12 Real Reasons Why A Man Leaves His Wife For Another Woman

Real Reasons Why A Man Leaves His Wife For Another Woman

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You were in a beautiful relationship with your husband. But lately, you sense he is moving away from you. It could be devastating for you to accept the fact, and more so when another woman is involved. The situation becomes more burdensome for you to handle on an emotional level.

Before confronting your husband, it is better to figure out what went wrong in your marriage. Knowing the reason could help you absolve yourself of unnecessary guilt or help you correct your mistakes to bring your relationship on track. It could also let you move on in peace and focus on your life.

Keep reading this post to know what makes a man leave his wife for another woman and how to deal with it.

What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?

Here are a few common reasons that may help you understand why your husband is moving away from you.

1. He feels he doesn’t offer enough value

Some men feel they have to offer significant value to the marriage and the family. It may not be necessarily associated with financial aspects. He could feel his presence is not needed, or nobody would miss him if he disappears. When he feels insignificant to the family and assumes he isn’t contributing to the relationship, he may drift towards a woman who makes him feel most valued.

If you are an independent woman, your husband might probably feel he has nothing to offer you in life. That feeling could be a reason for him moving away.

2. He senses an emotional disconnect

Men and women need to feel they have a meaningful connection beyond the physical bond. If he senses an emotional distance, the rift between you both could widen with no scope of bridging again.

Sometimes, it could happen due to a change in a man’s emotional needs due to a recent event (illness, death of someone close, or loss of job). If you fail to identify the reason, you may not be able to offer emotional support to your man, leaving him feeling dissatisfied in the marriage.

3. He fears losing control

Most men understand and admire strong, driven, independent women. However, if the balance shifts too much to one and the independence transforms into dominance and control, it can make a happy marriage a stifling relationship for the other partner. If a man fears losing control in the marriage due to his wife’s dominant role, he could choose to leave and be with a woman who gives him full control.

4. He has different physical needs

Sex is one of the most common reasons for divorce. When the man has different physical needs from the woman, they could be sexually incompatible. The way you approach sex life matters in a relationship. If you both are unable to connect and meet each other’s desires, the very act of sex may become unfulfilling. When he finds someone who shares a similar level of physical intimacy, he may drift towards them.

5. His feelings for you have changed

As you age, you go through life experiences that subtly shape your attitude and personality. It is possible that after a few years of marriage, he finds you different. He could then look for a woman who matches the image he has for the love of his life.

6. He balks at the relationship’s progression

If you have been talking about children or buying a home, and your man seems to avoid the discussion, he could be feeling intimidated by how fast things are moving. He could feel pressured being with you and might look for another woman who wants to take things slower.

7. He feels disrespected

A man who is often put down by his wife may feel disrespected. In case you express your disapproval or contempt for his friends or his work, he may feel low. You may not deliberately be disrespecting your spouse, but your actions or words may make him feel so. In such a scenario, he would prefer to quit the marriage and move towards another woman who gives him the respect he craves.

8. He is bored of the marriage

When you were newly married, you were excited and thrilled to explore each other. As the years go by, you tend to fall into a rut. The marriage could become boring and dull as you both are busy in your life. If your husband feels that the spark is lost and finds someone else attractive, he may move on.

9. He is unable to be himself

It’s difficult to survive a relationship where you have to watch your behavior or speech constantly. Men who feel stifled in the marriage may get quieter and avoid face-to-face conversations. The feeling is debilitating and can no longer make the relationshiphealthy. If he can find freedom elsewhere, he might consider moving away from you.

10. He has fallen in love

Your husband can fall in love again with a woman who is more compatible than you are. As you grow in life and meet new people, you may come across people who seem to connect better. If your husband feels he is happier with her, he could leave you for her.

11. He is unable to shake off the ill feeling

A past issue could pop up later in life, urging the man to leave you and go to a woman who empathizes with him. A festering resentment could blow up into bigger proportions when not taken care of in time. He may then leave you for someone who commiserates with him.

12. He has grown apart

Sometimes two individuals grow apart. You no longer have anything in common, and you don’t enjoy doing things together. Both of you are caught up in your own lives and tend to move ahead without the other. If you have grown apart, he may turn to another woman for empathy and compatibility.

If you have faith in yourself and know you can save your relationship, you could try repairing the connection and restoring what you had with your partner.

How To Repair Your Relationship?

Assessing where you went wrong and where your relationship faltered can help you repair your relationship with him. Often, a relationship that seems mangled beyond hope can be brought to life by:

1. Communicating

Talk to him calmly and ask him what he misses in the marriage. Ask him if he is willing to put in the effort to restore the bond and promise him that you will play a balancing role. Have an open discussion on what went wrong and come up with solutions instead of blaming each other. Be honest, open, and kind to each other when you communicate.

2. Acknowledging

Acknowledgment is one step to bridge gaps in a marriage. Acknowledging his contribution and appreciating him for what he does can make him feel he is a valued part of your life and your family.

3. Spicing things up

Why let your life stay in its boring rut? Spice things up, be it in the bedroom or outside. Plan parties, surprises, and vacations, and take steps to improve your sex life by knowing your partner’s preferences. Find something common you both would like to try.

4. Caring

Show your husband that you care by empathizing with him and giving him emotional support. Often, gaps appear in a marriage when the man cannot see his wife caring about his well-being and happiness. Small gestures such as calling to check if he had lunch, making a special dinner, or leaving notes for him wishing good luck before a meeting will go a long way in mending the relationship. Show you are thinking of him and want him to be happy, healthy, and successful.

How To Deal When He Leaves You For Another Woman?

Dealing with the fact that the man you once loved doesn’t want you in his life can be traumatic. Here are a few ways to help you deal with the feeling appropriately to emerge stronger and better.

1. Don’t be behind him for answers

If he ignores you constantly, repeatedly asking him for answers may make things tough for you. He may try to cover up guilt or vent his frustration by blaming you squarely for the unhappy marriage. That could end up making you question yourself or making you feel that you are miserable. While it is okay to want to know why he left you, keep in mind that your mental health and emotional stability are a priority.

2. Don’t let the separation rule your life

You have more in your life than your broken marriage or relationship. Avoid dwelling on it to the exclusion of everything else. It is time to categorize your priorities in life and think about them. Meanwhile, start something new that gives you a sense of self-worth to empower you. Pamper yourself and boost your self-confidence.

3. Don’t compete

Do not compare and compete with the ‘other woman’ for your partner. Remember that he left you of his own volition. Competing for his attention could make you the ‘villain,’ and you would lose your identity eventually.

4. Accept that it is over

Sometimes, the marriage is over, and there is nothing to do about it. Accept the fact and focus on your life. Staying stuck in the past is not healthy for you. It is not the end of the world, and maybe the best is yet to come.

There may be a myriad of reasons for a man to leave his wife for another woman. Some of them can be changed to repair your unhappy marriage and restore a healthy relationship. But the extreme ones have to be accepted. It can be a traumatic experience for you, but dealing with it in the right way can help you safeguard your emotional and mental health while doing what is best for and your marriage.