakness and strengths. I give you myself entirely. I vow to do my best to keep you happy always. No matter the situation we face, I will always keep you above everything else. You are the heartbeat of my life.
  1. Mignon McLaughlin once said, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” I have fallen in love with you each day since I met you, and I know, I cannot love anyone else but you. I take you to be my wife because I know that I cannot do this with anyone else.
  1. We may not be perfect for each other but we are meant to be together. We may argue and disagree, but with you, I feel truly free. As we promise to love each other for this lifetime, I feel proud to call you mine.

Funny Wedding Vows

If you’d like to see your partner crack up at the altar, then these funny wedding vows might do the trick for you.

  1. Today, I vow to always put you first. Even when Real Madrid vs Barcelona is on, I will watch it only after I have completed my daily chores and tucked my wife in bed.
  1. I vow to keep this short, so you do not fall asleep the way you did when I was narrating the story of Interstellar to you.
  1. I vow to take good care of you always. If I fail to do so, you are welcome to drive my favorite red car with me, riding shotgun and screaming for my life.
  1. I am so madly in love with you that I vow to never watch the new episode of our favorite show without you.
  1. I promise to not use your shampoo and soap even if it lures me with its fragrance.
  1. Let’s grow old together, so I can laugh at your gray hair while you admire my shiny bald head.
  1. I vow to let you have the last cookie in the jar even if my life depended on that single piece.
  1. Today, in front of our loved ones, I promise to not drive your car. And if I do, I will ensure that the gas is full for you to use.
  1. I promise to not judge your choice, henceforth, considering you chose a catch like me to be your life partner.
  1. Let’s shut our phones and gadgets every weekend and live like cavemen who love to eat burgers and chips.
  1. I promise to believe you when you say you will be ready in just a minute.
  1. I promise to patiently sit and help you pick the best outfit out of the two hundred options you have at any given time.
  1. I vow to notice your new shoes, new hairdo, new outfit, and even your new nail color.
  1. I promise to love you even when I am angry with you.
  1. I vow to not complain about the food even when I am the one cooking.
  1. I promise to watch all your favorite romantic movies with you except the ones where the hero dies in the end. You have to cry through that one alone.
  1. I promise, before every vacation, I will practice my photography skills so I can take as many amazing pictures of you for your Instagram.
  1. I promise to give you at least seven restaurant options each time you ask me where we can eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I write for my wedding vows?

When writing wedding vows, you may begin with the story of how you and your partner met and continue by speaking about the characteristics that made you fall in love. Mention how you both complement each other. Promise that you will be there for them in their moments of happiness and sadness. Do share your version of promises towards them.

2. How do you end wedding vows?

To end your wedding vows, you may choose a formal statement like “I love you,” “I promise to be there for you,” or “I shall never let you go until death do us apart.” You may even add a personal touch to these statements and reveal one of your inside jokes.

3. What should you not do while reading wedding vows?

Remember not to stretch your wedding vows too long. Keep them short and sweet. Don’t get carried away in a story and forget to share the crucial wedding promises. Also, understand how flexible your partner is when sharing personal stories. Try not to share too much information. Don’t hesitate to ask for help with your vows if needed.

Wedding vows are beautiful promises couples make to each other as they get into a union for a lifetime. They are not to be taken lightly, as remembering them when the marriage hits a rough patch can help rekindle the lost love. Vows are heartfelt, personalized, and unique. These sample wedding vows will help you put your feelings into words and make your beloved beam with happiness as you read them out loud on your wedding day.

Key Pointers

  • Adding some verses from the Holy Bible can make your wedding vows sound traditional.
  • Short wedding vows can add a personal touch to the event.
  • You may write a romantic wedding vow to express your love to your partner during the wedding.

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