What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Misses You

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Whether you are in a new relationship, a long-distance relationship, or have only dated a few times, missing someone proves how important this person is in your life. So, if your guy says he misses you, he might be on an emotional rollercoaster. But are his feelings true, or is he trying to manipulate you?

If you want to know what it means when a guy says he misses you, reading this post can help you read between the lines.

22 Cues To Take When He Says He Misses You

So, how do you know if a guy misses you or if he is faking it? Here is a list of tell-tale signs to determine what it means when a guy says he misses you.

1. He makes incessant calls or texts

Does he often text you, “I miss you,” but doesn’t say anything else? You can tell if your guy truly misses you, by the way, he texts you or talks to you on the phone.

For instance, if he contacts you only when he needs something from you, he could be playing with your emotions. If he genuinely misses you, he’ll most likely ask you irrelevant questions or discuss unrelated topics because he wants to keep you engaged in the conversation.

2. He orbits your social media

He constantly monitors your social media activity on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see what you’re up to. His “likes” on your pictures and comments on your statuses may cause you to think about him.

If he continues saying he misses you on social media, he could be trying to attract your attention. It could also imply that the guy is open to communication.

3. He recalls fond memories

Does he take you down memory lane, reminding you of how he fell in love with you or what drew him to you? Does he recall the way you used to tuck your hair behind your ear or the romantic strolls you used to take along the beach admiring the beautiful sunset? And does he express that he misses those times? It could elicit an emotional response from you if you are diverting to a different path.

4. He feels alone

He lays down on the couch, and the only person he thinks about is you. If you have a habit of spending time together, he will likely feel alone and miss you when you are not around because your absence makes his heart grow fonder.

But be wary because some guys may say “I miss you” out of boredom. They may confide their emotions and tell you that they miss you, which could be emotional manipulation. However, this happens when you have just met him and are not yet a part of a committed relationship.

5. He sends random messages

Does he send you random messages and claim they were sent by accident to start a conversation? Or do you find him sending some funny memes, videos, or gifs on WhatsApp, even if they don’t pique your interest?

If he sends you random messages or comes up with the most stupid conversation starters, it is clear that you are on his mind and that he wishes to communicate with you because he misses you. However, take note if the guy is clingy one day and then ignores your calls and texts the next day, or if he randomly disappears from your life for an extended period.

6. He displays jealousy

If other men are fawning over you at a party or a social event or expressing interest in you, he may invariably feel a twinge of jealousy. Also, if you are going shopping with another male, the guy may get jealous as you did not involve him. This insecurity could be a sign he misses you.

7. He is first to respond

He is always the first to respond to anything you say because you are more important to him than anyone else. So even if you do not text him any day, he will text you to know how your day went. This shows you are on his mind.

However, if he suddenly ignores you after talking continuously for a few days, it’s a dead giveaway that he was reaching out for the sake of convenience and may not be missing you genuinely. Ignoring you indicates that he only wanted your attention for a short time.

8. He fights with you

If the guy starts picking fights, primarily through texts or calls, there’s a good chance he wants your attention. But watch out for the reasons. In case he fights with you for a genuine cause, it shows he cares for you. But if he picks fights over trivial matters without giving you a valid reason, he may be lying to you about missing you.

9. He insists on seeing you

If a guy misses you, he will most likely want to see you and spend time with you. He may arrange a coffee date or outdoor fun activities such as hiking or a long drive to enjoy your company. On the other hand, if he demands more of your time and energy than you are comfortable with, it’s a red flag to watch out for.

10. He dials you when drunk

Alcohol is known to promote romantic delusions. A genuine guy who gets drunk tends to become emotional. In that emotional state, he might reach out to you and say, “I miss you.” However, treat this with a grain of salt. The best thing to do is wait until the next day, when your guy has sobered down, to learn more about his true feelings.

11. He asks for your pictures

If he is miles away from you, his heart may tremble to see you. As he cannot see you in person, he might request you for the most recent images. It is normal to ask for a photo once or twice, indicating that he misses you. However, if your guy asks for your picture every single day, he might have other things on his mind.

12. He sends novel-length messages

Does he send you novel-length messages, sometimes emotional or even mushy? If yes, he probably misses talking to you or has a lot to say to you. He’s trying to show that he’s not just another guy who responds with an emoji or has monosyllable conversations.

On the other hand, if the guy bombards you with adoring “I miss you” messages without any feelings, he must be trying to manipulate you into getting something he wants.

13. He shows up at your place

Does the guy show up in your office during your lunch break without informing you or come to your house when he knows you are free? The answer is simple; he sorely misses you and looks forward to your next date if you have been in a relationship for a long time.

However, if you haven’t given him your address as you are not committed to him, and he discovers it and pays an unexpected visit to your office or home soon after your first few meetings, he may be stalking you.

14. He video calls you

If he video calls you instead of texting, it means he prefers to see your face and hear your voice and establish a more personal connection with you. However, it is critical to observe when the guy makes the video calls to help you figure out why he is doing so.

15. He constantly talks about you

He can’t stop talking about you to his friends and family because he always remembers you, admires you, and misses you. If you hear from a mutual friend that the guy has been talking about you, rest assured that he misses you. But be wary of him if he has an obsessive need to know everything about you through friends and family.

16. He gives you gifts

When the guy gives you a gift on your birthday or special day, he must be thinking about you. If a man treats you special and gives you flowers, chocolates, souvenirs, buys you clothes, he cares about you and misses you.

However, consider it a red flag if he lavishes you with gifts to make you feel obligated to him. As a result, you may begin to feel reliant on the guy, and he may take advantage of you.

17. He enquires about your wellbeing

If he texts you “good morning,” calls you as soon as he wakes up, asks, “how’s your day?” or checks to see if you’re okay before going to bed, he misses you. If, despite his busy schedule, he takes the time to talk to you, it shows you are important in his life, and he misses you.

Remember, a guy who doesn’t miss you will not disturb his routine to send you a message or call you.

18. He makes late-night calls

Does the guy texts you that he misses you at odd hours during the night but never texts you during the day? He could be insomniac or bored, so he texts or calls you to pass the time. It could also suggest that he doesn’t care about your time.

19. He showers compliments

He does not miss an opportunity to compliment and praise you. When a guy compliments you in a specific way, it means he misses you and recalls these little details about you. For example, if you send him a selfie, and he immediately responds, telling you how beautiful you are or how lucky he is to have you in his life, it is a tell-tale sign that he misses you.

On the contrary, if he goes overboard with unwarranted compliments right at the start of the relationship, he may be showering you with compliments to gain your trust and affection.

20. He uses poetry

Some guys speak the language of the heart through poetry. He may express his feelings through poems, indicating that he misses you.

21. He sends melancholic songs

It is one of the subtle indications that he misses you. When he is alone, he may listen to melancholy love songs, or your favorite song may be playing in the background while he is on the phone with you. He may be trying to arouse your emotions and remind you that he is missing you.

22. He sends his pictures

He sends photos of himself having fun with his friends or family. In essence, he may want to stay in touch with you and keep you up to date on his activities, indicating that he misses you. This could, however, be a ruse. Some guys find it difficult to approach girls and ask for their pictures. So, they believe the best way to proceed is to send their photos first and then use that to request your photo.

Missing someone is a part of affection. When you are not sure whether your man misses you or not, you may get confused. Irrespective of the stage of your relationship, the feeling that your man misses you can be reassuring. However, try to get cues when he says he misses you before taking a big step forward.