What Kind Of Mother Are You? Find Out From The Zodiac Signs

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Sun-signs tell you fairly well as to what kind of personality you have. You are ever curious and leave no page unturned in sun-sign related books. But as a mom, do they tell you how each mom is different? Do zodiac signs reveal how they influence the personality of a mother and her attitude towards her child? Here’s possibly the kind of mother you will be:

1. Aries:

  • Strengths as a mom: Fearlessness, self-awareness, confidence
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Vanity, self-centeredness, competitiveness, obsessiveness

Parenting style:

She is a warrior mama and a go-getter. She takes life as if she is going to a battle. She wants to leave her mark in everything she does, including motherhood. She is alert and brimming with confidence.

As a self-centered woman, it’s easy for her to put herself first. Does that apply to her when she has a little one to care for? Yes! In her view, no matter how much she adores her child, she needs to have her space. To care for herself first, then caring for her child is fairly justified. It is perhaps a healthy attitude for a self-sufficient mom as she is more equipped to care for her little one.

What’s more, she expects too much self-sufficiency from her children too. She could be their role model for this very trait. Plus she is fiercely independent as she pursues her goals. In a nutshell, she is an accomplished woman breaking the glass ceiling.

2. Taurus

  • Strengths as a mom: Hard work, stable, common sense
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Vanity, materialism, indulgence, mood swings

Parenting style:

A Taurean mom could be a business forerunner, but could also party in the back. She is one type that would instill caution in her children – from fear of creepy strangers to fear of God; she could sternly abhor a few things that her children will naturally follow suit. Once she ensures the granaries are full, and her children are safe and sound, it means a party time. She could be old-fashioned on a few standards and down-to-earth. While she could force her kids to be part of a Sunday school until adulthood, she would do something as unconventional as letting her children ride a motorcycle at the age of 12.

A wise spender, she likes to invest. She also loves to be looked up by her child and expects to be treated as a VIP mom. You would rip her apart if you didn’t acknowledge all her sacrifices and hard work for her child. She commands respect from her children as she also instills good manners in them.

Managerial qualities come naturally to Taurus mom; she would be the COO of the family. Despite that, she could run late for a few social engagements, yet manage to plan for the posh first birthday for her child.

3. Gemini:

  • Strengths as a mom: Curiosity, versatility, youthfulness, broad-mindedness
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Impatience, inconsistency, more lecturing and less listening, lack of boundaries

Parenting style:

Gemini moms can be complex, but never boring. They may sound contradictory at times. Versatile and varied, they may be a bundle of surprise for their families. You can never be bored having a Gemini mama around you.

A Gemini mom’s standards laid out for her children can change now and then, although you might not notice it. One day she could be found hanging out at a jazz club with her children, on the other she might have just decided to move into a smog-filled metropolis with her kids. Don’t be surprised if this Gemini mama suddenly hops into her car with her children on a local picnic or drive to a local elite mama party, the rear of her car adorned with peace symbols and bumper stickers.

It’s hard to pin down a Gemini mom. They can be quite breezy. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, their minds are always on a thinking-marathon. So, it’s no surprise they can be pretty anxious most times. Gemini moms can be most opinionated eccentric moms on the block, with her maternal instinct being a unique mix.

4. Leo:

  • Strengths as a mom: Confidence, leadership, playfulness
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Too much energy, drama, self-centeredness, Pollyanna tendencies

Parenting style:

Signature in whatever she does, wherever she goes. A Leo mama is just that. Parenting is the ultimate way of expressing yourself, dear Leo. You love to plunge into motherhood as the most ardent of jobs. A practical mama, she is very involved in every aspect of her child’s life. Leo moms take pride in raising capable and successful citizens who can do great things in the world.

Leos can be stern in their standards. Since they are high achievers, these mamas are hard to follow. They meet their lofty standards effortlessly, so they may not realize that they could be pushing their kids too hard. Even if they did, they would turn a blind eye to the pressures on their children, because the result of what their child will turn out to, motivates them. This is why when a Leo mama’s child grows up to be a doctor, lawyer, artist, or a businessperson, he can’t thank her enough. She obviously has good returns of the investments!

The Leonine woman believes she is entitled to some things, which works to her child’s advantage too. Her child gets to attend elite summer camps, art programs or exclusive schools. There is nothing that can sway this woman one she sets off on her mission.

No one knows how to give away presents like a Leo mama does. Giving out gifts is a grand event, you will envy the lavish layout at the occasion. This mom just knows how to celebrate. She is as good at playing with children as she is at working hard for them. People can think that this mama is spoiling her children, but that’s the way she loves to bestow her affections on her kids. She simply takes pride in her little ones. However, she could be weak at letting her children go off on their own and fend for themselves. She must learn to loosen the reins.

5. Virgo

  • Strengths as a mom: Organization, intellect, healthy habits, common sense
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Worry and neuroses, critical, over-analytical, judgmental tendencies

Parenting style:

Planning, directing and micromanaging things are a Virgo mother’s tendencies. She is an orderly, upright and free-spirited mom. She could be an introvert, but at times she also knows to let loose and play with her children. Personal space is something a Virgo mom craves for – she could be spending a whole lot of time on books while her children intruding in this personal time of her could be as much as a land grab.

Virgo’s fourth house of motherhood is ruled by Sagittarius which gives her the attributes of wisdom and a higher mind. Her adventurous spirit offsets her anxieties and helps her to see the larger picture that her children will turn out to be okay. She could be the best adviser as a mother. There is also a humorous and philosophical side that Sagittarius renders her.

You won’t be surprised if you come across a Virgo mom who has read works of psychoanalysts or theorists on the perfect motherhood. She must, however, overcome the self-critical tendencies and cut herself some well-deserved slack.

6. Scorpio

  • Strengths as a mom: Strength, willpower, resilience, intuition
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Obsessiveness, control, paranoia, unavailability

Parenting style:

The Scorpio mom is a strange mix of controlling, intimidating, quirky and inspiring mama. Her children either cling on to her when she pours her affections on them or will be the first ones to scurry away from her wrath. In fact, her child will be too scared of her disapproving stare to call for her wrath. Protective of her children, she is vigilant about her kids with irrepressible strength and spirit.

Scorpio is an emotional water sign. A Scorpio mother takes to motherhood quickly. While she can be slow to open up to the world, it is fairly quick to warm up to her children. Her children melt her defenses in a heartbeat.

She works very hard to secure her child’s future – be it sending her child to an elite school or buying him an investment property where he can live in the future. Scorpio rules the zodiac’s eighth house of wealth and joint-ventures, so fiscal security is important to her.

Scorpio moms strongly rely on their inner guidance system as she is one of the most intuitive members of the zodiac. However, life with a Scorpio mom can be an exhausting game of chess with all her controlling, plotting, maneuvering and sidestepping.

7. Cancer:

  • Strengths as a mom: Comfort, sensitivity, sentimentality, good taste
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Fearfulness, jealousy, overprotectiveness, mood swings

Parenting style:

A Cancerian mother is driven by her nurturing spirit. She has a maternal touch to just about anything from her friends to pets to dolls. Cancerian mothers feel that they were born to be at their best as mothers. She is the kind of woman who would choose a home birth or train as a doula or breastfeed her child until it teeters on unnatural.

Cancer’s fourth house of motherhood is ruled by Libra, which is a sign of relationships that helps her get an idealistic approach to family while creating a pretty and comfortable home. She is likely to be her children’s lifelong confidante.

Cancerian mamas can be a little shy and reserved, but their children provide the best excuse to engage them with other parents. Most of her social circle grows around her children’s friends, nursery school openings, PTA, and children’s sports teams. However, this mama scrutinizes if these people are worthy of her or her children’s trust, and only then will she open up to them. If you get invited by this Cancerian mama to her home, it means she holds you in good regard and is opening herself to you for stronger ties.

8. Libra:

  • Strengths as a mom: Patience, good taste, refinery, fairness
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Snobbery, vanity, inconsistency

The ever balance-seeking Libran is suddenly brought to the center point of the scales with motherhood. Notorious for procrastinating as she stops to smell every single rose, although it isn’t wrong, she suddenly becomes structured and downright as the type-A mom.

Libra is a sign of relationships, and Librans love harmony. She is the happiest when she can live for another person. Children give her just that pretext for her to live. Organizing her children’s lives becomes a habit, just as much as she loves spending hours answering the curious questions her children throw to her – from why the sky is blue to the exact location of heaven. She also revels in her children’s antics and dedicates a parlor for their dollhouses and trucks or elaborate tea parties and train tracks.

Libran moms love to dress well and so they dress their children in stylish outfits. At times these beautiful mamas can also be vain and make their children part of their vanity mission. She should bear in mind that her children were not born to be her ambassadors of showpieces.

9. Capricorn:

  • Strengths as a mom: Patience, traditional, consistency, thoughtfulness, structure
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Seriousness, anxiety, and worry, over cautious, self-doubt and pessimism

Parenting style:

The stern Capricorn regards as the zodiac’s father sign, and therefore it adds a fatherly streak to the Capricornian mothering style. She is more of a father than a mother, or perhaps both at the same time. It doesn’t mean that Capricorn is not feminine, but this zodiac’s ruling planet is associated with masculinity, authority, and structure. These earthy mamas love to teach their children the necessary life lessons. She values hierarchy based on age and values traditions, so she may expect her parents to respect her just as she respects her parents, but she may not be the best friends with her children.

She is the type of mom who lectures and gives her children stiff hugs. She might show her devotion through her action than being affectionate in her gestures. These mamas don’t show their emotions. In fact, most of these mamas might have had tough childhood themselves, so they end up being the soldier of their families who has had previous experience of huge responsibilities on their small shoulders. They also think they have to repay their parents by succeeding themselves.

At times Capricornian moms could be the sole breadwinner of their family. They have good work ethics. However, they may miss out on the cuteness of their children while they are held up in their obligations.

10. Aquarius:

  • Strengths as a mom: Originality, youthfulness, open-mindedness, fairness
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Detachment, turbulence, drama, boundaries, pessimism

The Aquarius mom could be one of the most curious mixes you can come across. She could be a beauty queen with a streak of the girl-next-door, who could have a few tattoos and be a karate champ who hasn’t scrapped off a regrettable piercing or a Trekkie membership in the closet.

This mama specializes in organized chaos with her parenting style subject to change. She regards her life as a grand journey and wants her children to experience the utopia with her for as long as possible; even if it sprang out from her imagination.

Ruled by the unconventional Uranus, she could show a bit of rebellion, detachment, and surprise. Aquarians have a longing for the world than being attached to just one little person. Therefore, to see an Aquarian mother being emotionally connected to her child can be quite a surprise. What is even more surprising is how she could switch over from being stern to an easy going and agreeable mama.

The fourth house of motherhood of Aquarius is ruled by traditional Taurus. This makes quirky-cool in a practical manner with an earthy energy. She is of nomadic nature but likes to secure roots for her children.

Aquarians need to maintain a strong individual identity even after they become moms. They need to keep up their outgoing nature and social ways to nurture their healthy mental make-up. These mamas also have a sense of style that they cannot shun even after becoming mothers. Motherhood, however, might make them feel trapped up, so the rebellious Aquarius must learn to bring out that balance between strong individuality and eccentricity with being a consistent source of her children’s lives.

11. Sagittarius:

  • Strengths as a mom: Wisdom, adventure, humor, perspective
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Bluntness, impatience, crudeness, too much spontaneity

Parenting style: Impulsive and living by their instinct is typical of Sagittarians. Therefore, motherhood can be quite an interesting adjustment in her life. She will be wonderful with her children treating them like real people instead of putting them on top pedestal. Her kids would also demand a lot of her time and energy. She would very neatly integrate the needs of her children in her active routine.

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, she will work until exhaustion. Her spontaneity will make her a fun mom. She would drive them to the neighboring state to buy fireworks or see a traveling circus. But she lacks the planning and structure in her activities with kids.

What her children can expect to do is whitewash the fence on a sunny Sunday and show they are building skills for leadership in doing projects together. Adventurous and being on the go with this Sag mom make that intergenerational win-win levels. All that she and her child want is to be close to their mom and stay connected through these fun activities which experts call a parallel play. Plus, Sagittarius moms will have an innate sense of humor to infuse divine comedy in it all.

12. Pisces:

  • Strengths as a mom: Nurturing, compassion, imagination
  • Weaknesses as a mom: Kookiness, instability, guilt, manipulation

Pisces moms are sensitive to their children and treat their little ones like a goddess. She likes to live in a Utopian land with her children taking the center-stage. She could be unpredictable and lacks structure. She hates being told what she must do. But when it’s her child’s turn to wake up at the time, she cannot have them stick to a routine and give the children the consistency that they need. She will need a grandparent or the help of a caregiver to help instill a routine in her children. She also lacks boundaries or stability which her children can find embarrassing as they grow up.

There is no sacrifice that a Piscean mom wouldn’t make for her children’s happiness. She can be obsessed with her children in a way that she can never find fault with them even if they are wrong. She will soothe and spoil them, cheering them at every accomplishment.

Piscean moms love every moment they spend with their children. They put their children on quite a pedestal. They are likely to maintain closeness with their children even after they are all grown up. They will stay their children’s best friends and a life-long confidante.

So, what is your sign? Did we predict right about your motherly nature?

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