What Babies Enjoy Most When They're In The Womb

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A mother and a baby have a strong connection, even before the baby arrives into this world. This is because the baby develops certain likes and dislikes while still being in the mother’s womb. While the rest of the world may not have the slightest idea about it, somehow only the mother gets a hint of it. At times, it is more than just a hint. It kind of becomes a secret language between the baby and mother, which only both of them understand. And, of course, nine months sure is a hell lot of time to try and develop an understanding with the little being growing inside. While a mother looks forward to the day when she’ll finally get to hear her baby babble, the baby does make sure to let her know what he/she likes the most when still in the womb. Here are a few such things:

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1. All Things Sweet

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Consider this: you’ve been craving for something sweet during the day. Not for the first time during your pregnancy though. And just when you bite into that soft, spongy cake or gulp down that scoop of special flavor of ice cream, you notice your baby move. This is because babies can largely taste the food you eat inside the womb too! And they get this taste from the amniotic fluid (1). While babies may not show a likeness to spicy foods, they simply love sweet food. So, next time you get that craving again, forget about the calories and just go for it! And enjoy the taste along with your baby.

2. Warm, Pleasant Baths

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Pregnancy does get tiring, especially during the last trimester. This is when you’d want to make the most of any opportunity you can get to relax. One of the safest ways to relax is taking long showers. However, while a hot water bath may cause distress to your baby, keeping the water warm and pleasant as you shower may help you relax better. And your baby too. However, do check with your doctor regarding the ideal temperature.

3. Soft Belly Touch

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How often have you noticed that each time you rubbed your belly gently, your baby responded back with a kick? Quite often, isn’t it? Babies in the womb respond to external stimuli, especially when it comes from the mother. They simply love this interaction which is why you and your spouse might often find your baby in a playful mood when you play the touch-and-feel game together (2).

4. Mother’s Voice

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Generally, by Week 18, the baby’s ears begin to stand out. This is when the baby develops hearing. And one of the first voices the baby begins to recognize is the mother’s voice. And as the due date approaches, you’ll find your baby increasingly responding to your voice. Because it is one voice your baby simply loves to hear (3).

5. Pleasant Music

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When it comes to your baby’s hearing skills, how can we forget music? Although babies can hear muffled sounds inside the womb, they can differentiate between jarring and pleasant sounds! At times they can show a preference for a certain type of music too. While loud and jarring music can disturb them, soft music has a pleasing effect. So, put on your favorite music and enjoy with your baby. But make sure you keep the decibels low so as to not disturb your baby by those loud jerks.

6. Mother’s Laughter

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Laughter is the best medicine, it is said. No wonder then that a happy mom makes a happy baby. Just like how babies respond to their mother’s touch or voice, they respond to their mother’s laughter too. When we laugh, a series of ‘feel good’ hormones are released (4). These hormones not only makes a mother happy but a baby too. And listening to their mother’s cackle is probably an added bonus.

Babies can never stop surprising us with their antics. And while you gear up for some more of them after they are born, enjoy these precious little moments with them for now. Cheers!

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