Features The World Think Moms Want In Their New Cars Vs Reality!

Why does a Mom need a car? Going to pick up children from school? Drop them off? Run errands? A commute to the office? Well, if one can take off the spectacle of bias, one will realize a Mom has more uses for a car. She is no longer dependent on her partner to take her around everywhere. She has her own dreams and aspirations which reflect on her choice of a car. It should help her in achieving her goals and not add on to her responsibilities.  So let’s see what the world thinks women want from a car vs what features they are actually looking for when it comes to owning a car.

Something To Drive

Something To Drive

Most of the time dads take the new car to work while moms are relegated to the used cars. But mothers today might be wanting to drive something that matches their needs, their requirements. Be it style or features. This is because her car plays a pivotal role in helping her achieve her to-do list along with fulfilling her dreams. Considering this and all the important jobs that she is expected to do, she should go in for one that has all the features like power steering, automatic transmission, voice assistance, 360 degree camera etc to make her everyday drive and life easy! Like the Toyota Glanza.

Any Shape, Any Color Will Do For Her

Today’s mothers are particular. Be it their dreams, their jobs or their cars, they have a set standard from which they are not willing to deviate. Just the way they are particular about their own accessories, when it comes to their all-new Glanza, they can accessorize it with delicate details such body side molding, front bumper garnish, illuminated door sill guard, 3D floor mats, that allows her to drive in style wherever she goes. After all, she is not driving just anything but driving the change!

Won’t A Non-Power Steering Wheel and Gear Work For Her?

Wont A Non-Power Steering Wheel and Gear Work For Her 

Today’s women and mothers appreciate their freedom and comfort. Thus, just like having their own mobility is important to them, having a car of their choice is too.  After all, everyone would like to drive something they like or love. It should have features that make everyday driving easy for her and not a struggle. Just like the Toyota Glanza that is designed to give her the freedom and comfort while driving it. It offers features like AMT that does away with gears, making driving a breeze, be it daily city traffic or on a highway. Other features like steering mounted audio control, push start, auto AC, rear USB, footwell lamps, rear AC vents, tilt, and telescopic steering make driving comfortable and a sheer pleasure!

She Drives Just For A Hobby.

Driving for today’s women is no longer a hobby. She needs that freedom of movement. Be it driving their kids to classes or driving for an important meeting, she drives because she chooses to! She enjoys taking on the road just the way she enjoys her freedom and her style. She drives for work, she drives for fun. She is a driver of change. So a car that will be Driven By Her has to have stylish exteriors and features like Voice Assistance, check control and command, 360-degree camera, head-up display, and more. All of which is available in the Toyota Glanza.

She Won’t Exceed 30 km/hr. So Why Airbags?

Driving is not only about meeting needs but also about enjoying the ride. If there are empty roads ahead, what’s stopping her from pressing the accelerator and zooming on just like her ambitions? She is free, she is independent and she has all the right to enjoy her drive. Of course, she is careful and a mother, but that shouldn’t stop her from anything, right? So to keep this fiery woman safe, Toyota Glanza has added features like 6 airbags, Speed/Idle alert and hill-hold control, which makes driving fun and safe!

If She Needs Assistance, She will Call Me.

If She Needs Assistance, She will Call Me. 

No. Thank you. She is too independent for that. She might be out on a highway or on a busy road and what she needs is roadside assistance that is available 24*7. She needs a car with a warranty of at least 3 years that assures her that she can concentrate on other important priorities in her life be it kid, family or work. While she manages that front all alone thanks to the go-getting spirit in her, when it comes to her car, all she needs is a brand that she trusts and one that has her back while she can drive the change, a car just like the Toyota Glanza that was designed keeping her needs in mind! To know more about how Toyota is helping women drive the change, check out and follow Driven By Her. 

Today’s mothers who are independent and go-getters, do not settle for anything less than the best when it comes to their dreams, aspirations, life or cars! So only a car like the Toyota Glanza that has been designed to give fire to the dreams of today’s women will fit their bill!

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