Managing Your Weight Gain With Twin Pregnancy


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Are you pregnant and have double reason to be happy and excited? Did your doctor just confirm that you are all set to give birth to twins? Have you had a checkup and are already worried about various health aspects you need to take care of while expecting twins? If you can relate to the above situations and are clueless about your weight gain with twin pregnancy, scroll down to know more!

Weight Gain During Twin Pregnancy:

Most doctors will advise you to gain about 37 to 54 pounds when you are pregnant with twins (1). However, if you were a little overweight before you became pregnant, your doctor may suggest you to gain a little lesser weight than others. Similarly, if you were underweight when you became pregnant, your doctor may advise you to gain a little more weight as compared to other moms who are pregnant with twins.

Gaining so much weight while you are pregnant may seem like a nightmare! Go ahead to know more about the weight breakup that makes perfect sense:

  • Almost 10 to 12 pounds of the total weight you gain will be that of your babies.
  • While you are pregnant, your body will produce a lot of extra blood to help your babies grow properly. It also adds up to the weight gain that you experience during pregnancy.

Your amniotic fluid will also account for your overall weight gain. Once your water breaks and your babies arrive, you will shed some extra pounds.

It is highly possible that once you deliver your babies, you will lose about 30 pounds in the next two to four weeks. That will leave you with a baggage of 12 to 15 extra pounds, which is similar to what a mother who gives birth to a single baby gains.

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Pregnancy Weight Gain With Twins Through Each Trimester:

Women who are expecting a single baby gain weight gradually over the course of the three trimesters. Similarly, while expecting twins you too will gain the required amount of weight over the next nine months. Of course, there is always a lot of challenge that is going to come your way when it comes to eating enough and holding down what you eat. Sometimes you may gain a lot of weight in sudden spurts. Here is a look at how much weight you will gain over the coming next months. Remember that each pregnancy is unique, and you may or may not gain the same amount at the specified time. Speak to your doctor about your weight gain to stay aware of how your pregnancy is progressing.

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1. Weight Gain In The First Trimester:

In the first trimester, you will gain about four to six pounds overall.

  • Depending on your health and other factors, you may even lose a little weight during this time. It is not a cause for worry, but make sure you speak to your doctor about it.
  • In the first trimester, you will probably suffer from morning sickness that accompanies pregnancy. When you are pregnant with twins, it is even more uncomfortable as the bouts of nausea could last long, and make you feel sick all the time. Your hormones are at double drive while you are pregnant with twins.
  • Make sure you eat small meals at regular intervals. Avoid eating a heavy meal that can further induce nausea, even if you are craving for more food.
  • Make sure you take your prescribed medicines on time. Some prenatal medicines can increase your nausea. If you feel uncomfortable, ask your doctor to change your medication.
  • It is also important to stay hydrated, but if you are not able to increase your fluid intake, do inform your doctor about it.

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2. Weight Gain In The Second Trimester:

During the second trimester, you will gain about one and a half pounds each week.

  • In most likelihood, your nausea will subside once you enter the second trimester.
  • As you start feeling better, you should try to eat well to make up for any weight loss that happened during the first trimester.
  • Your doctor will ask you to gain a certain amount of weight in the second trimester, depending on how much weight you lost or gained in your first trimester.
  • In case you have to gain some excess weight, make sure you add a good amount of protein, calcium, fats, and whole grain to your diet.
  • Some great food options that are healthy and will allow you to gain weight in a healthy way are cheese and other dairy products, whole milk, and lean meats.

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3. Weight Gain In The Third Trimester:

During the third trimester, you will gain about one and a half to two pounds each week.

  • Once you reach the 32nd week of your pregnancy, your babies will be almost four pounds each. You are likely to find it increasingly difficult and uncomfortable to eat and perform regular activities.
  • During this time, you may experience episodes of heartburn and even severe pain in your back and chest. You need not hit the panic button as your growing uterus exerts pressure on other organs and causes discomfort.
  • During this stage, your babies will be gaining their final amount of nutrition and weight in the womb, so it is very important to stick to your healthy diet.
  • Your doctor will be the best person to guide you about the necessary weight gain during your entire pregnancy to safeguard the development of your twins. Do not fret about losing your hourglass figure just focus on the bliss of motherhood that is around the corner for you.

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Your doctor will be the best person to guide you about the necessary weight gain during your entire pregnancy to safeguard the development of your twins. Do not fret about losing your hourglass figure just focus on the bliss of motherhood that is around the corner for you.

Hope you liked our post on weight gain with twin pregnancy. Do you have twins? How much was your twin pregnancy weight gain? Share your experience with other moms-to-be here.

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