110+ Wedding Wishes For Daughter And Son-In-Law

A daughter is her parents’ darling and holds a special place in their hearts, no matter how old she is and what heights she achieved in life. And nothing can be more joyful for a parent to see their little princess tie the knot with the man of her dreams. We bring you some heart-touching wedding day wishes for daughter and son-in-law that will help you express your unconditional love to her. So, choose a wish from this exhaustive list and share it with your daughter and son-in-law as they enter wedlock and make the most momentous day of their life an unforgettable one.

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110+ Wedding Day Wishes For Daughter And Son-In-Law

Bless your wonderful daughter and adorable son-in-law by sending a heartfelt wish to them, and bring a big bright smile to their faces.

Wedding Messages For Daughter and Son-In-Law

  1. My Princess, wishing you immense happiness, joy, and laughter for your married life. May you have a successful married life!
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  1. It’s such a lovely feeling to see you get married. I wish you lots of joy, happiness and love on this special occasion. You will always be my sweet little girl. Congrats.
  2. Thank you for making me part of this celebration, I appreciate it, may love always rain on your marriage my dear daughter. Congrats on your wedding.
  3. Be patient with each other, love each other, and stay true to each other, and I promise you no mountain will be too high to climb. Congrats on your wedding, my daughter and son-in-law.
  4. Dear, congratulations on meeting your true love. May this love grow stronger and deeper with gratitude with each passing day of your married life.

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  1. Oodles of love and tons of best wishes to such my little girl. Congratulations dear on your wedding.
  2. Know my heartfelt wishes on this new achievement! You both make a lovely couple and hope that will stay this way always. God bless you both.
  3. Dearest daughter and son-in-law, may the angels that have been looking over you now be there as you are entering your life.
  4. How time flies, you’re a big girl now! I’m so happy for you that you’ve found the special one with whom you’d now complete your family! Enjoy the day.
  5. Congratulations, my daughter. Our best wishes and prayers are always with you both.
  6. We are blessed to welcome such a lovely addition to our family. Congratulations to our amazing daughter and son-in-law.
  7. May this wedding be a source of comfort and warmth to you both. Many congratulations, my dear daughter and son-in-law.
  8. As you begin a fresh journey and build a new life together, remember that we always have your back. Wishing you both a marriage filled with love and happiness.
  9. You both found your way to each other step-by-step, and your union will be celebrated with pledging vows. Hoping that this will be the best day of your lives. Congratulations to both of you.
  10. Today, I not only saw my lovely daughter become a bride, but I also got a son whom I adore very much. Seeing you both in love fills my heart with joy. Wishing you both a marriage filled with love and adventure.
  11. You’re the darling of the whole family. On this special day, your parents wish you a bundle of happiness and love. Enjoy your big day, daughter and son-in-law.
  12. You guys are damn lucky to have found each other! May every single day of your married life be filled with laughter and new lessons! Wishing you the best of wedlock!
  13. Make a home that both of you will enjoy living in, I hope you last forever, thank you for marrying my daughter. Congrats on your wedding, dear ones.
  14. So happy about your wedding, although you’d remain our little princess always. May you have a wonderful life with your life partner!
  15. A marriage brings together families and loved ones; now, this beautiful union of two souls will be our most memorable occasion. Congratulations to my daughter and son-in-law.
  16. Congratulations to both of you; through this marriage, I hope you will be each other’s pillar of strength and help each other grow into amazing individuals. I hope this journey will be filled with love and joy.
  17. All my warm wishes and love to my lovely daughter and son-in-law. I hope that your union leads to a home that radiates love, positivity and happiness.
  18. Congratulations on your wedding! May you both love, care, and protect each other always and forever. I hope that this wedding day always reminds you of the immense love and trust you have for one another.
  19. Warm greetings and congratulations to my daughter and son-in-law. This day is  a testament to the mutual love, respect, and friendship you both share. I pray that your lives are filled with peace, love, and memorable moments.
  20. I knew he would be the one to love you with all his heart. Congratulations for choosing the right one, my daughter.
  21. You acted well during your waiting period which made you get the very best among all the available men out there. Happy married life virtuous daughter. God bless your home.

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Daughter And Son-In-Law Wedding Quotes

  1. “Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love for each other forever grow.”
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  1. “Congratulations dear daughter for your love, your commitment, your wedding, and your marriage! May your future bring you joy and wonderment”
  2. “Dear daughter, I’m glad to be with you on such an important, meaningful and life-changing event.”
  3. “May your life together be as sweet as your love and courtship.”
  4. “Dear daughter, may this union be the beginning of the best journey of your life, and I hope you cherish every moment and celebrate all goodness that is yet to come.’’
  5. “I now know that you have found your charming prince, for now, I see a beautiful smile, not only on your face but also in your heart.’’
  6. “Marriages are made in heaven but are celebrated and cherished on earth. The coming together of two souls is written right from the birth.’’
  7. “Best wishes on this magnificent journey as you build your lives together.’’
  8. “May your marriage be filled with all the right elements: love, respect, romance, humor, peace, and understanding.’’
  9. “Wishing you success in your new titles, bride, groom, husband, wife, and any more you will pick up over your years of togetherness.”
  10. “Dearest daughter and son-in-law, may the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.”
  11. “I wish for you great delight and happiness together! I know that your love will be proof to all who surround you that love is beautiful, kind and eternal.”
  12. “My little baby is now a bride to her groom. I couldn’t have asked for more.”
  13. “May you both bring each other loads of happiness, peace, and of course, some wine.’’
  14. “Congratulations, my dear ones, of all the beautiful days we have celebrated, this day will always top the list.’’
  15. “May God fulfill all your wishes and bring you tons of good luck and happiness.’’
  16. “One marriage advice that I’d give is: Love, respect, and do the laundry together.’’
  17. “Congratulations, darling daughter, from seeing you dream of your wedding trousseau to walking you down the aisle, my heart is filled with joy, and I wish you the best on this new adventure.’’


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Wedding Wishes For Daughter And Son-In-Law From Mother

  1. My little princess, your wedding day is one of the most fulfilling days of my life. I wish for nothing but peace and happiness for you and your man.
Wedding Wishes For Daughter And Son-In-Law
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  1. It tears me out that my little girl has become a beautiful grown lady and a wife. May you have all the happiness of the world.
  2. You will always be my prettiest little girl no matter what! Congrats on your wedding, my daughter.
  3. I wish my adorable daughter and her loving husband a lifetime of blissfulness and contentment. Happy marriage!
  4. Your vows have filled my heart with joy and delight. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and laughter.
  5. My little girl, your life changed massively, but I know you will handle it with love, care, and grace. Wishing you and your dear husband a successful marriage.
  6. My dear daughter, as you begin a new chapter in your life, I wish you strength, courage, and abundance in your marriage. Hope that this will be the best phase of your life.
  7. I am so honored to be a part of your big day. May your marriage radiate love, trust, and togetherness. Many congratulations to my little girl.
  8. Thank you for making me part of this day; I appreciate it. May love always rain on your marriage, my dear daughter.
  9. Don’t ever stop supplying love to your husband if you want to see him overcome all circumstances always. Enjoy your special union. Happy married life sweet daughter.
  1. My little princess, your wedding is the most dreamed of event in my life. May you both have a wonderful wedding and always love each other.
  2. I am so excited to see what the future holds for you two. May it be filled with fun, laughter, and pure joy. Congratulations my darlings!
  3. My dear daughter, your family and friends will always be there to cheer you up. So, hold your head high and begin this new phase of your life with utmost grace and courage. Congratulations and best wishes.
  4. All I want to convey to my sweet daughter and son-in-law is that we have each other’s back at all times. Congrats on your wedding.
  5. Watching my little girl marry the one she loves so much makes me teary and joyful at the same time. Enjoy your love tale dear one!
  6. May your beautiful union stand for devotion and love. Many congratulations to the two of you.
  1. I cannot believe that my little angel is now a bride and soon-to-be wife. May you and my handsome son-in-law enjoy all the good things that marriage can bring.
  2. The best things of life happen when it is accidental, unforeseen and unplanned. So you must enjoy this unique love between you two. Happy married life, daughter.
  3. Dear daughter, I am excited and happy that you get to make a family of your own with the man you love now.
  4. No matter how old you get, I will always have your back. Begin this phase of your life while trusting that the universe is always on your side. Happy marriage!
  5. I am so proud of the daughter that you have been and the wife you’re becoming. May you bloom with happiness always. Congratulations on your wedding.
  6. My heart is full seeing you find genuine love and happiness that you oh so deserve. Appreciate all the joy you bring to our lives. Wishing you a happy and joyous marriage.
  7. I pray to God that your marriage is blessed with great love, trust, and wonderful moments of joy. Congratulations on tying the knot!
  8. Don’t hesitate to communicate and rely on each other as you begin this new path. May this marriage bring the best out of both of you. Cheers to your happily ever after!

Wedding Wishes For Daughter And Son-In-Law From Father

  1. Congrats daddy’s princess! Wish you a lovely married life ahead and may you always show appreciation for one another and stay together this way forever.
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  1. Heartiest greetings my dear on your wedding! May you both stay in love forever and wish you a happy and peaceful married life!
  2. I have no words to describe the immense joy I feel today. May God shower your marriage with love, laughter, and all the happiness in the world.
  3. Congratulations, my darling daughter, on starting a new phase of your life. You have always been the best daughter and I know you will honor the title of a wife very well. My best wishes are always with you.
  4. May God bless your union with love, warmth, and peace. Congratulations to my gorgeous daughter and my adorable son-in-law.
  5. My only wish for you both is that your love for each other only grows stronger. Wishing you both a happy and fun-filled marriage.
  6. Many congratulations on this big day in your life. May this feeling of a newly-married couple stay forever alive.
  7. I am so happy about your wedding, although you’d remain my little angel always. May you have a wonderful life with your life partner.
  8. May the tinkering of wedding bells ring in a joyous time of your life. Congratulations dear daughter and dearest son-in-law.
  9. Sending you my warm wishes for today and always. May God bless your marriage with lots of love, happiness and trust.
  10. My princess, wishing you immense happiness, joy, and laughter for your married life. May you have a successful married life!
  11. Best wishes on your wedding, my sweet daughter. May this moment bring you all the best in life. As a mother, I love youbut I wish your husband loves you more.
  12. Finding love doesn’t mean you’ll find the perfect one you’ve been dreaming of but love is what makes it perfect. I’m happy for you both. Happy married life, daughter.
  13. Finally, the day has come for us to say goodbye to each other. In your new home, don’t forget the respect your mom showed me. Always put a smile on your husband’s face. Good luck, little princess.
  14. Proud to be your daddy, my sweetheart! May God bless both of you with everlasting love, trust, respect and happiness! Enjoy this big day to the fullest.
  15. My eyes were filled with tears of joy seeing you in that beautiful gown. May this marriage always keep you happy and prosperous.
  16. Congratulations on finding your Mr. Perfect. I hope you build a home filled with joy, compassion, and laughter.
  17. Seeing you taking your vows has left my heart filled with pride and joy. I hope your love grows stronger and your trust grows deeper in this marriage. Congratulations to my wonderful girl.
  18. Witnessing you transform from a little daughter to a pretty wife has been so wholesome. I pray that this marriage only brings you happiness and good luck.
  19. May my gorgeous princess find love, respect, and peace in this marriage. Congratulations and best wishes for your wedding.

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Religious Wedding Wishes For Daughter And Son-In-Law

  1. Nothing can break you apart if and if only your faith is strong enough, as that’s what will keep you two together! May the Lord bless you, my daughter and son-in-law.
Wedding wishes for daughter and son-in-law
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  1. My dearest daughter and son-in-law, with vows of devotion, love and loyalty keepyour marriage going! Hope that the fragrance of your love keeps spreading with time and turns into a beautiful garden.
  2. My darlings, always remember that marriage is all about trusting and making sacrifices for one another. I pray that Jesus protects your marriage and blesses you both with happiness and prosperity.
  3. May God bless you with wisdom and courage in this new phase of your life. Always show your partnered gratitude and thank the Almighty for this blessing.
  4. I pray that God guides you through the best way of living in this new journey. Always seek His blessings, and remember that God will always help you through everything in life.
  5. As you begin your journey, may each bring you so much love and moments you will forever cherish. May God protect you and your happiness.
  6. Always remember your vows and keep this marriage going. May God help you spread the fragrance of your love and guide you always.
  7. Best wishes for a long and healthy life together! May God shower my son-in-law and daughter with His blessings year after year! Congratulations on your holy wedding!
  8. Congratulations on your wedding. Remember to pray together from time to time. Thus you will be blessed by the Grace of God! Be happy and stay together always.
  9. May God bless my lovely daughter and son-in-law on this beautiful day. Believe in Him and seek guidance and prayers from Him.
  10. May Lord brings new sunshine of happiness, pleasure, and love in your married life. Best wishes on your wedding, daughter and son-in-law.
  11. Wishing you never-ending happiness, joy, and love for your married life. May Lord grant you a successful married life! Congratulations on your wedding, daughter.
  12. I pray to the Lord to overflow your newly married life with eternal love, trust, and commitment. Congratulations, dear.
  13. No matter what the situation is, may God keep you together always. May your married life be full of satisfaction, love, trust, and blessings from God. Best wishes to you, my daughter.
  14. May Lord bless my daughter and son-in-law and the family you are about to start! Best wishes.
  15. I pray to Jesus to help you both in every phase of your new marital journey. Congratulations, my dear daughter.
  16. As you join today in marriage as Christians, I wish you both an eternity of love and joy together! I implore Jesus to sparkle his light upon you two! Amen.
  17. Congratulations dear daughter for marrying the man who desires to uplift and encourage and love you as Christ loved the church.
  18. May the one who bought you both together continue to bless you with joy, wisdom, and peace forever.
  19. Remember to forgive each other for small mistakes just like God forgives us when we sin. Continue to nurture your relationship and watch how God will always protect and guide you.
  20. Always pray to God for a happy and blissful marriage. May God show his blessings by showering you with peace, joy, and good health.
  21. God undoubtedly has planned so many blessings for you two. Continue to love each other and be kind to one another. Congratulations and best wishes.
  22. God has blessed you by bringing you both together, so honor this bond and hold each other tight through thick and thin. May his blessing always be with you both.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I express my love and blessings for my daughter and son-in-law on their wedding day?

You can write them a heartfelt congratulatory message, give them a thoughtful gift, share a toast during the reception, incorporate a family tradition, or offer a prayer or blessing. Your words and gestures will show how much you care for them and wish them a lifetime of happiness and love.

2. How can I customize my wedding wishes to reflect the personalities of my daughter and son-in-law?

Start by thinking about what makes them unique. Consider their interests, hobbies, and passions, as well as their values and beliefs. Use this information to craft a personalized message that speaks to their individuality and rejoices in their love.

3. How can I incorporate family traditions into my wedding wishes?

Incorporating family traditions into your wedding wishes for your daughter and son-in-law can be a meaningful way to honor your family’s heritage and create a sense of continuity across generations. You could consider including a blessing or prayer passed down through generations or incorporating a cultural ritual with special significance for your family.

Nothing can make your little angel happier than a genuine and passionate wish from her parents on her wedding day. You may select a wish from the above-mentioned versatile list of wedding wishes for daughter and son-in-law and also personalize it by adding your own feelings! You may either share a written wish or even read it to them at the wedding. So, share the wish with your daughter and son-in-law and let the newlyweds know that they mean the world to you and always have your blessings.

Infographic: Words Of Love For Your Daughter And Son-In-Law

You may not realize it, but your words of love and care for your daughter and son-in-law on their big day could be the best comforting send-off for them as they embark on their new journey. So here are a few of our favorite wedding day wishes to melt their hearts and fill them with tears of joy.

wedding day wishes for gaughter and son in law (infographic)

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