15 Weird Things Narcissists Do That Make You Watchful

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Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), a complex mental disorder, could lead to conflicts in relationships, be it personal or professional. Hence, it is crucial to know and be watchful of the weird things narcissists do to protect yourself. A person with NPD shows certain traits, such as exaggerated self-importance and need for admiration from others or preferential treatment over others (1).

Most people exhibit a couple of narcissistic traits, but if you know someone who shows most of the following narcissistic traits that are weird and unusual, it would be wise of you to exercise caution around them or find a way to let them seek professional help

15 Weird Things Narcissists Do

Narcissists can show some unusual behavior, which may be an indicator of their personality disorder. Here are a few things that should make you watchful.

1. They are not interested in listening to you

A narcissist can be so obsessed that they only like to talk about themselves and are hardly interested in listening to you. When you speak, they may often cut you off and divert the topic to they are interested in.

2. They are sore losers

Losing is not an option for a narcissist. And when they lose, they sulk about it. They blame others for their loss or make lame excuses to hide their shortcomings. Their superiority complex makes it difficult for them to digest a loss.

3. They dismiss your plea for help

When you need help from them, they will get furious at you for causing them unnecessary trouble. Since they do not care for anybody but themselves, they will not hesitate to dismiss your plea for help.

4. They walk before you

A narcissist enjoys causing distress to people. When you are out in public with them, they may deliberately walk fast and ahead of you. And when you panic after losing them, they may enjoy your distress from a distance. On returning to you, they may blame your slow speed for the confusion.

5. They admire dictators

A narcissist believes that they are above everybody else and find it difficult to relate to other’s problems. This exaggerated sense of self-worth makes them admire dictators who misuse their power and trouble innocent people. They relate to such dictators as they too exhibit a sense of grandiosity (2).

6. They blame you even for their mistakes

Anything that goes wrong with a narcissist is someone else’s fault because they firmly believe that they are always right. For instance, if you get late to a movie because they reached the theater late, you will be blamed for booking the wrong time to watch a movie. Forget admitting their mistake, they won’t even own up to their faults.

7. They malign your name for their benefit

A narcissist craves admiration and approval. To make you their follower, they will first ruin your relations with others by spreading false rumors about you. They will ensure that others lose trust in you and you are eventually left alone. Once you have no friends, you will have no option but to go to the narcissist, who will ensure that you stay under their thumb.

8. They don’t have a straight answer for any question

Ask a narcissist a question, and you will get a counter-question in return. It is because they do not like answering questions, especially if they expose their negative trait. They avoid questions fervently and get defensive for no reason.

9. They use the silent treatment to abuse

If a narcissist is aware of your emphatic or kind-hearted nature, they will exploit it to their benefit by making you submit to their wishes. And they do this with the silent treatment. They will refuse to speak with you and give you a cold vibe until you do what they want you to do.

10. They hold grudges

Know that if you tell a narcissist that they are wrong, they will remember it for a lifetime and hold a grudge for the longest time. They do not forgive even minor slights and feel good about themselves only after exacting their revenge on you.

11. They resort to emotional blackmail

When a narcissist becomes aware of your insecurities and vulnerabilities, they will use it to blackmail emotionally. For instance, they blame you for something and make you feel guilty to such an extent that next time you toe their line without any protest.

12. They apologize only for their benefit

A narcissist detests offering an apology. Their rare apology is often half-hearted and only for a purpose. For instance, you tell them you felt bad about something they did, and they apologize, cursing themselves for being such a horrible person to you. This instead will make you feel awful for seeking an apology in the first place.

13. They are a hypocrite

For a narcissist, rules that apply to you do not apply to them. For instance, they will scream and yell at you for a small mistake you make, but it is no big deal when they commit the same mistake. In fact, when you confront them about it, they will get into a fit of rage, so you regret calling them out at all.

14. They are different with different people

A narcissist is like a chameleon who changes their personality according to whom they are dealing with. They will be extremely caring and considerate of one person and abusive and indifferent to another person. In fact, one moment, they will be charming with their friends, and the very next moment, they will be screaming at you for a petty reason.

15. They ghost you only to return back

A narcissist thrives on your misery and resorts to mind games for some cheap thrills. For instance, they will disappear on you without any warning and will cut all contact with you, leaving you in despair for their sudden disappearance. They will then return to you after a few days acting as if nothing ever happened.

Weird things narcissists do can baffle anyone. They are good at manipulating and controlling their victims. If you come across someone showing most of these narcissistic tendencies, then stay away from them, as their negative nature can affect your mental and physical health. Or ask them to seek professional advice to change their ways so you can have a balanced relationship with them.


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