What is A Micro Wedding And How To Plan It Perfectly?

Planning a wedding is a mammoth task that drains you physically, mentally, and financially. A wedding ceremony with hundreds of guests can be overwhelming for the couple as well as the organizers. A micro wedding is a small and intimate wedding with all the traditions of a larger wedding on a much smaller scale. It is a more friendly and intimate affair for the bride and groom, as it has fewer guests, and is less stressful.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people look at weddings , and with the lockdown guidelines in force, people had no choice but to go for a micro wedding. Though a micro wedding is a close ceremony, the same extravaganza can be brought into all aspects of the wedding.

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A marriage ceremony requires a lot of planning and management to succeed. So make sure to have a to-do list and work accordingly.

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Pros And Cons Of Micro Wedding

Micro weddings come with their advantages and disadvantages. While it is the best option for those who want their wedding and reception to be a more personal ceremony, you may miss the buzz and festive-like atmosphere of a traditional wedding.


  1. Less budget: A micro wedding is less expensive as compared to a traditional one  since there are fewer guests. One can save on almost all aspects of the wedding, from the venue to the food and beverages.
  1. Quality time with guests: It is not practical to spend time with each guest at a larger wedding. On the contrary, in a micro wedding, the couple can interact with all of them, creating joyous memories and stronger bonds.
  1. Avoid unwanted opinions: The couple don’t have to pay heed to unwanted opinions from people about planning and executing the event. This gives them the freedom to incorporate their personalized touch into the event.
  1. More venue options: Since the event hosts significantly fewer guests, one is spoilt for the choice to pick a more aesthetic and relaxed venue. They can go for unique spaces that are inaccessible to larger weddings, such as resorts, cafés, parks, bars, galleries, or anywhere you wish.
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Make a reservation for your wedding venue well in advance to avoid any booking disappointments at the last minute.
  1. Relaxed environment:With only immediate family members and close friends around, the couple can have a more intimate and relaxed vibe during their exchange of vows. This saves the couple from the giddiness of being around a huge crowd.
  1. Can spend time with each other: An intimate wedding allows the couple to be more relaxed and spend time with each other. With less crowd, there is a sense of calm, and they can enjoy their big day stress-free.
Couple can be more relaxed

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  1. Can’t invite everyone: Since a micro wedding is a small affair, the couple might have a hard time deciding whom to invite for the ceremony. They may have to drop some of their important people as they can’t invite everyone.
  1. May miss a blow-out event: A wedding is a significant event in one’s life that deserves to be celebrated with joy and grandeur. When the couple opt for a micro wedding, they might miss the traditional fanfare on your big day and may not have an opportunity for a big event.
  1. Need to keep guests entertained: Since the couple is hosting a small group of people, it is important to keep them entertained throughout the wedding and party. They have to plan in detail ways to keep their guests engaged and entertained.
  1. It’s not traditional: A micro wedding is a relatively newer concept and may go against the traditional notions of a larger wedding. The parents and elders in the family may find it difficult to come to terms with it.

How To Plan A Micro Wedding

Planning a micro wedding

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Planning a micro wedding can be as challenging as planning a larger wedding. However, there are plenty of event planners, and the couple may go for one of them to plan the micro wedding.

  1. Prepare guest list:  A trimmed guest list is the salient feature of a micro wedding. So, the couple cannot invite everyone and anyone to the wedding. Decide on the number of guests and the list of people to be invited for the wedding. However, make sure not to invite more than 50 guests since anything more can go against the idea of a micro wedding.
  1. Set the budget: Set a realistic budget and stick to it. So the couple has to decide whether they want an extravagant event with a higher cost-per-guest rate or host a backyard party and save some money for their honeymoon. They can spend on areas like décor and save big on transportation and other expenses. It’s completely up to the couple to set a budget as low or as high as they want.
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Prioritize your budget and allocate them accordingly, and remember to stick to it strictly.
  1. Pick a venue: Micro wedding provides you with an opportunity to pick an intimate and aesthetically-pleasing venue. You can opt for your favorite restaurant, café, park, or even arrange the function in your backyard since there are fewer guests. You can pick a beautiful cabin for this kind of wedding as well. According to Miss Aniss, a lifestyle blogger who planned her own micro wedding, ”I’d found a rustic, spacious cabin on VRBO that just felt right… The price, amenities, and scenery were just too perfect. We were allowed up to 30 guests, as many dogs as we could reasonably fit, and mostly free reign to decorate and utilize the property for our vision. Unlike a lot of wedding venues, we had the place for 2 nights. This gave us plenty of time to set up, cook, actually enjoy ourselves, and then tear everything down the day after. In total, we probably saved a minimum of $3000 going the cabin route (i).”
  1. Choose the best wedding attire: Micro wedding gives you the freedom to experiment on your wedding attire because you are surrounded by your close people. So, pick your dream attire and shine on your big day. Also, plan a matching dress code for all the guests to make the function more exciting.
 Pick your dream attire

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  1.   Decorate the venue: Fine décor is an integral part of a micro wedding. So, don’t hesitate to spend on décor and create an aesthetic environment for the wedding. The decor and flower arrangements can change the atmosphere and set the tone for the big event. Take the help of a professional stage decorator to plan the décor. Also, make some cool photo props to click amazing photos and even videos on the wedding day.
  1. Decide food options: Great food makes everything better. So add some exquisite delicacies to the menu and treat the guests to a sumptuous feast. A micro wedding provides a lot more flexibility with food choices due to fewer guests.
  1. Hire a photographer: No event is complete without taking some beautiful photographs to cherish in the future. So hire a professional photographer for your wedding day and engagement photoshoot who can capture the best moments of your special day in style.
Hire a professional photographer

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What Are Some Ideas For A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding can have everything that a regular wedding has, but everything is more intimate and cost-efficient.

Use the beauty of nature: Say your vows surrounded by nature in a local or national park. Get a permit beforehand and plan the event.

Beautiful gardens: Plan the event at a botanical garden illuminated with fairy lights. Use natural flowers and do minimalist decoration.

Old-time charm: Pick a historic palace or building for a cozy wedding. Some places might even let your guests stay overnight for a whole weekend of celebrations.

Hometown: Host the event in your hometown, and choose your favorite place, like a town square or beach, to celebrate your special event. Give the guests a tour of your ancestral home and revive the good old days.

Beachy vibes: Who wouldn’t fancy saying the vow with the sea in the backdrop? Beaches are great for small weddings with fewer guests.

Rooftop romance: Say “I do” with the view of the city from a rooftop. Rooftops make your special day feel even more intimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should I spend on a micro wedding?

Micro weddings are planned on a small scale and involve fewer guests. So, these weddings are budget-friendly, costing you around $1,500 to $10,000. However, the amount you spend on your wedding depends on you. If you wish to make your micro wedding a memorable event where your guests are treated like royalty, you may spend more.

2. How many bridesmaids are there in a micro wedding?

The number of bridesmaids depends on the size of your wedding. If you invite around 50 guests, you may have two to four bridesmaids. However, your wedding plan depends on you, and since micro weddings are different from conventional ones, it is okay if you do not have a bridesmaid in your bridal party.

3. Are micro weddings boring?

Micro weddings are small, private affairs with only close family and friends as guests. However, its small size does not make it a boring ceremony. To entertain your guests and make the wedding special, you may organize thoughtful events. Some things that can add extra charm to your wedding are organizing a romantic dance party with some fun music, playing your favorite songs during dinner, a special cake-cutting event, funny games for some laughter, and caricature making.

Micro wedding is more intimate

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Infographic: Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Micro Wedding

Weddings are a special occasion that happens once in a lifetime, and you want everything to be perfect. So, if you are soon going to get married and thinking of holding a micro wedding ceremony, look through our infographic below to learn about this style’s various cons and pros. Knowing this information will help you make an informed decision.

pros and cons of a micro wedding (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

A wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life. It is a day to celebrate love and happiness. A micro wedding is more intimate than a traditional one. It also gives you the freedom to think outside the box and the flexibility to use your creative ideas in planning the event. However, a micro wedding is not for everyone and has its own benefits and drawbacks. So consider all factors before going for an intimate wedding. Be in charge of the planning journey and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Key Pointers

  • A micro wedding typically includes close family members and a select few friends.
  • It reduces wedding costs and offers great intimacy and experiences with all the guests.
  • Plan everything in detail to make your big day memorable

Curious about the idea of hosting a micro wedding? Discover all the answers you’re looking for in this informative video.

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