What Happens To Partners' Sexual Health After Childbirth Is Something Not Many Know

Happens To Partners' Sexual Health After Childbirth

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She turns off the lights and gets under the sheets. She lays in there as if no muscle would twitch; until a hand reaches out to feel her from the other end of the bed. It is her husband. She recoils, nearly shooing him off as if he is an antiquated piece of crap. “What…why?” he asks almost imploring. She points to her baby sleeping between them. Poor husband accedes to the request, but perhaps a bit disgruntled.

Sounds like something you know? Whence the change? You will pretty much read it as your story if this has been the trend for the last few months. For some reason, that crib stands there bare. Your baby seems to have a gift for sensing surreptitiousness. Before you can even hide in the closet for a quickie, the bawls engulf the room. You go hither and tither, perhaps clad just a little over Donna Nuda and swaddle the little man into your bed. Suddenly all your affections pour onto this puny guy who only knows to look for your breast when the hunger pangs strike him. It is this tiny thing that you will want to cling to your bosom and stay on for as long as possible, suckling the ‘nectar’. Sometimes the baby suckling seems to last forever – strangely enough, this won’t tire you as much as your libido does.

Your baby does a little Vitruvian man by sprawling out on the bed as you keep grappling for some sleeping space on the kingsize bed. He has indefinitely grabbed the spotlight. Your marital bed has become the centre stage of motherly fawning. Your want to feel the creases of the baby skin will take over the excitement of the nuptials. And ummm…how can one ignore the scent of a baby (accentuated by the subtle baby toiletries)!

Did you manage to draw yourself closer to your husband after some dilly-dallying? A now-or-never consensus. But..oops…something will start trickling. Breastmilk. Your pride in being able to produce it will suddenly plummet by a wriggly self-consciousness with your husband as you contrast the Mata Hari that you could once put to shame.

In betwixt will be diaper changes for your baby. And here he receives more mollycoddles than your husband can expect. He will be drooling with sleep the next moment.

The truth is you so love you baby that you feel you have got very little left to offer your spouse. You barely give anything to yourself at this point of time.

But if you just discovered something intellectually stimulating that ramps up your horniness, then go fish it out. Could it be the sexy outfit you always wanted to ooze out oomph? The red lips that are now blandly glossed? Or the catwalk that you swapped for the divine mommy gait? Whatever, but you just shelved up the voluptuousness.

If you are a fan of star-compatibilities, pray that only Linda Goodman could explain what to expect in situations like these. Funny. We get a library of romantic fiction and compatibility notes. But no handyman tools to mend the vacillating nights.

You need a get-away, baby. And better more, get some rawness into igniting your passions. Get someone to babysit while you can have your escapades. Stop blaming the exhaustion. Take pride in the body curves you now have. Shed your inhibitions. Go to a barn on a starry night… Have a raunchy evening by a camp… Sneak into a resort… Have bubble-baths together… Let the dishwasher wait before it is loaded… Let the washing machine keep buzzing. Just don’t let the fire alarm go off, though ;)

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