15 Of The Weirdest Pregnancy Myths

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Pregnancy is definitely not the easiest period of a woman’s life and being bombarded with random myths makes it worse. There will always be that one aunt or neighbor who will come in with loads and loads of unreliable information that will make your eyes roll. These myths are delivered and circulated with so much confidence and fake authenticity that sometimes it’s almost impossible to filter them out from facts. Nonetheless, following these myths can sometimes harm you and your baby which is why you need to get your facts right.

The only good thing about these pregnancy-related myths is that they are ridiculously capable of giving you a good laugh. Here are some of the weirdest pregnancy myths that you need to stay away from:

You Will Get A Stye In The Eye If You Refuse A Pregnant Woman Her Craving

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Wow! This means that every pregnant woman can get a little magical to punish those who refuse her craving. Beware if you’re eating pickle with any pregnant woman around. Also, good luck with knocking the doors of closed eateries in the middle of the night if you have a pregnant wife.

A Glass Of Wine Is Of No Harm

While everyone knows that alcohol is off limits during pregnancy, some people consider drinking a little bit of it as harmless. This is completely untrue and might cause serious cell damage and health issues to your baby. You can get drunk and make a baby but you surely can’t drink while having a baby in your womb.

Your Baby Will Resemble The Person You Are Mad At

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If you want to be mad at someone while you’re pregnant, choose a pretty face because your baby is going to look like him. Haha! Isn’t that just ridiculous and funny at the same time? You can try being mad at Emma Watson for a while so that your baby looks like her.

Don’t Sit Too fast! You May Snap Your Baby’s Neck

Your baby is pretty safe inside your womb and sitting fast is not really going to harm him/her.

First Babies Are Always Late

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This is just a myth and there is no scientific data that proves that first babies are always late.

Storms Can Induce Labor

Running past the due date? It’s time to call Thor, the lord of lightning and thunder. You may have seen quite a lot of Indian movies that mix up a pregnant lady in labor and a horrible storm outside. Well, those are just movies and it doesn’t really work that way in real life.

Lovemaking During Pregnancy Will Poke The Baby

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Lovemaking during pregnancy is considered to be safe even by doctors unless you have complications involved. Your baby will certainly not get poked since he/she is safely bound by your uterus.

Girl Babies Will Steal Your Looks!

Now, that’s one of the most ridiculous thought ever. Babies may or may not look like their mothers and that’s because of something called “genetic material.” It really doesn’t have anything to do with the gender of the baby. The soon-to-be mother is not going to look ugly if the baby is a girl and she’s not going to become prettier if the baby is a boy.

Eating Kebabs Will Make Your Baby Ugly

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All babies are cute and eating kebabs will not make them be born ugly. It might give you acidity because of all the spices and the oil, but it’s not going to have any impact on your baby’s looks for sure.

Craving For Sweets? It’s A Girl!

Are you craving for sweets? Please don’t take it as a sign and paint your baby’s room pink already. Re-doing the walls will be money down the drain because the craving for sweets doesn’t mean that you’re having a girl baby.

It’s A Girl Baby If Your Husband Is Putting On Weight

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It’s a popular myth that if the father of the baby is gaining weight, the baby is a girl.

If Your Baby Cries A Lot, He/She Hates His Name

Yeah right! As if the baby can actually understand the name and cry about it as soon as he/she is born.

Eating Butter Or Ghee Can Make Your Delivery Smoother

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Well, the butter that you’re eating is not going to settle down around your birth canal so that the baby just slips out during the delivery. This is just a funny myth and please don’t stuff your mouth with butter.

Raising Your Hands Above Your Head Is A Big No!

Some people believe that if a pregnant woman raises her hands above her head it will make the umbilical cord get wrapped around the baby’s neck.

Hairy Babies Cause Heartburn

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A lot of women experience heartburn during pregnancy regardless of how hairy their baby is.

These pregnancy myths are weird and funny for sure but there are many women who still believe that they are true. Don’t be one among them and communicate only the right information that you are sure of.

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