Then Vs. Now: 7 Things Moms Used To Say To Us Back In The Day And How It Has Changed

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Mothers — you cannot live with them; you cannot live without them! They are like that best friend who always wants to see you at your best. They will nag you, push you to achieve great things and even scold you at times, but it’s only because they want the best for you. But moms have changed since the earlier days, don’t you think? Back in the day, a mother’s primary concern would be for their daughters to find suitable husbands, but things are different now. They understand that there is more to life than getting married and becoming somebody’s wife, and they support us to chase our dreams. Moms have become more open with their daughters compared to earlier days. So we’ve curated a list of 7 common things moms used to say versus what they say now:

1. Boy Trouble

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Before: “Who was that boy you were talking to in the supermarket? Your neighbor aunty will say something.”

Now: “Why can’t you go on dates with boys? How will you find someone you would unless you take a chance?”

Your mom used to forbid you from being friends with boys, and now she gets more excited for your first date than you will ever be. Calm down, mother!

2. Friend Circle

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Before: “Stop being friends with her; she always gets into trouble. Why can’t you be friends with the one who ranks first in class?”

Now: “It’s important to have friends from all walks of life. It helps you widen your perspective and become a well-rounded person.”

Remember when she used to wonder why you even need to have friends? Now, she finally understands the importance of friendships (even the weird and hyper ones).

3. Fashion Forever

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Before: “You don’t need to dress up so much to go play in the park. Who are you trying to impress?”

Now: “Why do you always look homeless? Go change! You cannot go to the supermarket in your pajamas.”

Every time you dressed up, she thought it was because you wanted to impress the boys. Now she understands that looking good makes you feel good too. Besides, she is your best shopping buddy. Thanks for the countless clothes, mom!

4. Phone All Day

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Before: “I should have never got you a phone! You spend all day using your phone. Why can’t you keep it down for a minute?”

Now: “I finished the new series. What else can we watch? Let’s start the show together!”

Your mom has come a long way from nagging you to stop using your phone to binge-watching TV series with you on her phone.

5. Kitchen Skills

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Before: “You should learn how to cook. How will you feed your future family if you don’t know how to make biryani?”

Now: “You’re 25 years old. At least learn to make a good cup of tea.”

You know that times have changed when your mom still makes tea for you! She knows you’ve got to cook for yourself once you move out and pampers you as long as you stay with her.

6. The Cunning Curfew

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Before: “You can go but make sure you come home before it gets dark.”

Now: “I know you won’t come home before 4 a.m. I’ll keep the dinner in the fridge for you. Make sure you eat it. Stay safe.”

Moms happily send us out partying, unlike the earlier days when we had to be home by 6 p.m. Now, they are ready to learn some dance moves too!

7. The Drinking Game

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Before: “I smell the alcohol in your breath. Did you drink? You’re grounded!”

Now: “It’s been a while since we drank. Make me a nice cocktail, and I’ll fry us some kebabs.”

You gotta agree that it’s super cool to drink with your mom because she makes delicious finger food. *drools*

We’ve come a long way with our mothers. No one would have thought that your mom will be the one you’ll be talking to about your heartbreak, but that’s what it’s come to, and you could not be more glad! Am I right, or am I right? Your mom is your best friend, and she will continue to be! If you could relate to this article, share it with your mothers over a hearty laugh!

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