What Makes A Man Fall Deeply In Love With A Woman?

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Love is what keeps us emotionally stable and feel wanted. Falling in love, perhaps, is the most beautiful experience. The feeling can be magical and, at once, hypnotizing. He is always contacting you, calling you, and texting you. You go on romantic dates. Life revolves around the next text, call, or kiss. You are on top of the world as you have found the partner you’ve been longing for.

What makes a man fall in love and commit? Why do men fall in love? What makes a man want you? What attracted you to your partner, or what attracted your partner to you? It can be really hard to tell what makes a man fall in love with you. This post discusses some qualities and traits that make a woman irresistible and make men fall for her and stay in love.

What Makes A Man Fall In Love?

1. Women who accept them for who they are

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love is definitely challenging. The first golden rule to keep your love interest stay in the relationship is learning how to appreciate him. Men like to be accepted for who they are. Accept your partner for who they are and not as you wish them to be. Do not try to change him.

Men appreciate this sense of comfort and authenticity that they often only enjoy in the company of their friends. If you can encourage him to be his authentic self, it makes you extremely approachable and lovable. When he feels safe and comfortable, he’ll open up to you.

2. Women who make them feel like they matter

Men may not pick up subtle cues and acknowledgments. You need to be explicit in expressing that your man is special by showing him he is your top priority. In other words, make him feel like he matters.

Appreciate him when he goes out of his way to buy a gift or provide you with much-needed emotional support. Tell him that he made a difference in your life. This is important in the initial stages of a relationship where men may go out of their way to win your heart.

3. Women who push them and inspire them

A woman who excels in her pursuits, whether it is career, fitness goals, social milestones, or anything that truly fits his description of excelling at life, can be extremely attractive to men.

If he feels that you both share a certain drive and passion and mutually inspire each other, he may see you as an equal and a serious romantic partner.

4. Women who are secure in the relationship

Men are attracted to strong and confident women, period. Confidence is one of the most attractive traits a woman can have. You should wear confidence on your sleeves and assert to your man that the relationship is solid and will work out. If you are secure and confident, he will feel the same, and this will lead him to open up more about himself and be able to show his vulnerable side.

5. Women who are open to the idea of love

Love attracts love. When you meet Mr. Right, you need to let him know that you’re ready for something more meaningful than a casual date. You should be open to the idea of love and communicate your intentions and emotions.

No one wants to fight for something that they feel is natural to them, and showing him that there’s a future in a serious romantic relationship is important in letting him open up to you.

6. Women who don’t fight their femininity

Men love to be with a woman who is authentic and confident in expressing her feminine side. Men are task-oriented and love it when their efforts are validated and valued, especially if it’s a physical task. You don’t need to play the damsel in distress, but letting him help you with simple things such as moving something heavy or repairing something can really boost his confidence.

So if you feel like he’s taking charge or trying to help you, it’s okay to lean back and let him do it occasionally.

7. Women he can see a future with

Men value stability and permanence as much as women do when it comes to a relationship. If he views you as emotionally unavailable, he will have a hard time looking at you as the focus of his affection.

While it’s important to live in the moment and have an organic relationship, you may need to send some signals that you are, in fact, open to something more serious. Depending on the stage of the relationship, it is important that your long-term life goals align with his — Are you open to having children? What type of house do you want to own? Where do you want to settle down someday?

8. Women who don’t play mind games

Often, some women play mind games to see that their man jumps through hoops so that they feel powerful and in complete control. Some play the “look at me,” “the waiting,” or the “testing” game when they don’t need to. For instance, not answering calls or texts promptly is part of the mind games that can be counter-productive.

Men like women who are honest and open with them about the things that really matter. If you act cold or make things difficult for him to impress you, the game won’t work for long. This may lead to him acting nonchalant as well and not committing himself fully to the relationship. Not only will this change the dynamic of your relationship, but it will also negatively influence the chances of him falling in love with you.

9. Women who share their sexual chemistry

Physical intimacy is important in adult relationships. Men want their women to be open with them about sex and confident in their sexual encounters with them. If you can radiate this confidence and openness to him, he will not only be attracted to you in the short-term, but also see you as a viable long-term romantic partner.

This opens the door for him to discuss his fantasies, what turns him on, and his sexual quirks openly. Open communication about sex is a sign of healthy relationships and often an important factor in long-lasting relationships and marriages. This doesn’t mean you need to be more seductive or do something you’re not comfortable with. Communication in this regard is key and will help you greatly in the long term.

10. Women who hold them to a high standard

It’s a misconception that all men are intimidated by women who have high standards. Men may actually like it if they live up to the high standards you have set for the relationship. Having self-confidence is attractive to both genders. If a man feels like he is not only meeting your expected standards, but actually exceeding them, he is likely to do the things you enjoy or admire about him more often. This, in turn, leads to increased validation and confidence in the relationship and helps foster a sense of equality and togetherness.

11. Women who meet his standards

While being “the complete package” for anyone is somewhat of a fantasy, there are realistic standards that all men have for someone they could potentially fall in love with. No, you don’t have to be a sports fan or share the same hobbies. If you possess traits and qualities he looks for in a woman, there’s a good chance he will fall in love with you. Sharing similar views on travel, cuisines, books, or movies can be a big draw.

12. Women who make them feel good

The way you make a man feel can be extremely crucial in how he views you as a potential serious romantic partner. While compatibility in backgrounds or jobs can be a bonus, it’s the internal compatibility that will eventually drive your relationship to the next level. You should let him know when he makes you feel good. This will give him a sense of validation that will be mutually beneficial to both of you.

13. Women who are open to possibilities and experiences

Men gravitate towards women with an open outlook — whether it’s saying “yes” to life in general or simply having an adventurous approach to life. No, it doesn’t mean you should suddenly develop a passion for skydiving or horse riding, but being open to new experiences can be attractive to men.

14. Women who can handle the tough times with grace

Men appreciate a woman who can cope with their issues to the best of their ability and get through tough times. In short, men like women who can handle crises. Women are often wrongly portrayed as over-emotional in times of crisis. While it’s not your job to fix this stereotype overnight, you can help change that perception.

Falling in love means being with someone through thick and thin, and men like to know that no matter how tough things can get, they have a partner who can help them get through it all — together as a couple.

15. Something inexplicable that draws them in

Despite all the advances in psychology and research into the human psyche, love continues to be a mystery waiting to be unraveled. Love is unique, no two couples share the same kind of love, and there are no fixed rules in love. Every relationship is different. What attracts one man to you may not work with someone else.

We don’t advocate trying to change who you are overnight to be someone “worthy of love” because all human beings deserve love in some form or the other. Hopefully, these points will help you be more open to love and help you navigate some of the signals you get from a man.

Recognizing them and acting on them will go a long way in not only making him fall in love with you, but also making that love grow every day.