Weird Things Pregnant Couples Do That Can Leave You Stumped

Weird Things Pregnant Couples Do

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A lot of couples, when they’re in sync with each other, tend to do funny and weird things. Funny and weird to the rest of us, that is. You probably find it completely normal if you’re the couple. That being said, pregnant couples can get even weirder! Throw a baby belly in the middle, along with hormonal changes, and you get bizarre situations.

For example, this video shows a pregnant couple going about their daily pregnant routine. However, for non-pregnant couples, the couple’s daily affairs are extremely amusing!

Keep reading if you want a good laugh.

Weird Thing 1:

Weird Thing 1

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The video starts off with a couple that is staring at the mother’s baby belly. By staring we mean they have their phones out so they can take a video of the baby moving. Oh, technology these days. Both partners have their phones pointed and ready to go, however, the baby refused to listen to mommy and daddy.

Then mom says, “Come on, come on! Show us some movement” while the dad begs, “Give us like a hand or foot something.”

Here’s the funnier part, the mother wanted to record it for other family members, as she says, “Give me something we can send to grandma.”

And finally, the baby moved and the cheering commenced! Side note – fetal movement can be seen by looking at the mother’s belly. But only during the later stages of pregnancy.

Weird Thing 2:

Weird Thing 2

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The couple were on their way out. As most people do, the husband/boyfriend asked his partner, “Ready to go?”

The wife/girlfriend replied saying, “Yes, but let me pee.”

With a hilarious dull face, her partner replied saying, “So… you’re not ready to go.” This really cracked us up because surely you can think of people who consider having to use the loo as being ready to leave that very moment. Her needing to pee is an occurring theme in the video. During every other scenario, she throws in an “I need to pee” even in serious conversations. Plus the whole time, her partner has a lost “HUH” expression on his face.

Weird Thing 3:

This is pretty weird, if we’re being honest. While watching a movie the couple shared a bowl of popcorn. Sounds normal, right? But, the bowl was on the baby belly, which was being used as a table!

The weirder part is that the mom didn’t even have to use her hands to eat the popcorn. She just dug in with her mouth thanks to the size of her baby belly! Her partner was impressed to say the least.

Weird Thing 4:

Weird Thing 4

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As you know, pregnant women can’t eat or drinks certain things. Take sushi, for example. There are some types of fish a mother-to-be can’t eat. Since she can’t eat sushi, she buys some for her partner, so he can eat it for her. Here’s how the amusing encounter went.

The future mommy said, “I got sushi” and obviously her partner replied saying, “But you can’t eat sushi.”

She replied saying, “I got it for you” and his response was, “But I already ate”

The hormones officially kick in, as she grits her teeth and firmly says. “Eat. It.” Taken aback her husband quickly takes a bite, although that wasn’t good enough. She again grits her teeth and says, “EAT IT. SLOWER”

She even goes on to tell him what he should try even though he doesn’t want to. By the end of it, he’s in tears and she demands to know how much he likes the sushi. Damn, cravings!

Weird Thing 5:

The couple watched a childbirth video, which resulted in them being disgusted. One says, (ironically the woman) “Why did you make me watch this?” and the other says, “I DON’T KNOW”

Comment below if you have more weird things to share :)

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