What Does It Mean If A Girl Calls You Bro? 12 Main Reasons

You’re out with the girl of your dreams, and she happens to call you something that can catch you off guard. Yes, we mean the scary word that most guys do not wish to be called by a girl – “bro.” But what does it mean if a girl calls you bro? Does it carry the same meaning as when a guy calls you that?

The answer to this question is a ‘no.’ There could be many reasons behind a girl calling her guy friend a bro. It need not indicate being bro-zoned, at least in some cases. If you’re curious to know the possible answers to this situation, plunge into this post as we share some of the possible interpretations.

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What Does It Mean If A Girl Calls You Bro?

While some girls call a guy ‘bro’ to friendzone them, others may use it as a form of affection. Here are some reasons she might be calling you a bro.

1. She has a crush on you

She may have a crush on you if she calls you bro
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Contrary to what the word means, a girl could be calling you bro because she has a crush on you. She might be afraid to reveal her feelings and seek comfort in the platonic state of the relationship. Hence, to mask her feelings and awkwardness, she might be resorting to using this term of endearment.

2. She could be upset with you

If you and your girl are involved in a romantic relationship, the call of bro might indicate some trouble. Some girls tend to call their boyfriends bro to convey that they are upset with them. In that case, evaluate the situation and try to reconcile with her as soon as possible.

protip_icon Quick tip
When a girl calls you ‘bro’ in a heated conversation, it is the first warning signal to end the argument and take to your heels right away.

3. She’s being protective of you

She may call you bro if she is protective of you
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By calling you bro, she might be trying to act as your guardian. A few tend to call their younger brothers bro. Perhaps, in this case, it carries a brotherly connotation where she sees you as her sibling and might convey the same by addressing you this way.

4. She only sees a friend in you

It could be hard to digest, but there is a possibility that a girl is calling you bro because she thinks of you as a close buddy and nothing more than that. This friend-zoning is also evident through her acts. Speaking of other guys in front of you or giving you short messages could be signs of you being friend-zoned. You mustn’t misunderstand her friendliness.

5. She is unsure of her feelings for you

The girl may be unsure of her feelings
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There are chances that she might be calling you bro because she has little to no clue how she feels about you. It could also be because she is trying to be amicable because she doesn’t see a future with you and is trying to stop herself from falling in love by calling you bro.

6. She likes someone else

Another possible reason she could be bro-zoning you is she has feelings for someone else. It might not be because something is missing between you or you don’t share a good bond, it’s just that her heart and loyalty are with someone else.

protip_icon Do remember
Whenever you try to flirt with her, and she responds by calling you ‘bro,’ it is a clear indicator that she is not into you and that you should back off.

7. She calls everyone that

A few girls may use the term bro out of familiarity. If you notice your crush calling everybody around her bro, you might not have to worry about being bro-zoned since it’s just her habit to call so. It could be her way of addressing the ones closest to her heart.

8. She’s just joking

She may be joking when she calls you bro
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Some girls like to call their guy friends bro during certain situations. It might be when you both are pulling a prank on each other or might be involved in harmless teasing. There might not be any ulterior motive behind it. The word is used to suit the fun situation.

9. She’s flirting with you

Calling a guy bro could be a way of telling you that she has a crush on you. She might be afraid of how much she likes you and is trying to subdue her feelings. She might also be trying to grab your attention with the bro lingo and convey her feelings through it.

10. She thinks you are a part of the squad

It is common among office teams to address each other as bro for convenience. If you are a part of that team, there are chances for her to call you the same. This might not mean she’s into you, but it might be a polite way to indicate that she thinks well of you.

11. She’s comfortable with you

If she is comfortable with you, she may call you bro
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The word bro is sacred and is often used with people one is comfortable with. Your crush calling you bro could indicate some kind of attachment towards you. It may mean she trusts you and thinks of you as a caring person.

12. She’s trying to seek your attention

A girl could be calling you bro because she might have a crush on you and is unsure how you feel about her. She might be trying to find out if you like her back by calling you bro and observing your state of insecurity.

How To Respond To A Girl Calling You Bro?

It feels nice to be called bro by someone who you don’t have a crush on. However, being called bro by your crush might not always be liked. Especially, when you have feelings for her. Let’s take a look at the ways to respond to bro if a girl called you that.

  • Understand the reason she called you a bro. If she is being flirty or if it’s her jargon, try to ignore it.
  • Read her body language to interpret her feelings for you.
  • Let her know if you feel uncomfortable when she calls you bro.
  • If she seems to have a crush on you, take the first step to ask her out on a date.
  • If you think asking her out seems risky and might affect your companionship, you must accept the truth and move on.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I tell a girl not to call me bro?

You can politely express your preference by saying, “I prefer it if you call me by my name instead of bro.” Again, being direct yet respectful will clarify your preference without offending the other person. But communication is key, so try to have an open and honest conversation.

2. Can I call a girl, bro?

The word “bro,” which was earlier associated with the masculine gender, has become gender-neutral. Therefore, you may call a girl “bro” if she is comfortable with it.

3. What does bro mean in texting?

In texting, ‘bro’ is a word people use to talk casually to someone, like saying ‘dude’ or ‘mate.’ It’s a friendly way to address someone and is often used between friends or people who know each other.

Now that you know that being called bro is not always a sign of friend-zoning, relax and take comfort in that assurance until you know her truth. Observe the actions to understand what it truly means when a girl calls you bro. If her calling you bro is making you uncomfortable, find an ideal situation to discuss the same with her at your discretion. It would be wonderful if she reciprocates your feelings. However, if she thinks you are only a friend, respect her feelings and try to get over her.

Infographic: Other Ways Girls Refer To Their Guy Buddies

There is a sweet and funny relationship between girls and their guy friends. They are annoying and caring as brothers but protect like bodyguards. “Bro” is one of the many nicknames that girls use to refer to their guy buddies. Here are a few more such common phrases and terms.

funny relationship between girls and their guy friends (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • The word ‘bro’ is not just limited to men. Sometimes, a girl could call you bro too.
  • However, unlike a guy’s version, a girl’s “bro” could mean several things.
  • Some girls may call their crush bro to indicate subtly that they like him. Others may actually mean that they think of them as a brother.
  • Reading her body language and understanding the situation when she used the word could help you identify her feelings for you.
What Does It Mean If A Girl Calls You Bro_illustration

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A girl calling a guy “bro” can mean different things depending on the context. Delve into this informative video to explore what it could mean and how to respond appropriately.

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