What Is Brow Presentation & What Are Its Complications?

Brow Presentation

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Pregnancy is the most memorable experience in one’s life, but it also brings discomfort and confusion.

When you are pregnant, it is quite obvious to develop concern about many things. Delivery and position of fetus in the womb is one of them.

One such rare kind of child birth condition is the brow presentation. Understanding what it is and knowing the various factors related to it.

What Is Brow Presentation?

The position of your baby during birth is an important factor as it helps to decide what kind of delivery you will undergo. A brow presentation birth poses the following situations:

  • During birth, the largest area of your baby’s head will try to fit through your pelvis. If your baby is facing a brow presentation birth, its neck and head will be a little extended.
  • In those cases where brow presentation starts during early labor, your baby could still flex the head back before birth time.
  • About half of brow presentation cases reach till the pushing stage. In case baby starts getting stressed, the doctor may recommend caesarian.
  • Brow presentation birth is not connected whether or not you experienced it during your first pregnancy.

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What Leads To Brow Presentation?

During pregnancy, your body witness many changes. It is difficult to assume anything. Here are some of the probable reasons why brow presentation or face brow presentation takes place:

  1. Abnormal shape or size of your pelvis.
  2. If your pelvis is small it can pose hurdle for normal delivery.
  3. Premature delivery or low weight child.
  4. Excess fluid in the womb.
  5. Another cause can be multiple pregnancies.
  6. If your umbilical cord gets wrapped in the neck of your child.
  7. If the baby is bigger than the normal size.

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Diagnosis Of Brow Presentation:

It is very difficult to detect brow presentation until labor is well established. A highly experienced obstetrician and close observation can help to know the position better:

  • Ultrasound test or digital exam is considered mandatory for monitoring closely.
  • On vaginal examination, only the distinctive facial features can be felt.
  • If the head rotates less, vaginal delivery becomes impossible and cesarean delivery is the only way out.

7 Probable Complications:

Risks are often linked up with brow presentation. Some of the complications have been mentioned below:

  1. Labor may not be general and may take longer time.
  2. Prolonged labor witnesses fetal risk in terms of swelling in the front of the fetal skull.
  3. Immediate or prompt attention is highly recommended in case of arrested labor.
  4. Abnormal fetal heart rate.
  5. Chances of spinal cord injury.
  6. Forceps should be approached with caution as it may cause facial trauma.
  7. Trauma can lead to cerebral hemorrhage.

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Important Points To Remember:

Pregnancy is a very crucial stage in a woman’s life. You never know when you can encounter complications and various other issues related to it.

  1. Once you near your delivery date, make sure you visit doctor on regular basis.
  2. It is advisable to take the help of health expert right from the beginning of your pregnancy.
  3. Brow presentation is related to various kinds of complications. In case any abnormal difficulty arises, don’t wait for vaginal delivery.
  4. You can choose cesarean delivery in order to avoid facial or fetal trauma.

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Make sure you take all preventive measures for avoiding any kind of uneasiness. Take the right kind of diet and adequate rest. With all positive thoughts in mind, prepare yourself for a healthy delivery.

Have a safe and happy pregnancy! Hope you found the information useful. You can share your valuable experience in the in the comment section below.

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