200 Fascinating Werewolf Names For Baby Boys And Girls

Many cultures are known to have been intrigued with legends and folklores surrounding werewolves. If you are attracted to this theme, you may be looking for wild werewolf names to name your kiddo.

For the uninitiated, a werewolf is a mythical creature that can convert from a human to a wolf and the other way round. The common myth is the full moon contributes to this transformation, followed by gore and slaughter.

In ancient times, some cultures considered wolves with high esteem and respect. It was considered an achievement if humans acquired wolfish qualities. In this regard, the enchantment and mysticism made werewolves a frequent fantasy theme famous to this day.

Moreover, this modern werewolf culture is replete in popular movies like Underworld or Twilight and TV shows like Teen Wolf.

So, if you are interested in exploring werewolf-inspired names for your little one, then read on. Here are some fascinating werewolf names for boys and girls with their meanings.

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Famous Male Werewolf Names

1. Adalwolf

The regal-sounding name, Adalwolf, comes from old Germanic cultures. The name translates to ‘noble wolf.’ The wolf being a respected creature of lore and myth, the name pays homage to the high status of the wolf among their culture.

2. Adolph

Werewolf name for baby boy

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Adolph has its roots in Germanic and Latin cultures. The meaning of the name is ‘majestic wolf’ and associates the noble qualities of the wolf.

3. Aegenwulf

The association of wolves with the moon is a popular theme across cultures. Werewolf lore is replete with the effect of the full moon on werewolves. The name Aegenwulf is formed by joining the word ‘Aegen,’ meaning moon, with ‘wulf,’ meaning wolf.

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The name Aegenwulf is commonly used in Britain.

4. Alaric

The name Alaric has its origins in the ancient Norse cultures. Though the name translates to ‘noble ruler,’ it also means ‘wolf leader’ in some dialects.

5. Amarok

Amarok or its variant Amarok are Inuit names native to the Alaskan region. The name refers to the magnificent Arctic wolf, an animal well regarded and revered by the natives.

6. Ardolf

Humans often admire the ferocity and courage of wolves overlooking their tender characteristics. The name Ardolf praises the warmth and loving nature of wolves. Ardolf means the ‘homely wolf, which can also mean ‘a loving wolf.’

7. Arnou

Arnouhas a majestic connotation and is rooted in old Norse cultures. The name translates to ‘eagle-wolf.’ Eagles and wolves are admired for their tenacity and boldness, and the name Arnoutries to capture the essence of both of them.

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The name Arnou originates from a French territory with the name Languedoc.

8. Barwolf

The name Barwolf tries to capture the aggressive quality of wolves and translates to ‘axe wolf.’ It portrays the fierceness and lethality of the magnificent creature.

9. Bjomolf

Norwegian lore is aplenty with legends of werewolves and other shape-shifting mythical creatures. The name Bjomolf means ‘bear wolf,’ and refers to the larger-sized wolves that resemble grizzly bears.

10. Bleidd

Bleidd is a modern and cool name that feels like right out of an action movie. The name translates to ‘wolf’ in Welsh and thus is related to the theme of werewolves.

11. Bleyine

Bleyine in Old English means ‘ wolf cub.’ The name sounds quaint and unique and is adorable for your baby boy.

12. Boris

Boris is quite a popular name with famous personalities like Boris Johnson and Boris Becker bearing the name. It originates from the Slavic Borislavand translates to ‘glory’ and ‘fame.’ The association with wolf happens with the Turk variant where Bori means ‘wolf’ or a ‘snow leopard.’

13. Cana

Cana comes from Canine, which in Latin referred to dogs, wolves, and similar creatures. The name is popular in Greece and the Mediterranean region.

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Cana has Greek origins and refers to ‘Village in Galilee.’

14. Canagan

The Celtic name Canagan refers to a ‘wolf cub.’ Celt and Irish cultures have long revered and admired wolves, and the legends are full of werewolves and related magical creatures

15. Channing

Channing Tatum is a versatile actor known both for his acting and dancing skills. Channing comes from English and French ancestry and refers to a ‘young wolf.’

16. Channon

An Old English name, Channon, refers to a ‘young wolf.’ It is a variant of the popular Channing.

17. Coinin

Coinin comes from old Gaelic dialects and roughly translates to ‘tiny wolf.’The name is popular for boys and is a variant of the popular Conan.

18. Conall

The name Conall has a ubiquitous presence across Gaelic, English, Irish, and Germanic cultures. The name captures the brute strength of this majestic creature and translates to ‘strong wolf.’

19. Conan

Conan, the barbarian has been a successful character in comic books that has also been adapted into movies. In Irish and Gaelic, it means a ‘hound‘ or ‘wolf.’ The name is popular among the Irish communities even today.

20. Connor

Connor is an anglicized variant of the Irish Conchobhar. The name translates to ‘wolf loving.’ Other variants of this popular name are Conor or Conner.

21. Conry

The Irish O’conaire gave way to the shorter Conry. The name roughly translated to ‘keeper of the hound’ and referred to those who had wolves as pets. It is a fitting name for someone interested in wolf and werewolf legends.

22. Cuan

Cuan is a nice and cute pet name of Irish ancestry. The name translates to ‘little wolf’ befitting an adorable baby boy.

23. Dolph

Dolph is a Swedish variant of the popular Adolph. The name means ‘noble wolf’ as the Swedish, like many other cultures, have high regard for the wolf.

24. Dolphus

Dolphus or Dolphius is a variant of the more popular Adolph. The name can also be a nickname for the more formal Adolph. It means ‘majestic wolf.’

25. Ernouf

The name Ernouf is of Norman origin and is a unique sounding one as the first name for boys. It means ‘wolf eagle’ and signifies the sharpness and speed of wolves.

26. Farkas

Farkas from Hungarian is used as a surname and a first name. The name translates to ‘wolf’ and is well regarded and recognized.

27. Fenrir

Fenrir is the name of a beastly wolf in Norse legends. The name has also been used by the werewolf character FenrirGreyback in the famous book series Harry Potter. The name refers to the wolves inhabiting marsh and fen areas.

28. Fenris

In Scandinavian legends, Fenris was a giant beastly wolf who had the power to challenge even the gods. Fenris is also connected with Greek and Norse mythology. If a mighty name is what you are after, Fenris would be an appropriate choice.

29. Freki

Freki is a wolf from Norse mythology who accompanies the old God Odin. The name is popular as a first name for boys in countries including Norway and Denmark.

30. Geirolf

The name Geirolf compares a wolf to a warrior or a weapon. It is a first name given to someone expecting chivalry and bravery from that person. The name translates to ‘wolf spear’ in Norse dialects and has variants like Geerulf and Geerolf.

31. Geri

In Old Norse mythology Geri is one of the two wolves that accompany the God Odin. Geri translates to ‘ravenous,’ bringing forth the aggressive and fierce nature of wolves.

32. Gerwulf

Gerwolf translates to ‘spear wolf’ and is a variant of Geirolf, which comes from Norse legends. The name, as mentioned before, compares the creature to a weapon due to its fierceness.

33. Gonzalo

It is a name of Latin ancestry and popular in Spain and Portugal. Gonzalo, in old Latin primarily means ‘battle’ and also alludes to ‘wolf.’

34. Guadalupe

Guadalupe is a Spanish name of Latin origin. It is a combination word, with the ‘lupe’ part referring to a wolf or hound. It is also the name of a place in Spain.

35. Kurt

Kurt or Curt though popular in Germanic and English cultures has roots in the Turk word meaning ‘wolf.’ It is also used as a diminutive of Curtis.

36. Leidolf

Leidolf from old Norse translates to ‘ descendant of wolf.’ The name signifies the importance Norse cultures on the association and reverence of wolves. Wolf spirits were considered to flow from generation to generation, keeping the strength of the communities through the magical power of the wolves.

37. Leikos

The name Leikos comes from Greek dialects and means ‘wolf’ or ‘wolf-like.’ The name has a typical Greico accent sound, making it attractive to those who find Greek mythology irresistible.

38. Lobo

The Spano-Portuguese origin name Lobo means ‘wolf’ in their vernacular. The name has been popularized thanks to the American singer Roland Kent LaVoie popularly known as Lobo.

39. Lowell

Lowell is a sweet-sounding given name for males. The name comes from Old French and means ‘young wolf’.

40. Lupin

The old Latin Lupinas gave way to the present Lupin, which means ‘of or pertaining to a wolf’ or ‘wolf-like.’ The name has seen popularity due to the werewolf character Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter saga.

41. Lupus

Lupus in Latin translates to wolf. It is used both as a given name and a family name.

42. Lyall

The Scottish name Lyall is related to the Norse ‘Liulfr’ and is a term to mean ‘wolf.’ The name is common in English countries and has a modern touch to it.

43. Lyfing

It is of old Germanic that sees much adoration bestowed on the creature. It translates to ‘beloved wolf’ showing much regard and reverence.

44. Maccon

Maccon comes from the Scottish highlands and means ‘son of the wolf.’ The name would sound as fashionable today as it did in olden times.

45. Marrok

The Scottish-originated name refers to a mythical creature similar to the werewolf. It compares the werewolf to a knight and associates mystical qualities to it.

46. Mohegan

The Native American name Mohegan is the name of a famous tribal group. The name translates to ‘people of the wolf,’ showing how high wolves were regarded in their beliefs.

47. Olcan

The name Olcan derives from antiquated dialects of the old Irish tongue refers to ‘wolf.’ Though probably from different sources of origin, the name is quite popular as a male name in present-day Turkey.

48. Ozouf

Ozouf has a touch of Arabic and Turk tonality to its sound. However, the name is of Norman origin, meaning ‘God’s wolf.’ It portrays the wolf as a creature beloved of the Almighty, occupying a special place in people’s hearts.

49. Phelan

Pheland is the first name for boys and is of Irish origin. The name refers to a wolf or similar hound-like animals. The English Whelan is a variant of this name.

50. Ragnulf

The name Ragnulf alludes to the intelligence of the wolves. The name of Norman origin means ‘adviser wolf’ and considers the wolf a wise creature at par with human intellectuals.

51. Ralph

Ralph is such a popular and common name. Surprisingly enough, the name is related to wolf-lore and means ‘wolf counsel.’ It is derived from old English tales.

52. Randale

Randale alludes to the thick furs of a wolf

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Randale of Randall is a Germanic name that translates to ‘wolf shield.’ The name alludes to the thick furs of a wolf that is not easily penetrable and acts as a shield. Wearing wolf furs was both a status symbol and practical solution to keep warm during the harsh winters.

53. Randon

Randon is another variant of Randall, meaning ‘wolf shield.’

54. Raul

The Spanish-originated name, Raul, is a popular given name across Spain, Portuguese, and Latin America. The name translates to ‘wolf counsel.’

55. Rendall

The boys’ given name Rendall comes from Old German and translates to ‘wolf shield.’ We have already seen its other variant, Randale.

56. Rolf

Rolf comes from the Germanic name Hrolf alluding to a ‘wolf.’ The name is also a variant of Rudolf, which is quite a popular name in western cultures.

57. Rudolph

Rudolph or Rudolf are common variants of a name with its roots in ancient Germanic cultures. Its meaning is a rough approximation comparing the wolf’s life as glory and respect.

58. Rudy

Rudy is a diminutive of Rudolph, which means ‘wolf glory.’ However, the name is often a shorter form for Rudyard as well.

59. Ruid

The stylish name, Ruid has Dutch origins where the name refers to a wolf.

60. Sandalio

Derived from the Latin Sandalius, meaning ‘wolf.’ The Latinized version of Sandalio is Sandulf.

61. Skoll

Skollofold Norse mythology is a wolf that chases the Sun. The name signifies the unwavering determination of the wolves and how they are not discouraged even in pursuit of impossible goals.

62. Tala

The name Tala is of Samoan origin and alludes to the perseverance of wolves during a hunt. The name means ‘stalking wolf’ and is associated with mysticism and transforming abilities in certain individuals like werewolves.

63. Ulmer

Ulmer in old Norse translates to ‘famous wolf.’ As wolves were highly regarded in Norse legends, it was common to give people names associated with or celebratory wolves and werewolves.

64. Ulrich

The derived first name Ulrich comes from Ancient German and ‘mighty wolf.’Wolflore saw belief among people the ability to be possessed by the mystical creatures. And as such, names related to wolves were highly venerated.

65. Varg

Varg comes from Old Norse Vargr, meaning wolf. The name is a variant of the word ‘warg,’ used to refer to shamans and mystics.

66. Vilkas

In Lithuanian, Vilkas means ‘wolf.’ Like many other cultures, Lithuanians venerate wolves and try to imbibe its characteristics into their lives.

67. Vilks

Vilks is a first name and a surname, meaning wolf. It is of Latvian origin.

68. Vukasin

The name Vukasin of joint Slavic and Serbian origin means ‘son of wolf.’ In eastern European countries, the name is popular both as a first name and a family name.

69. Waya

Waya is a Native American word for wolf. It comes from the famous tribe Cheyenne who hold the wolf in high regard in their hearts.

70. Wolfgang

Wolfgang in German means ‘path of the wolf.’ It’s more of a philosophical touch on the nature of the wolves’ life. The name has been further elevated in stature, thanks to the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

71. Wolfie

Wolfie is an anglicized nickname for names having ’wolf’ in the name. The name is adorable and sounds modern as well. The wolf reference is strong and suits a werewolves theme.

72. Wolfrik

The name comes from the Germanic culture, and Wolfrik means the ‘wolf ruler.’ Being the venerated creature, the wolf emblem was a common signet among the ancient German nobilities.

73. Zev

Zev is a name of Hebrew origin and translates to the magnificent beast ‘wolf.’ The name has Biblical references and alludes to Benjamin too.

Famous Female Werewolf Names

74. Adawolfa

Adalwolfa from Old German translates to ‘noble she-wolf.’ The name has a touch of regality while retaining the fierceness associated with the nature of wolves.

75. Adolpha

Adolpha is the feminine variant of the common name Adolph. The name is derived from the Latin ‘Adolphus,’ meaning ‘noble wolf.’

76. Adolphine

Adolphine is another variant of Adolpha, meaning ‘noble wolf.’ Both Adolphine and Adolpha are feminine variants of Adolph. The name is rooted in the German and Swedish cultures.

77. Adoqhina

A name of Teutonic origins, Adoqhina has a mystical and shamanic quality to it. A given name for females, Adoqhina roughly translates to ‘respectful wolf.’

78. Agwang

Agwang has roots in African culture. The name means ‘wolf’ and can be commonly found in children’s tales.

79. Ainar

The Kazagh originated name, Ainar means the ‘moon.’ The moon is an integral part of werewolf lore, and both are inseparable. As a girl’s name, Ainar has an Elvish sound making it aristocratic and regal.

80. Amaruq

The Inuit name Amaruq means ‘grey wolf.’ Being a unisex name, it is suitable for boys and girls. The other variant of this name is Amarog.

81. Amoux

Amoux comes from French, meaning ‘eagle wolf.’ The name highlights the sharp vision and precision reminiscent of an eagle.

82. Bestia

Bestia comes from the word ‘beast.’ Werewolves have always been feared and seen from a negative outlook considering their savage and brutal nature. However, Bestia as a name sounds cool and stylish.

83. Bleddyn

The Welsh name Bleddyn stands for a wolf. The name can be used for both sexes. A modern and cool name, Bleddyn gives a fierce feel for a werewolf association.

84. Blevine

Blevine is a unisex name meaning ‘wolf cub.’ The name sounds good for females and has a lady-like quality.

85. Cailean

Cailean of Irish-Gaelic origin refers to ‘wolf pup.’ The elegant name has a typical Irish sound with a soothing pronunciation.

86. Cana

The name Cana comes from Latin and translates to a ‘hound’ or ‘wolf.’ The name is short and stylish and appropriate for a first or a middle name.

87. Cathwolfe

Cathwolf is more of a modern hybrid name and is in trend in recent times. It is the combination of the name Catherine and wolf.

88. Channe

The fashionable sounding name Channe sounds similar to Chanel and is appropriate for a female name. Channe from old French translates to ‘young wolf.’

89. Conwenna

Conwenna in some Welsh dialects means ‘she-wolf.’ The name has an Italian sound to it and is a popular name in the Mediterranean regions.

90. Daciana

Daciana is a Romanian origin name and translates to ‘moves like a hound.’ It celebrates the elegant movement and poise of wolves.

91. Dolf

Dolf is derived from ancient German, meaning ‘majestic wolf.’ The name is the feminine variant of Adolph.

92. Faoiltiama

Faoiltiama is an eccentric-sounding name of Irish origin. The name translates to ‘she-wolf.’ The name is unique and has mysterious qualities.

93. Fridolf

A female given name of Irish origin, Fridolf means ‘peaceful wolf.’ Wolves are viewed as aggressive, but with their packs during leisure, they can be tender and loving.

94. Gonzalina

Gonzalina is the feminine variant of the popular Spanish origin name Gonzalo. The name in certain dialects alludes to ‘wolf’ or ‘wolf-like’ characteristics.

95. Hemene

The Nez Perce tribe is a Native American community. Hemene in their tongue means ‘yellow wolf’ and can be used as a given name for both girls and boys.

96. Honi

Honi in the Arapaho dialect stands for ‘howling wolf.’ The name highlights one feature common across wolves and is how wolves communicate among packs.

97. Kiyiya

Who does not recognize the distant howling of wolves on moonlit nights? The name derives from Native American dialects and means ‘howling of wolves.’


Kuruk from Inuit describes the paws of snow animals like bears and wolves. The name is usually given to strong and brave individuals.

99. Laika

Laika is the name of the famous dog sent to space by Russian cosmonauts. However, the name has Teutonic origins and refers to animals with paws and fur like dogs, foxes, and wolves.

100. Larentia

Larentia is a name tied to wolf lore as she adopted the Roman founders Romulus and Remus from their foster wolf mother. The name has a Greek touch to it.

101. Leleu

The french originated Leleu derives from the popular Lupus, meaning wolf. Leleu has the typical French pronunciation, which makes it fashionable and exotic to English speakers.

102. Leloup

It is a French-originated name from the Latin Lupus. Leloup refers to an adorable wolf pup, and the name also sounds short and cute.

103. Louve

The Latin originated name Louve is cool and suitable for girls. The name translates to ‘she wolf.’

104. Louvel

Louvel is a variant of the name Louve. The name has old connections and yet sounds fresh and modern suiting a lady.

105. Lovato

Lovato is a diminutive derived from the Latin ‘Lupus,’ meaning ‘wolf.’ It is used both as a surname and first name for females.

106. Lovetta

Lovetta has its origins in French

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Lovetta from French means ‘she-wolf.’

107. Lovette

Lovette is an elegant variant of the popular Lovetta. Bearing similar meanings, it is appropriate for girls as it sounds stylish and chic.

108. Lovota

Lovota is derived from the Italian Lupitasand refers to wolves. The name is popular in Italy and Sicily as a first name.

109. Luan

Luan is Portuguese for the moon and is suitable for males and females. Moon and werewolf are two parts of the magical tale that humans conjoined with the creature wolf.

110. Luna

The Latin origin, Luna, is described as the moon. Wolves are known to howl in unison during full moons. Werewolves, on such occasions, lose control and come out of their human forms, becoming the famed demon.

111. Lupe

Lupe is a cute and short name for girls. Lupe has its ancestry in Latin and refers to ‘wolf.’

112. Luperca

Luperca is the famous mythical she-wolf that suckled the abandoned Romulus and Remus. The wolf is held in high regard in the Roman and Greek cultures.

113. Lupita

Lupita is a beautiful name for females. The name is of Latin heritage and has the elegant meaning ‘ wolf riverside.’ The name has seen popularity due to the actress LupitaNyongo.

114. Lyall

Lyall is a name of Scottish origin which is used for both boys and girls. The name is derived from ‘Liufr’ meaning ‘wolf’.

115. Lycandra

Lycandra is a variant form for females and comes from the word Lycan. Lycan refers to the werewolves and their associations.

116. Lycaonia

Lycaonia is a Biblical name that translates to ‘she-wolf.’ The name has Hittite roots and originated from regions surrounding present-day Turkey.

117. Maengun

The name belongs to the Ojibwe tribe inhabiting the lower Canadian regions and means wolf.

118. Maiyun

Maiyun is a word from the Cheyenne tribe meaning ‘fierce wolf.’ Wolves and hounds are admired by most native American tribes.

119. Mingan

Mingan and its variantMingey from tribal native American dialects mean ‘grey wolf.’In many regions, the common grey wolf was admired for its thick bear-like furs.

120. Moon

Moon as a female name sounds delicate and elegant. Moon brings forth poetry and artistry. It is also associated with werewolf lore and is important in transforming the beasts.

121. Okami

Okami is a female name of Japanese origin. The name means wolf and has a typical Japanese sound to it.

122. Otsana

Otsana is a rare and unique name that originated in the Basque region of Spain. The name alludes to the qualities of a wolf, especially the speed and vigor.

123. Picolici

Romanian cultures have long held a strong belief in werewolf and related mythology. Picolici is the native slang to refer to the demons commonly known as werewolves.

124. Raffi

The Serbian lineage of the name comes from words that refer to werewolf healers. The legends saw females possessing magical powers to channel the werewolf spirit inside them.

125. Ralphina

Ralphina is the female variant of the popular western name Ralph. The name means ‘strong-willed,’ and certain dialects also relate it to wolf lore.

126. Randella

The feminine of Randal, Randella from old English, translates to ‘wolf shield.’ The wolf is a strong creature who can thwart attacks with its brute strength, and humans admired that quality.

127. Raula

Raula is the feminine of Raul which means ‘wolf counsel.’ The existence of the name signifies how the wisdom of wolves was valued in ancient times.

128. Raulina

Raulina is another feminine variant of Raul which means ‘wolf counsel.’ The name is of French ancestry.

129. Reika

Reika derives its meaning from the Old English and German Ulrich, meaning ‘mighty wolf.’ The name is intendedfor females and has an east European feel.

130. Reule

Reule is a variant of Raul, which refers to the hairiness and armor. The name is unisex and is common in Portugal.

131. Rica

Rica is the name of Norse linkages. It is linked to werewolf lore, and means infinite strength and perseverance of the creature.

132. Rollin

Rollin is a playful name for girls. It derives from Old Irish dialects and means ‘wolf counsel.’

133. Rudi

Rudi is a girl’s name of German origin and translates to ‘ famous wolf.’ The name highlights the glory associated with the bravery of a wolf among warriors and knights.

134. Rudina

Rudina is a feminine variant of the name Rudy, which refers to ‘fame of wolf.’

135. Rudolpha

Rudolpha combines two names that have a strong association with werewolves and hounds. It combines Rudy with Adolpha to mean a ‘famous and majestic wolf.’

136. Sassaba

As we have seen repeatedly that Native Americans hold the creature wolf in high regard, Sassaba is another Native American name alluding to the quality of wolves.

137. Seath

The Hebrew Seath is in praise of the gentle nature of a wolf. As part of the stories and legends surrounding wolves, Seath is part of the shamanic culture.

138. Seff

Seff in Hebrew means ‘wolf.’ It is a unisex name. The name is short and sounds cool.

139. Seraphine

Seraphine in Hebrew means ‘the burning one.’ Though not directly meaning wolf or werewolf, the name is related to the shamanistic fire rituals of ancient times. Mysticism and magic are part of werewolf stories.

140. Shumani

Shumani celebrates the energetic nature of wolf packs. It roughly translates to ‘wolf with thunder.’

141. Shunkaha

Shunkaha in the Lakota dialect of the Native American tribes refers to wolfish manners. Wolf and hounds are admired in Lakota and nearby tribal communities.

142. Tala

Tala from Arabic is a unisex name and admires the preying tenacity of mother wolves. The name translates to ‘preying wolf.’

143. Tamaska

Tamaska is a Hungarian origin name meaning ‘mighty wolf.’ The name sounds similar to Tamara and has a sweet tone to it.

144. Tasha

Tasha is a diminutive of the popular name Natasha. In some Gaelic dialects, the name refers to a female wolf and presents it as fearsome and courageous.

145. Ulrica

Ulrica means ‘powerful wolf’ and is the feminine variant of Ulric. The name is of English and Germanic origins.

146. Ulva

Ulva is a spelling variant of a wolf. Such spelling variants are common in German and Scandinavian regions and bring a certain uniqueness to the simple name.

147. Velvela

The Yiddish name Velvela is distantly related to the English name William. The name means ‘protective wolf’ and finds mention in legends of the wolf spirit guiding knights and warriors in their quests.

148. Vilka

Vilka is a variant of the Old Germanic name William and is apt as a given name for females. The name addresses the protective spirit of wolves and roughly translates ‘armor wolf.’

149. Warg

Warg comes from the Old Norse vargr and compares the wolf to an outlaw. The name is common in myths surrounding shamanistic rituals.

150. Wolfina

Wolfina is a variant of the word wolf. The name sounds regal and is befitting for a proper lady.

151. Ylva

Ylva is a unqiue werewolf name

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Ylva is the feminine of Ulf, an older spelling of the name ‘wolf.’ The name has a rich feminine tone, and sounds elegant and unique.

152. Ze’ev

Ze’ev is a name of Hebrew origin which means wolf. The name can be used as a given name for both girls and boys.

Werewolf Names From Movies And TV Shows

Here are some names that are inspired by the werewolf characters from popular movies and TV shows.

153. Brady

Brady Fuller is a werewolf character in the hit movie franchise Twilight. At the age of thirteen, he was the youngest werewolf of the pack. The wolf form of Brady has thick ashy brown fur.

154. Collin

Twilight is one of the most famous movie series dealing with vampires and werewolves. Collin Littlesea is a character from this movie and is portrayed by Brayden Jimmie. Collin’s wolf form in the movie has a unique, eye-catching reddish-brown fur.

155. Derek

Derek is a regal name meaning ‘ruler’ from German legends. As for association with werewolf stories, Derek Hale is one of the main characters in the TV series Teen Wolf. It is portrayed by actor Tyler Hoechlin.

156. Embry

The character Embry is from Twilight and is the best friend of the lead werewolf character Jacob. It is portrayed by actor Kiowa Gordon. The character strays from the ferocious nature of typical werewolves and is timid and good-natured. The wolf form of Embry has gray fur with black spots.

157. Gabriel

Gabriel is the name of the popular werewolf character Van Helsing. Despite being a werewolf, Gabriel is intelligent, handsome, and has an alluring personality. The character has been portrayed by Hugh Jackman in the movie.

158. Jackson

Jackson is a character from the TV show Teen Wolf, which made werewolf popular among teenage fans. Jackson Whittmore is the lead character in the first two seasons of the hit show and was portrayed on screen by Colton Haynes.

159. Jacob

Jacob has become synonymous with werewolves thanks to Taylor Lautner’s character Jacob Black in Twilight’s hit movie franchise. As the lead werewolf protagonist, Jacob displayed bravery and kind-heartedness, making the character much loved among the audience.

160. Jared

Jared Cameron is another werewolf character from the Twilight franchise and is portrayed by actor Bronson Pelletier. The wolf form of Jared has a thick brown fur with a gigantic size next only to the Alpha of the group.

161. Lawrence

Lawrence Talbot is the lead and protagonist of the famous werewolf-based movie The Wolfman. The role was portrayed by the acclaimed actor Benicio Del Toro.

162. Liam

Liam Dunbar is an important character from the TV show Teen Wolf and is portrayed by actor Dylan Sprayberry. The character takes center stage in the later seasons of the show.

163. Lucian

The hit movie series gave rise to the name of Lycan for werewolves who were deemed to be more intelligent and in control of their ability to transform. The character Lucian was the first among the Lycan werewolves and is an important part of the movie franchise.

164. Marius

Marius of the breed Lycan has been a new addition to the Underworld movie franchise. The character has been portrayed by actor Tobias Menzies and is the prime antagonist of the latest offering from the franchise.

165. Noah

Noah Patrick is a werewolf character from the TV series Teen Wolf. The role was played by Jordan Fischer.

166. Paul

Paul Lahote is a werewolf character from the movie Twilight and is the third in command in the werewolf pack. He is loyal to the pack to the point of harboring disdain for all kinds of outsiders. The role has been played by actor Alex Meraz.

167. Pierce

In the movie Underworld, Pierce is one of the lieutenants of the werewolf leader Lucian. The Lycans, who are evolved werewolves, followed the hierarchical nature seen in real wolf packs.

168. Quil

Portrayed by actor Tyson Houseman, QuilAteara is a character in Twilight’s movie franchise. As a wolf, the chocolate brown fur of Quil is often compared to his sweet character by his friends.

169. Quint

Another character from the movie franchise Underworld, Quint, is a powerful hybrid werewolf and is one of the antagonists. The role has been played by actor Kris Holden Reid.

170. Raze

In the Underworld movie series, Raze, played by actor Kevin Grevioux, is the second-in-command of the werewolf pack and a close aide of Lucian’s leader. He is originally a human who turned into a werewolf at some point.

171. Remus

In the Harry Potter franchise, Remus Lupin is a beloved character and happens to be a werewolf. Remus aided the protagonist Harry Potter in many situations and was a close friend of his father’s.

172. Sam

Sam Uley is an important character in the Twilight universe, being the Alpha of the werewolf pack. As the Alpha, Sam leads the group and makes the final decision on most matters.

173. Scott

Scott by itself is a name that alludes to the association with Scotland. As for association with the werewolf theme, Scott McCall is the main protagonist of the hit TV show Teen Wolf. The role has been played by actor Tyler Posey.

174. Seth

Seth is a name of Hebrew origin, and it means ‘appointed.’ In the movie Twilight, the character is a werewolf part of Sam Uley and Jacobs pack and is played by the actor Booboo Stewart

175. Silas

The character Silas Crump from the Harry Potter saga is an unregistered werewolf. The character is portrayed as a happy-go-lucky person with petty criminal tendencies.

176. Singe

Singe is a character from the Underworld movie series. Singe is a scientist and is deeply involved in analyzing blood samples to provide Lucian, the leader of werewolves, the weapon of mixed blood creatures.

177. Taylor

Taylor is a character from the Underworld movie universe. The character Taylor is one of the important lieutenants for the werewolf leader Lucian. Taylor is smart and inspiring but at the same time aggressive and has a propensity to brawl.

178. Van Helsing

The name Van Helsing is unanimous with the famous monster hunter who also happens to be a werewolf. The intellectual mystic is a towering figure in the lore of werewolf and vampires and was depicted to work for the Christian church against blood-thirsty vampires.

179. Velkan

Velkan is a character from the movie Van Helsing. Velkan was a prince who was also an incarnation of ‘wolf man’ who assists the main antagonist Count Dracula.

180. Allison

Allison Argent is the lead female character of the popular television show Teen Wolf. Allison in itself means ‘noble’ or, in some cases, ‘vintage’ and is a popular name in English-speaking countries.

181. Angelina

Angelina is a female werewolf character from the TV show Grimm. The role was played by actress Jaime Ray Newman.

182. Ashley

Ashley Fallon is a character from the TV series Charmed Legacy. In the story, she is originally a human bitten by a werewolf and gets transformed into one.

183. Ayame

Ayame is a werewolf character from the popular anime series Inuyasha. The anime sees the character discover her new transformational powers and the associated challenges with the changes.

184. Carolyn

Portrayed by popular actress Chloe Grace Moretz, Carolyn Stoddard is a fictional werewolf character in The Dark Shadows.

185. Catherine

Catherine is a fictional character who is the werewolf antagonist in the movie Skinwalkers. Actress Sarah Carter played the role.

186. Chiara

The Harry Potter movie franchise utilized the werewolf theme and in some of its characters. Chiara Lobosca is such a female werewolf character in the saga. She was a witch who attended the Hogwarts School of Wizardry and belonged to the Hufflepuff house.

187. Elena

Elena Michaels is a character from the novel series Bitten. In the adapted TV show, this werewolf character is played by actress Laura Vandervoort.

188. Ellie

Oscar-winner Christina Ricci plays the werewolf character Ellie Myers in the movie Cursed. The story sees two werewolf siblings losing control of the power acquired by being werewolves.

189. Erin

Lydia Doesberg plays the character of Erin Shepherd, who is a rebellious werewolf in the drama show Being Human. The theme of the show is werewolves who have supernatural powers.

190. Kira

KiraYukimara is a character that takes the central stage in the later season of the MTV show Teen Wolf. The role played by actor Arden Cho is strong-willed, providing a high-level action sequence.

191. Leah

Leah Clearwater is a female werewolf character from the movie Twilight. In the movie, she is the only female werewolf. The role had been portrayed by actress Julia Jones.

192. Lydia

Lydia Martin is one of the main characters of the TV show Teen Wolf. Played by the actress Holland Roden, the character saw much popularity as a minor antagonist.

193. Malia

Malia Tate is a supporting werewolf character in the TV show Teen Wolf. Actress Shelley Hennig plays the role to perfection giving her intense performance.

194. Marsha

Marsha Quist is a werewolf character from the horror flick The Howling. Elisabeth Brooks portrays the role convincingly of a struggling female werewolf.

195. Melissa

Melissa a stylish girl name

Image: IStock

Melissa is a character from the TV show Teen Wolf. Melissa McCall is a recurring character and is the mother of the protagonist Scott McCall.

196. Nina

In the Buffyverse movies, known for its portrayal of vampires and werewolves, Nina Ash is a powerful female werewolf. The character had the power to transform into the wolf form at will.

197. Nora

Nora Sergeant is a character from the hit monster-themed movie Being Human. In spite of being afflicted with lycanthropic problems, she continues to serve as a nurse showing her good and compassionate nature.

198. Orphilia

In the famous werewolf novel series, The Werewolf Princess, Ophelia is the lead female character. Orphelia is known for her beauty and kind heart despite harboring a werewolf demon inside her.

199. Tatiana

Tatiana is another female werewolf character from the hit show Teen Wolf. She was known for her energetic and non-apologetic tone.

200. Vivian

Blood and Chocolate is a popular novel and adapted film dealing with the werewolf subject. The role of Vivian, a teenage werewolf, has been portrayed by actress Agnes Bruckner.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do werewolf names reveal about their personality and characteristics?

The personality and characteristics conferred on a werewolf name depend upon the context of the story or culture they are a part of. Generally, werewolf names are associated with aggressiveness and animalistic behaviors. But some wolf names such as Adolph, Lyfing, Rgnulf, and Ulmer also have positive meanings associated with these names.

2. Are werewolf names based on their physical appearance or behavior?

Some werewolves have names that reflect their physical status or appearance, such as Channing, which means young wolf. Names such as Fenrir indicate their behavior. The attributes associated with a wolf’s name can vary with mythology, story, culture, and tradition.

3. Are werewolf names influenced by their pack or family?

Werewolf names may be influenced by their pack or family, especially in stories depicting werewolves living in groups or clans.

4. Do werewolf names have any special powers or abilities?

Werewolf names themselves have no special powers or abilities. But they may symbolize supernatural strength and powers.

You may choose a werewolf name for your little girl or boy with positive and deep meaning. Werewolves came from folklore, and they were said to be humans with the ability to change shape into wolves. Werewolves in modern fiction are only shown to be sensitive to silver weapons and not to other types of harm. These myths and stories show werewolves as powerful, and you may choose a good werewolves name for your baby. Although werewolves are called dangerous creatures and associated with supernatural powers, giving names of noble or peaceful werewolves can be inspiring. Always give baby names that have profound and positive meaning for your child to like their name when they grow up.

Infographic: Why Some Parents Name Their Child After Werewolves?

Every parent has a unique take on their baby’s name. They may wish to name their baby after someone they admire, a happy memory, or, sometimes, a mythological creature. So, explore why these mythical creatures may fascinate them and inspire them to name their little one after them.

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